Lucky to Have You


She supposed that rationally he was slightly too old.

But those soulful eyes and that sparkling smile.

Minerva McGonagall, seventh year Gryffindor, sighed into her hand. Oh yes, Professor Dumbledore certainly was no hardship on the eyes.

"Miss McGonagall?"

She looked up and only found blue. "Sir?"

The twinkle in his eyes reflected the grin on his face. "Day dreaming are we Miss McGonagall?"

The blush crept down her cheeks and across her chest. "Sorry sir."

Albus chuckled. "I'm sorry too Miss McGonagall but as I shall refrain from removing House Points you will owe me a detention."

Minerva's blush deepened but she nodded. It was a fair exchange, she didn't want to bring any punishment down on her housemates.

The class was able to continue in relative calm. And the rest of her day passed without incident.

Her outside was determined to not give in to portraying the frenzy Minerva found herself in. The churning in her stomach only grew as she headed towards her Professor's classroom.


As Minerva packed up her things she managed to watch the Transfiguration professor out of the corner of her eye.

Without looking up Albus smiled. "Miss McGonagall, please. If you would?"

She tucked one of her black curls behind her ear and approached his desk. "Yes Professor?"

"It is very unusual for you to be so distracted in my class. I was wondering if anything was the matter."

Minerva was shocked by her professors concern and so could barely contain her grin. She looked up into his concerned gaze and bit her lip. She decided to go with partial truth. "Guy problems."

As strange as it was confiding such matters in him, not only because he was her professor but because he was the source of her problems, a stranger look crossed his face. It almost looked like jealousy.

She snapped down on the glee surging through her body. It couldn't be. He couldn't possibly be interested in her, in a student.

Could he?

He pulled her out of her revelry with a zinger.

"Any man would be lucky to have you."

She nodded and left the room with a warm feeling in her chest.