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Chibi-Naru Goal!

It was a sunny day in the village of Kohona, The Village Hidden in the Leaves, though not too far in the distance, some ominous stormclouds leered, crawling their way closer to Kohona with the promise of rain. Thusly, everyone was trying to get their various chores done while it was nice out, which brings us to the subjects of interest, two of which are female, one with blonde hair and the other pink, carrying several full bags while the third, a male which looks more like a stuffed toy rather than a human, and also looks rather weak and pale, walk down the street, the third being carried by the pink-haired giggling girl.

"Awww, isn't he just sooooo cute?" Ino asked, petting Chibi-Naru's ears.

"Yeah, but he's a little perv if you ask me." Sakura replied, giggling as she remembered how she and Ino judged how their swimsuits looked on them by the amount of blood that would squirt out of the Chibi's nose whenever they would come out.

"That's true." Ino replied as she and Sakura rounded a corner... only to come face-to-face with several female ANBU, all of who which immediatly looked the girl's way, noticing Chibi-Naru in Sakura's arms.

"There he is! Give us back our Naru-chibi!" They all screamed in unison, charging the girls.

"What the hell? Here Ino, hold 'em." Sakura said, tossing our favorite chibified hero to Ino before pulling on her gloves and getting into a ready position, prepared to fight.

Suddenly their attention was diverted with sumultanious cries of "Gimme my baby/Naru-kun!" as Hinata and Anko charged them from different directions.

"ohhhh shit." Was all Sakura was able to say before the various factions clashed. Raising her fist, Sakura smashed it into the ground, causing the earth to explode around her, sending debris and kunoichi flying everywhere.

As everyone landed, chibi-Naru saw his chance to make a break for it and jumped from Ino's arms, taking off as fast as his chibified legs could carry him, only to be stopped as several hands clamped down on him. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" The leader of the female ANBU, Sakura, Hinata, and Anko said all together, before comensing in a tug of war over the chibi, being cheered on by Ino and the other female ANBU.

Suddenly, in the middle of the chaos, Jiraiya appeared, holding a Sake bottle and seemed more than a little uneasy with his balence. "Huh?" He looked at the spectacle in front of him, scratching his backside before walking up to the group of women, who stopped to look at the interruption. "There you are Naruto, I've been looking everywhere for you!" He exlaimed, the way he was talking indicating that he was more than a little tipsy. "Damn kid, I told'ja not ta use that technique!" He scolded, going through several handseals as the women looked from him to Chibi-Naru, who was beginning to sweat with fear and was futilly wailing his arms and legs about in order to escape.

"Here ya go kid, so that ya can enjoy yer girlfriends a bit better." Jiraiya said with a perverted grin, placing one hand on Chibi-Naru's chest, dispelling th jutsu. When the smoke cleared, there sat a very scared and VERY naked Naruto, having been wearing doll's clothes after having lost his own, surrounded by a group of shocked -turning-angry women and a confused Jiraiya, who was looking around and wondering why the women had stopped fondling his apprentice.

Hinata fell to her knees in shock, her face reddening. The ANBU, Ino, and Anko drew Kunai in anger, And Sakura, who had her head lowered, started shaking with fury. " YER GONNA DIE PUNK!" She roared,throwing a punch at the poor nude boy, who dodged and took off, running for his life.

"WAIT! JUST HEAR ME OUT!" Naruto pleaded, streaking through the streets of Kohona, much to the amazement of many (and amusement of some) that he passed as he was being chased by the women.

"DIE!" Was the only response as he dodged several kunai and shuriken. Deciding that it would be best for his health if he disappeared for a while, Naruto went through some handseals, and in a poof of smoke was surrounded by several Shadow clones. All of the Narutos then took off in different directions, trying to confuse the women.

A few hours, a swiped pair of boxers, and several destroyed Bushin later, Naruto crept down a steet, looking for any signs of his pursuers. Seeing that the coast was clear, Naruto straightened up, turned a corner... and came face to face with a tear-streaked Hintata. "Hi-Hinata, just give me a minute to e-explain, Naruto said, holding his hands up.

Hinata's only answer was to slap Naruto and run away crying, her face hidden by her hands.

"Hinata..." naruto reached after her, sadness welling up inside him.

"Found you punk." A cold voice, one that Naruto had been dreading more than most others, said from right beside him, sending shivers through his spine as he looked up in fear... His scared eyes meeting Anko's cold ones, no emotion showed on her face. Suddenly she smiled, and Somehow, if at all possible, Naruto became even more afraid. "So Naru-kun, you wanna try and fool me huh? Shame on you! Your gonna have to pay you know!" She exlaimed, suddenly going through several handseals.

"HEEEELP MEEEE!!!" Naruto screamed, running from the crazed woman for his life as several snakes shot out of her sleeve after him. The next thing he knew, Naruto found several pairs of fangs sinking deep into his rear and stopping him cold, then, ever so slowly, they started to drag him back. "NOOOO!" Naruto cried, looking back briefly, only to see the sadistic smile on Anko's face as she pulled a kunai. With a hard jerk, Naruto twisted around, tearing himself free of the snakes fangs as he quickly made more clones and took off, he and the clones scattering.

"NARUTO! COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" Akno screamed, quickly summoning some snakes that she sent after random Narutos, then taking after one herself, hoping it would be the right one. She would have her revenge Dammit!

"Man, she's scary!" Naruto thought a few minutes later, leaning against a fence as he tried to catch his breath. Sitting down, he closed his eyes deep in thought.

"Heh he he, it seems you are in a bind." A deep, dark voice said in the back of his mind.

"Yeah, I know." Naruto replied mentally.

"So why not show them all who is boss? You can take those women easily!" Kyuubi retorted.

"Aww shut it you damned fox, I'd never do something like that! Besides, it was all my fault anyway, and I need to make it right." Naruto said.

"So... what are you going to do?"

"The only thing I can..." Naruto replied, standing up as he looked up at the Hokage's tower.

Moments later, Naruto's voice could be heard, echoing across the village, gaining the attention of all the women that had been after him. "I'M UP HERE! COME AND GET ME IF YOU WANT ME!" Naruto screamed, then stood back, waiting.

Almost instantly, Sakura, Ino, Anko, and the ANBU women appeared in front of Naruto, some cracking their knuckles, some pulling out various sharp objects. "So, your giving up? Good." One of the ANBU said.

Naruto sighed, his shoulders slumped. "I know that I deserve what your about to do to me, so just go ahead." He said, a faint smile on his face as he looked up at the women. Sakura flinched slightly, but went neverless with the others as they surrounded him and slowly closed in...

"Think we should help him?" Shizune asked as she and Tsunade sat in the Hokage office, listening to Naruto's ear-splitting screams of pain.

"Nah, Naruto's being a man and paying for his mistakes, I think we should respect him and wait until they're finished before we do anything." Tsunade replied.


Several uneventful months had passed since that fateful day on top of the Hokage's tower. Several months in which Naruto had wracked his brain on the best way to apologize to all the women, and eventually coming up with a way. 'I hope this works..." Naruto thought as he squeezed his eyes shut in concentration, several pops around him signalling the appearance of several shadow clones. Then, naruto went to the second phase of his plan as half of the shadow clones went through several handseals, disappearing in poofs of smoke. "Ok boys, you all know what to do." Naruto said as the shadow clones nodded, disappearing. "Now for the really hard part..." Naruto mumbled picking up a bundle of rare flowers that he had spent days looking for, as he made his way towards his destiny.

A knock came at the front gates of the Hyuuga compound as Hiashi and and Neji trained, battling across the compund. "Hold." Hiashi ordered, holding his hand up as Neji stopped. Activating his Byakugan, he saw who was on the other side of the gate. "Hinata, it's for you." He announced as Hinata came out with a tray that had two cups of tea on it.

"Yes father." She replied as she set the trey down and made her way to the front gates, opening them up... to reveal Naruto standing there, dressed in his best, holding a boque of flowers in his hands.

"Hinata... He said, his breath catching in his throat.

"Naruto..." Hinata said, a faint blush spreading across her face.

"Here, these are for you!" he said quickly reaching her the flowers.

Hinata took the flowers without saying a word, her eyes never leaving his.

Naruto blushed. "Anyway... I just wanted to apologize for what happened... A-and I w-was wondering if... Maybe you wo-would l-like to go get something to... to eat..." He stuttered, his face growing even redder as he looked down at the ground.

"I..." He looked up, his eyes meeting hers again; "..Would like that very much." Hinata said, a small smile on her face.

"Sh-shall we then?" Naruto asked, offering her his arm.

"Hai." Hinata replied, taking his arm as she smiled serenely.

"The elders won't like this, you know." Neji said calmly, watching the scene play out before him.

"That may be, but she's not the elder's daughter." Hiashi replied, his eyes dancing with mirth.

All across Kohonaseveral knocks rang out, and several women answered their doors, only to find a Chibi-Naru sitting in front of their doors with a note that read; "I'm sorry for everything that happened, and I wanted to apologize, so here's a Naru-chibi of your own. He needs home, and I was hoping you could take him in. Sincerely, Naruto."

Only a few angry shouts could be heard, along with poofs of destroyed chibis, but the majority was giggles as the women picked up the chibis and took them in. And as Naruto and Hinata walked, the setting sun behind them, Naruto couldn't help but smile as he heard Anko's joyful shouts of having her baby back. For now, it seemed as if everything would be alright with the world.

The End

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