"So you think you're better than me?"

"My horse is bigger than yours." Six of Spades smirked down at the considerably shorter Two of Hearts. A few of the horses whinnied in the barn. "You know, I'm surprised a scrap like you can even ride, let alone jump."

"Just because you can make higher jumps than me doesn't count for anything. My instructor was about to start me on higher jumps anyway." Two snapped.

"What?" Six ribbed, "You're going from poles to actual jumps?"

Two gasped indignantly, her mouth a small "O". "How dare you!" First he insulted her size, and now her riding skills! "I'll have you know my riding skills are considered to be quite advanced for my age!"

"Shouldn't you still be on miniature ponies? Why don't you save yourself the embarrassment and leave the big horses to me." Six said arrogantly.

Two gasped again, and clenched her fists. Six noticed and raised an eyebrow.

"You gonna hit me? Seriously -" Two cut him off by punching him in the face. Six reeled backward, unprepared for the surprising force behind that small fist. He knocked his head on the barn wall and landed on the muddy ground. He shook his head in surprise, looking up at her.

"Still feel like making fun of me?" Two glared. Six responded by tackling her legs and sending her sprawling into the mud with him.

What ensued was a brawl never before seen on Royal Grounds. It was a shrieking, clawing, ground ripping match. Before help of any sort could be summoned, they'd somehow destroyed the firewood rack which, luckily for them, was mostly empty, tore down a few saplings, and splintered the thinner planks lining the summer barn in quite a few places.

It took several of the cards to seperate them. By the time it was over, Two and Six sported countless cuts and bruises. Six sported a nasty nosebleed from Two's initial punch, and she had gash on her cheek he'd given her in return, plus abrasions galore on various parts of both of them. The other cards who attended them also had multiple injuries, and everyone was likely to bear scars.

"Well, this is just wonderful! Now my best dress is ruined!" Seven of Diamonds gasped, having kept herself on the sidelines. Apparently her dress and gotten splattered with the fresh mud, but other than that, she was unharmed.

Everyone else rolled their eyes and, making sure the two combatants were seperated, relaxed.

"I'm hungry." Someone said, concealed in the crowd of cards.