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Mix Tapes and Mix Ups

NCIS Washington DC

"The Caf-Pow machine is broken" Tony said.

"What?" Abby shrieked, spinning around in her chair until she was face to face with Tony.

"I brought you a six pack of red bull instead." He handed her the six pack, "But wait there's more. I also brought you a large cup with ice and a straw. It's as close you a Caf-Pow as you can get."

"Thanks Tony" Abby kissed Tony on the cheek and grabbed the cup from him, "You didn't need to do all of this."

"Well you know."

"It's really OK, Tony." Abby opened two red bulls simultaneously and poured them over the Ice.

"She's starting today."

"I know Tony. And it's fine."


"Yeah, the director hired someone who hates me..."

"No one could hate you." Tony interrupted

"She looks at me with daggers in her eyes."

"She just doesn't understand you." Tony pulled one of Abby's pigs tales and kissed her on the cheek. "Once she gets to know you, she will love you just like everyone else does. I've got to get upstairs Abbs."

She waved good-bye and smiled before going back to the test she was running. Gibbs usually came to see her on his way into work but as the hour grew later she knew he wasn't coming.

Over the years they had both been in relationships but this time was different. It was certainly more serious and was surprised to find herself deeply jealous. Watching Gibbs flirt with Lt. Col. Mann made Abby feel sick inside.

Gibbs quitting and fleeing to Mexico had damaged their relationship. He hadn't told her before deciding to leave. She found out along with everyone else. She had been the only one to know about his family. She thought they had a special relationship but when he covered her lips with his finger, she questioned everything that she once thought she knew. Their relationship was perhaps, irrevocably damaged and it hadn't fully recovered when Gibbs met Lt. Col Mann. As a result, Gibbs and Abby were no longer as close as they once were.

The bullpen (Office area) at NCIS

Tony looked around the room carefully. Lt. Col. Mann stood, talking to the director and Gibbs. They had arrived together, which was strange enough without the fact that Hollis Mann would be joining the team for a month or so, until she got the lay of the land.

Ziva caught Tony's eyes. She was clearly trying to signal him in some way but he couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. He looked over at McGee who was nodding, agreeing with her.

"DiNozzo" Gibbs said, "I'm taking Hollis on a tour of NCIS. I think Ziva wants you."

"Boss?" Tony asked confused

"For a campfire." Gibbs said as he walked away, "Get your mind out of the gutter DiNozzo."

"Yes Boss." Tony said before looking at Ziva

"This" Ziva said motioning with her arms, "Is obviously campfire"

"She's right Tony." McGee said. They all wheeled their chairs to the middle of the room.

"Whatever." Tony said, "Why do you want to have a campfire?"

"Why do you think?" Ziva whispered, nodding her head in the direction of the elevator carrying Gibbs and Hollis down to Abby's lab.

"It will be fine" Tony said

"Do you really believe that?" McGee asked

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

"Really" Ziva raised her eyebrows, "How's Abby?"

"OK, maybe everyone isn't totally OK with this."

"Abby will be fine" Director Jenny Sheppard walked over to the group

"Campfire over." Tony said and the group disbanded.

Abby's Lab

Music blasted through Abby's lab. There were at least eight tests running and the music was loud though not typically Abby. Gibbs could hear acoustic guitars and at least one tambourine. He couldn't see Abby anywhere.

"What kind of music is this?" Gibbs shouted to the empty room. Suddenly and without warning Abby rolled out from under a large table holding several computers. She lay on a skateboard and had wiring tools on her lap. Col Mann looked at Abby's skirt, disapprovingly. Abby gave a look as good as she got.

"It's the Shins." Abby said, "A friend made me a mix CD."

"It's not your usual music." Gibbs said

"That's the entire point of a Mix. Which you would know if you listened to any of the ones I've made for you." Abby noticed that they both held fresh cups of coffee the the place down the street. She tried to feel upset that they hadn't brought anything for her. after all he was with Hollis now, a lot of things were bound to change, "I don't have your results yet."

"Just showing Hollis around." Gibbs said

"Right, Welcome." Abby smiled but made no move to hug her.

"Is it really wise to wear a mini-skirt when you have to crawl under tables?" Hollis, unaware of the tension growing around her.

"I didn't realize that I would have to rewire an entire section of my lab today." Abby said defensively

"Why don't we go down to Ducky's lab." Gibbs said, placing his hand on the small of Hollis's back. Abby closed her eyes and grabbed the remote, turning the volume all the way up.

The woman looked at Abby with a disapproving glare that made her blood run cold but Gibbs didn't seem to notice. More than once, Abby wondered if it was all in her head. That it was all just jealously and she was projecting her own emotions onto Mann.

She was jealous. That much was true. It wasn't that Hollis Mann got to be Gibb's girlfriend and lover, though that was part of it. It was the time he spent with Hollis that bothered her. It was the fact that he was spending time with Hollis that he used to spend with her. Gone were Friday nights, sharing a bottle of whiskey. He never just dropped by her place anymore. He didn't kiss her as much as he used too.

Why would he?" Abby thought to herself. He kisses her now. Abby hated being jealous. She hated the fact that she never saw him outside of work anymore. She hated that her whole world felt hinky without him.

"Abby?" She heard a voice call a few minutes later.

"Director." Abby said in surprise when she opened her eyes

"I brought you a Caf-Pow." She said as she proudly handed it to Abby.

"Tony said the machine was broken" Abby clapped her hands with glee and took the drink.

"Cynthia found another one." Jenny said, "The women is a god send."

"Seriously." Abby said as sucked down a quarter of the drink in one gulp, "I didn't know what I was going to do without my midmorning Caf-pow. Thanks director" Abby hugged Jenny tightly, "Thank you so much."

"Just don't tell Gibbs." Jenny said, "You remember what hadn't last time."

"Yeah" Abby half smiled, "I have those results for you." She handed the director a folder marked confidential. "Call me if your confused but I made lay-man notes for you so it should be fine."

"You are my hero Abby, as always" the director smiled at Abby, "And remember, Ziva and I are taking you out to dinner tonight, no excuses."

"Yes, Ma'am" Abby said saluting

"Abby, don't call me..."

"Yes Sir" She amended. The director smiled at her again and left the lab.

Le Fortune Restaurant Later that night

Abby turned every head as she walked through the restaurant to meet her party. She wore spike heals and simple black dress with a cutout in the back to reveal a large tattoo of a cross. Her ability to walk in heals had improved dramatically with the directors instruction. She strutted across the restaurant to the table in the back. Jenny and Ziva were already through half a bottle of wine and a basket of bread.

"I'm so sorry guys but I had to wait until one of the tests I was working on finished." Abby said down. Jenny signaled the waiter.

"You never have to apologize for working late, Abby" Jenny turned to the waiter, "Bring this young lady whatever she wants"

"Just a wine glass and some water for now thanks" Abby looked at the menu, "Recommend anything?"

"Jenny all ready put in order for a soufflé for each of us."

"Perfect" Abby said as the waiter brought a tray full of appetizers and a wine glass for Abby."

"I ordered a few things." Jenny admitted, "I thought you would be hungry when you got here."

"And you were right." Abby sighed sipped her wine, "You have no idea how much I needed this."

"I think we all did" Ziva said, contentedly sipping her wine.

"Cheers girls" Jenny said. They toasted and ordered dinner. By the time it arrived they had opened a second bottle of wine and were in deep discussion about Lt. Col. Mann.

"Abby" Jenny said, "If you don't join in the conversation you are going to make Ziva and I feel like bad people."

"But you guys haven't said anything that bad yet." Abby explained, "If I were to start talking, that might change.

"Come on Abby" Ziva said, "Disk."

"Dish Ziva" Abby said, "the term is dish."

"So dish" Ziva said

"There's nothing to dish about." Abby looked down, "She's great, nothing to complain about."

"Really?" Jenny said

"You're the one who hired someone who hates me. You dish."

"No one could hate you" said Jenny and Ziva simultaneously.

"She told me that I shouldn't be wearing a miniskirt."

"Clearly jealous of your legs, yes?" Ziva said as she refilled there glasses, "She doesn't like my interrogate style."

"She doesn't like the fact that I used to sleep with Gibbs" Jenny said. "But that's fair."

"Yeah" Abby admitted, "I guess so. I don't want to feel like this."

"It will get better" Jenny said

"Yeah." Abby said. She left shortly after, leaving her soufflé untouched and Jenny and Ziva worried.

Director Sheppard's office NCIS

"Tony." Jenny said from behind her desk, "Come in."

"We've just got a new case." Tony said, confused as to why she had called him into her office.

"You can catch up in a few minutes." Jenny motioned for him to sit down, "You know I value your opinion."

"I'm flattered."

"You should be." Jenny sat down, "How's Abby doing?"

"What makes you think I would...?"

"I saw that red bull concoction you brought her yesterday. You two are close, I assumed you would be keeping an eye on her."

"I might be." Tony admitted

"That's good." Jenny said

"You're worried about her." Tony said, surprised

"You aren't?"

"Of course I am but I'm not the one who hired..."

"Just keep your eye out. Let me know how she's doing."

"I thought you, Ziva and Abby were gal pals now." Tony said

"Just do it DiNozzo" Jenny narrowed her eyes at Tony, "I'm sure the team is waiting for you."

Abby's lab: later that same day

Gibbs had Tony bring Abby the evidence while he got her a Caf-Pow from the machine. He felt guilty about not bringing her anything yesterday. Hollis had purchased Coffee for them yesterday while Gibbs waited in the car. She had not gotten anything for Abby, despite the fact that he reminded her twice to do so. He handed Abby the drink without a word and she quickly hugged him.

"Thanks Gibbs." She said quietly

"What's with the music Abs?" Gibbs asked, "It's not another mix tape is it?"

"Mix CD Gibbs." Abby said as she turned the music down, "Not mix tape. It's.." Abby checked the CD case. "Jet's to Brazil. Did you know that Tony's into emo?"

"What's emo?" Hollis said, standing in the doorway.

"It's... you know what never mind, it's not important" Abby turned to her mass spectrometers.

"Abby's got results already?" Hollis asked, "I knew you were good but who knew?"

"As I was about to tell Gibbs." Abby cleared her throat, "I'm already running the evidence through the mass-spec. We'll have results within eight hours. DNA in sixteen."

"Make it five Abbs" Gibbs said, "This is our only lead."

"Magic word?" Abby grinned at him and he chuckled

"Please Abbs." Gibbs said, pulling on her pig tail.

"I'll do my best." Abby pulled photos of the evidence on the plasma. "What I can tell you is that it's not the victim's blood."

"E-mail me the results, Abby. " Hollis said, walking towards the elevator, expecting Gibbs to follow her.

"I'll meet you upstairs in a few." Gibbs waved at Hollis before turning to Abby and fingering one of her pigtails. Abby leaned towards him, suddenly the moment was intimate and Hollis felt as though she was interrupting. She watched the scene before her with an unpleasant feeling in her gut. She turned around and left before Gibbs could look up and catch her watching them.

Lt. Col. Hollis Mann's House Later that Night

"It's inappropriate." Hollis said.

"I don't understand what you find inappropriate about me and Abby." Gibbs said, exacerbated. Hollis had been full time at NCIS for less than two weeks, and It was already causing problems in their relationship. He was doing his best. She wanted a commitment, he obliged the best he could. She wanted to work at NCIS even though it was in clear violation of the rules he tried to live by, he accepted it. But her questioning his relationship with Abby was almost too much for him.

"You don't behave in a professional manor" Hollis said, dragging Gibbs from his thoughts. "It's bad enough that she dresses like..."

"There's nothing wrong with the way she dresses." Gibbs interrupted. "She works in a lab for gods sake. She wears a suit to court like everyone else." Gibbs longed to return to his house and work on his boat.

"It's just that I've come to expect a certain level of professionalism in the workplace." Hollis said with a note of condensation. "it's difficult to adjust to your physical relationship with Abby."

"Physical relationship?" Gibbs asked confused

"The hugging, kissing." Hollis said, "You don't really think that's easy for me to watch."

"It's nothing." Gibbs laughed

"Nothing?" Hollis asked, "It's not nothing

"That's how she grew up displaying affection. It's not just with me."

"It's mostly you." Hollis sighed deeply. "She wants you Jethro." At this Gibbs laughed deeply.

"She doesn't want me." Gibbs laughed, "Why would she.."

"You think it's ridiculous that she would want you?" Hollis asked

"She couldn't possibly..."

"How do you not see it?" Hollis shook her head in amazements, "Go work on your boat." She went to the bathroom and slammed the door. When Gibbs heard the shower running, he took it as his cue to leave.

He drove in circles around the city, eventually finding himself at Abby's apartment. He heard her laughing as soon as he walked in and he let the sound carry him to her door. He knocked and held his breath,

"Man that was fast..." Tony DiNozzo answered the door wearing a pair of pajamas, "Boss! I thought you were the pizza guy."

"Do I look like the pizza guy DiNozzo.?" Gibbs asked as he looked into Abby's apartment.

"Tony, how much do I owe you..." Abby walked into the room wearing boy shorts and a camisole with a skeleton printed on it, "Gibbs?"

"I'm sorry to interrupt." Gibbs said, growing oddly calm. His eyes were cold as he gazed at Abby. He turned and left before Abby had a chance to process the information in front of her.

"McGee and I did face masks." Ziva stepped out of the bathroom with McGee. They both wore pajama's and had green cream slathered on their faces. "Traditional slumber party, yes?"

"Where did Abby go?" McGee asked, looking around the room.

"She's" Tony looked at the open door and gestured. "Gone."