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Brothers, Fathers, and Professors

At the Beginning

"Albus, I swear to you I know nothing about it." Tobias spoke with determination as he sat calmly across the desk from the headmaster.

"Then perhaps you know someone who does?" Dumbledore asked, leveling a knowing look on Tobias.

Tobias somehow managed not to allow this to bother him. With a sigh, he leaned forward slightly and replied in a bored but slightly angry tone. "Albus, believe me when I say that I have no idea who was responsible for this."

Dumbledore kept his piercing gaze on Tobias for a few minutes longer. Students would be arriving tomorrow. Eventually, Dumbledore relaxed his gaze and with a smile dismissed Tobias with a 'good luck with the new school year' and 'have a good day.'

Tobias walked down the halls of Hogwarts heading to his new chambers. About a week after their arrival at the castle, Dumbledore had arranged for him to have his own rooms separate from Severus's. It wasn't that he didn't love his son, and he was sure the feeling was mutual, but Severus was an adult and in all honesty they were beginning to get on one another's nerves. Harry was also living with him in his new quarters on the fourth floor of the castle and would continue to do so until school started and he moved back to Gryffindor Tower. After guardianship had been transferred from the Dursleys to Tobias, they had, with Harry's agreement, had his name changed. He would start the next school year as Harry James Potter-Snape.

Entering his living room Tobias was expecting to see Harry sprawled out on the floor doing homework as he had left him just over an hour ago, but Harry was not on the floor. His books were, however, and Tobias cringed a bit at the disarray Harry had left them in. Making a mental note to add this to the list of things they needed to talk about (again) Tobias went to his son's room. Not finding Harry, Tobias turned and called his personal house elf. "Saz!"

A small creature with floppy ear and large eyes appeared in his chambers instantly. Dumbledore insisted that Tobias have his own personal house elf to ensure that his lack of magic did not make him… food for the castle. "Yes, Master Snape?"

"Do you know where Harry is?" Tobias asked patiently.

The little creature smiled as its head bobbled up and down. "Yes, yes, I do's. Young master is being with other Master Snape in dungeons."

"I see," said Tobias evenly. "Thank you Saz."

"You is welcome." With that and a small pop, the little creature was gone and Tobias was left alone his chambers. Shaking his head at the books thrown messily around the floor, he headed to his son's chamber in the dungeon.

Entering his son's quarters, Tobias spotted both his boys immediately. Severus was stretched out on the couch reading while Harry was sitting sideways in a large armchair, his feet dangling off one arm while his back was against the other arm. Clearing his throat as he entered, Tobias gained both their attention.

Severus sat up and placed his book on the side table to make room for his dad, but Tobias didn't bother sitting. Instead, he spoke to Harry in a firm, but not angry tone. "I trust you finished studying?"

"Yes, sir," answered Harry, slightly confused as to why his dad was upset with him.

Receiving an answer, Tobias continued in the same tone, with his arms crossed in front of him. "Then, I suppose, there is a good reason as to why your books are scattered across the living room still?"

Harry sighed and huffed angrily at having to get up, and knowing that his dad wanted him to go clean his mess up began making his way to the door, only to be stopped when a hand grabbed the back of his collar – not hurting him, but stopping him in his tracks.

Tobias grabbed the back of his son's shirt as his passed, but was careful not to yank him back. When he spoke his tone was firm and held only the slightest trace of anger. "Drop the attitude and try again."

Harry restrained a dramatic sigh and turned to face his dad, before replying in the most respectful tone he could muster, which still held more sarcasm than was strictly necessary. "Yes, sir, and I'll go clean up my books right now."

Though Harry's tone was not quite as respectful as Tobias liked he nodded to the boy and allowed him to leave dungeon rooms.

Severus had gotten quite used to these displays as of late and very rarely watched with unconcealed amusement anymore, but was watching this time. Still sitting on the couch he questioned his father casually. "I trust you didn't make the trip all the way down here just so you could send him to clean up a few books?"

"No, I didn't." Tobias stated with his arms crossed once him and staring down at his son. "Why didn't you tell me you were going to deal with the Dursleys?"

Severus cocked an eyebrow, leaning forward so his elbows rested on his knees. "I don't know what you mean. I haven't done anything to the Dursleys…yet. Merlin only knows I've wanted to, though."

"Well someone did and it wasn't me," Tobias stated, knowing his son wasn't lying but believing he knew something that he wasn't admitting to.

"Dad," Severus said firmly allowing his honesty to show plainly on his face. "I don't know what you're talking about. What happened to the Dursleys?"

Tobias studied his son for a moment longer before sitting down beside him on the couch. "A little over a week ago, Muggle law enforcement found all three Dursleys in their home severely injured. Though the injures were nothing major, the sheer number of them was enough for the Dursley family to be hospitalized. Eighty percent of their bodies were covered in bruises, welts, and cuts and they had no recollection of whom or what had done the damage. No clues were left and the only thing remotely magical about the attacks was the Dursley's complete and total lack of memory." Tobias paused for a moment to allow what he said to sink in before continuing in a quieter voice. "Dumbledore just questioned me about it. He thought I might have had something to do with it, but I know nothing about it. I assumed you might. I apologize for falsely accusing you."

Severus shook his head and leaned back against the couch looking at his father. "Don't. I wish I had been the one to knock some sense into them. Given the opportunity, I would have done far worse then what our unknown attacker did."

"Nevertheless," Tobias sounded tired as he continued. "I'm sure Dumbledore will want to question you."

"Obviously," Severus drawled.

Tobias glared at him for good measure at his obviously sarcastic tone, but said nothing.

When he did speak it was in a casual and lighthearted tone as he stood up. "I don't know what you and Harry have been talking about, Severus, and as much as I enjoy seeing him acting like a typical teenage boy, I think you may have gone a bit overbroad."

"Really," said Severus amused. "How so?"

"His room isn't fit for a pig to in. Calling it a mess is a mass understatement."

Severus half smiled. "Don't you have a house elf?"

Tobias glared a little, "Yes, but she has better things to do then clean up after us all the time. Besides, I made it perfectly clear to Harry that he had to keep his room clean and clean up his own messes."

Severus looked amused, but said nothing.

Tobias rolled his eyes before speaking. "School starts soon and I have to talk to him."

"You haven't talked to him about it yet?"

"We discussed some things, but not all of it." Tobias replied causally.

"I see." Severus commented dryly with a smirk. "So you haven't given him the slightly modified version of the speech you gave me every year before school?"

"Basically, now if you'll excuse me, I have to find a way to be less predictable." Tobias left his son's chambers with Severus still smirking on the couch.

Once Tobias reached his rooms he was please to see that his son's books were no longer littering the floor.

"Harry!" called Tobias, not unhappily.

After a moment, Harry emerged from his room and walked to the living room where his father was waiting. "Yes, sir?"

"Thank you for cleaning up your mess," began Tobias evenly, but his voice still held a firm, parental type note. "Now, sit down, we need to have a talk."

Harry sat down in one of the large arm chairs that were in the front room, with his feet propped up on the arm, not unlike the way he was sitting earlier in Severus's rooms.

As Tobias sat on the couch he pushed Harry's feet off the arm of the chair. "When someone's talking to you, you sit up straight and listen. Reclining back with your feet sticking up every which way is rude. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," Harry replied between clenched teeth. This having a parent thing was getting annoying. It seemed like all his dad ever did now was correct his posture, or behavior, or whatever else he could think of.

Tobias's eyes narrowed and his tone became harsher. "I've already told you once today to watch your attitude. This is your last warning. If I have to tell you again you'll find yourself spending every bit of free time you have in your room studying for the next week. Got it?"

Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat, hating how small his dad could make him feel at times. "Yes, sir," he replied softly.

Tobias nodded, "Which brings us to another point." Tobias leaned forward on the couch propping his elbows up on his knees. "I always saved this conversation for Severus until the day before school and I guess old habits die hard, but since you've never had anyone discuss this sort of thing with you it might take a bit longer than it used to with him. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea for you to know what I expect of you as far and behavior and grades go once school starts. We'll talk about grades first. As you know, at the end of every term you're given a report card of sorts. When you get your final grades they will be rewarded or punished as necessary. For every 'O' you'll receive 10 extra galleons to use however you like. 'E's will earn you five galleons. 'A's are…well…acceptable, but are not rewarded or punished. P, D, and T's will result in being grounded for two weeks each. Does this sound fair to you?"

Harry shrugged. "I guess."

"Harry, I'm willing to make a few changes to this if you have valid reasons for wanting the changes. You have to tell me know however, because I won't change it once school begins tomorrow."

"I usually don't get anything less than an 'A' once final grades are in, so I suppose it's fair."

Tobias gave sort of a half smile. "Severus used to try to talk me into giving him twenty galleons for every 'O' that he made every year."

"Oh," began Harry a smile growing on his face as well. "In that case, I'd be happy if you have me twenty for 'E'."

Tobias laughed. "Nice try, kid, but its 10 or nothing."

"All right," Harry sighed dramatically earning another chuckle from his dad.

"Also, and before you ask, I'm telling you this so that you don't feel singled out – did you know parents can request progress reports through out the year?"

"No, I didn't, but it makes sense, I guess," replied Harry, unsure as to where this was going.

"Well, all parents have an option. They can receive only the term reports, or they can receive a report every three weeks. This report also includes a list of any test or quizzes and what grades you made on them."

Harry suddenly realized what his dad was saying and his eyes grew wide with realization. He opened his mouth to comment, but didn't get a chance to before his dad continued.

"Before you say anything," Tobias began firmly. "Let me tell you this isn't an option. I will be kept fully informed on how you're doing in all your classes and if your performance isn't satisfactory, then it will be dealt with accordingly."

"How so?" Harry asked, certainly not liking how his dad said that.

Tobias's gaze and tone softened upon realizing that Harry was frightened, though the blasted boy would never admit to it. "Well, it depends; if you mess up on one test in one subject then I'll most likely just ask you about it and ask you to do better. If it's continuous, then you might find yourself moved out of Gryffindor Tower and back down here until your grade improves. We'll, discuss the details more if it becomes an issue."

Harry sighed. Any elevated mood he had about classes resuming was quickly being suffocated.


A couple hours after the talk he had with his dad, Harry walked leisurely through the halls of Hogwarts, slowly heading down to the dungeons and his brother's rooms once again. He and his dad had talked for a while about his expected behavior once school began. The more he thought about it the angrier it made him feel. By the time he reached the dungeons, he was practically stomping.

Bursting through the door of Severus's chambers he slammed the door behind him before marching over to his favorite chair and plopping down with a huff.

Looking up slowly from the book he was still reading, Severus glanced at his younger brother with a raised eyebrow. "Problem?"

"It's not fair!" Harry nearly shouted, taking his frustrations out on his brother. "I've never needed anyone to look over my shoulder before and I certainly don't need it now! I'm fifteen! Not some…some… toddler!"

Severus's other eyebrow joined his raised one. "I take it Dad gave you his beginning-of-the-school-year speech?"

Harry gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at his brother.

Severus smirked. "I'll take that as a yes. Now, what's so unfair? Parents are supposed to keep track of you and know how you're doing in school. Don't tell me you're upset because someone is finally going to check your report card? Or is it because you won't be able to wonder the halls freely after curfew anymore?"

"That's another thing!" Harry shouted in dismay. "He took my invisibility cloak!"

Once again Severus raised and eyebrow and answered dryly. "You sound surprised. No sane parent would ever let their child have one."

Harry looked utterly crestfallen for a moment at not finding any support from his brother, but his anger quickly resurfaced. "But it's not fair! Dumbledore let me have it my first year."

Severus sighed, before explaining to Harry in a calm voice. "Dumbledore is not unlike an overindulgent grandfather. He doesn't believe you will use it for anything that's not strictly necessary. Dad, even though he does trust you, also trusts you to be a typical teenage boy; therefore, in order to save all of us some trouble, he's removing any temptation from the equation."

"But it's not fair." Harry whined, but at least he still had the map.

Severus sighed and rolled his eyes. "Of course it doesn't seem fair to you, but, and be honest, what would you do with the cloak that wouldn't result in breaking a rule if you had it?"

Harry tried he really did, but all he could do was sit and stare at his brother. If he had to be honest, he couldn't think of a single time the use of his invisibility cloak didn't result in him breaking a rule. For good measure Harry scowled at his brother. "It's still not fair."

"Of course it isn't," Severus said patronizingly. Looking up at the small clock on his mantel Severus stood up from his seat on the couch. "Now, leave, I have plans."

Harry smirked, "With Serenity?"

Severus crossed his arms and glared. "That's none of your business."

"Well, actually…" before he could complete his sentence Severus had pounced on him and was semi-wrestling/dragging him towards the door.

Once Severus had Harry out the door he playfully pushed him down the hall. "Get out of here, brat, and yes, I am going to meet Serenity." With that Severus closed the door on his still smiling brother.

Harry knew his brother hadn't lock his door and if he wanted to he could easily go back in and tease him some more, but he was getting hungry and figured he should find his dad to see if they would be eating in the Great Hall or in their rooms for dinner.


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