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Four Hours later

Gibbs and Abby slept, tangled in each other. They had earned the right to sleep and were rudely interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

"This keeps happening." Abby said, sleepily. Gibbs sighed, tossing on his clothes quickly before going to the door. Jenny and Ziva stood on the other side of the door holding a manicure kit and a movie that looked suspiciously like a chick flick.

"We are to do nails." Ziva said excitedly as she pushed by Gibbs to say hello to Abby.

"Abby's getting dressed." Said Gibbs.

"It's cool" Abby shouted from the bedroom. "I'm basically dressed" Ziva smiled a rushed to the bedroom,

"You have to come back to work soon. One day and Tony is already making me crazy. And the new lab tech is terrible."

"She's not that bad." Jenny looked at Ziva warningly, "You take all the time you need Abby."

"I'll try." said Abby, "Time off does have its perks." She smiled broadly and buttoned her pajamas.

"And guess what I brought?" Jenny said, excitedly holding up the DVD. Abby screamed

"Legally Blond! Let's put it on." Abby sang along as a loud chipper song played during the opening musical montage. "You remember this one Gibbs, It's has the bend and snap."

"You made me watch it last year. I'm going to go see Ducky- Or any other male." Gibbs said as Ziva began to paint Abby's toe-nails.

"Hugs!" Abby said, holding out her arms.

"I'll bring you back a Caf!Pow." Gibbs kissed Abby's lips tenderly, reluctant to leave. Ziva and Jenny watched the couple out of the corner of their eye's. "You Ok?" He whispered.

"I'm fine. Tell Ducky I said hi." Gibbs grabbed his keys and waved good-bye, leaving the girls alone to gossip.

McCoy's Pub

Gibbs found Ducky at the Bar with McGee and DiNozzo. Ducky was toasting to Abby's health and Gibbs couldn't help but smile at the thought.

"Boss?" Tony said, happy to see Gibbs smiling, "Get too girlie at Abby's?"

"DiNozzo, if I find out that you are the one that gave Jenny Legally Blond, I will kick your ass." Gibbs's smile vanished.

"Before or after you poke my eyes out?" Tony asked laughing. To his surprise Gibbs joined in.

"How's our girl doing?" Asked Ducky.

"Better" Gibbs signaled to the bartender, "Bourbon neat."

"What are they doing?" McGee asked, "Hanging out all together."

"Nails and face masks, probie" Tony leaned towards McGee, "It's actually right up your ally, especially since you're the one that gave Ziva the movie."

"It's Abby's." McGee said, "I just borrowed it."

"That so elf lord?" Gibbs crowded into Tim's space.

"Um, I... Yes" McGee stammered.

"Thanks." Gibbs said, "It made Abby really happy." Tony starred at Gibbs, trying to determine what was going on. Gibbs caught him starring and smacked him on the back of the head,


"That's for ratting out your partner." Gibbs said

"Thanks boss." Tony rubbed the back of his head dramatically, before finishing his drink.

"We were just toasting to Abby." Ducky said

"I heard." Gibbs said, his smile returning, "Round on me." Gibbs signaled the bartender. He grabbed his drink and lifted it to the group, "To Abby!"

"To Abby!"

Three Hours Later

McGee drove Gibbs and Tony to Abby's house over Gibb's strong objections. McGee was the only one sober enough to drive so in the end, Gibbs relented.

"You can't come in." Gibbs said as Tony and McGee followed him to Abby's door.

"Come on boss." Tony said, "We just want to say hi."

"It's late." said Gibbs's.

"Than why did you bring Abby a Caf!Pow?" Asked McGee. Gibbs frowned and opened Abby's door.

"Because I told her I would and she hasn't had one in a week." Gibbs explained as they walked inside. Tony and McGee stopped to stare at the scene unfolding before them. The girls sat on large pillows on the floor. Abby sat in front, closest to the television re-watching the bend and snap scene from Legally Blond.

"I'm so good at the bend and Snap" Abby said "When I'm not recently maimed that is." Ziva and Jenny drank from large glasses of wine, laughing.

"I can't believe this is your favorite movie." Said Ziva.

"That makes two of us." Said Gibbs, smiling at Abby.

"Gibbs!" called Abby happily. "You brought me a Caf!Pow!" She hopped up and grabbed her drink before kissing Gibbs, fully on the mouth. He responded without thinking, confirming the groups suspicions. When they finally broke apart, the team was openly staring.

"So that should answer that question." Gibbs looked at his team

"Sure does boss." Tony held up his hand for a high five. Gibbs looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"I haven't gone insane, DiNozzo." Gibbs smacked him on the back of the head and sat down next to Abby. She leaned against him, happily sipping her Caf!Pow.

"I'm tired." She said, looking at Gibbs with big eyes that looked anything but tired.

"Everyone out!" Gibbs said without taking his eyes off Abby. He ushered everyone out the door with the promise of visitation the next day. Abby sat on the couch, looking fondly at Gibbs.

"I need you to help me take a bath." She smiled warmly at him as she led him down the hall, leaving a trail of clothing for him to follow..

Return to Work Two Weeks Later

Gibbs refused to go back to work until Abby did. Two days after Abby got her stitches out, and countless scandalous encounters with Gibbs around her apartment, Abby walked back into NCIS on Gibbs's arm. She was nervous, he could tell.

Her pigtailed jumped as she ran into her lab to say hello to her machines. The temporary lab tech left her lab clean with all of Abby's knick-knacks in place.

"Ziva and McGee kept watch over your lab to make sure the temp didn't do anything that might bother you." Gibbs smiled at Abby's happiness to be back in her lab. He desk was covered in black roses and she began to distribute the flowers around the lab while turning on the machines, computers and music.

"Thank you Gibbs." She smiled at him brightly. He kissed her passionately, holding her as close to him as he could.

"Oh god." Agent Lee stumbled into Abby's lab with Jimmy palmer on her heels.

"We didn't realize you were coming back today." Said Agent Lee smiling at Abby,

"We thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow." Jimmy said

"Than what are you doing here, Palmer?" Gibbs walked over to Jimmy, glaringly

"Just dropping off a welcome back gift." Agent Lee held up a large box elaborately wrapped in black and silver. "It's also a thank you gift." she whispered to Abby as she handed her the present. Abby wrapped her in an enthusiastic hug before sitting down to open her gift. Jimmy blushed as Abby began pulling out the items in the box.

"Oh my god you shouldn't have!" Abby pulled out a new leather collar decorated with large steel rings, "Ah I love it!" She reached in to pull out a large whip, leash and a set of hand cuffs. "Oh Lee Lee, you are the best. I can't wait to break them in." Abby and Agent Lee smiled at Jimmy and Gibbs as the men both blushed and looked away.

"There's a few more things in the bottom of the box. Wait until you get home to look." Agent Lee hugged Abby before leaving, motioning to Jimmy to follow her.

"What's in the bottom of the box?" Gibbs walked towards Abby, smirking.

"We'll have to wait until we get home to see." Abby kissed Gibbs, "Now go work so we can get home at a reasonable hour. Gibbs left Abby with a kiss and the promise of another Caf!Pow later.

One Hour Later

Ziva walked into Abby's lab, holding a Caf!Pow and grinning. Abby waved excitedly as she pressed several buttons on her Mass-spec.

"Ziva! You came to visit."

"We caught a case" Ziva said, "Thought I'd drop this off first."

"Ziva!" Tony said from the doorway, "I told you I was bringing Abby her Caf!Pow."

"Don't the two of you have a case to get to." Gibbs stood in the doorway holding a large Caf!Pow, looking annoyed

"McGee is getting the truck" Tony said, "We're meeting him."

"Than go meet him." Gibbs said loudly causing both of them to jump and head out the door without remembering to give Abby her Caf!Pow.

"You just wanted to make sure I got your Caf!Pow instead of there's" Abby pulled him to her and kissed him deeply, running her hand over a certain part of his anatomy.

"With a thank you like that can you blame me?" Gibbs mumbled into her neck, nibbling gently.

"Just a preview" Abby redrew her hand, "You have a case to get to."

"Wicked woman." Gibbs said, grinning before kissing her once more and heading out the door. "I'll pick you up at five and not a second later."

One Month Later

Gibbs waisted no time getting Abby to move into his house. If he thought for a second that she would say yes, he would have asked her to marry him. Instead he settled for Abby's toothbrush next to his and a gigantic increase in the amount of electronics in his small house.

She wisely left the basement to him, preferring to set up her computers and stereo in the large airy living room. After a few weeks of constantly yelling there conversations over the stairway, she installed an intercom and to Gibbs's surprise, he found that he liked it almost as much as the pinball machine she took out of storage when she moved in. After lightly scolding her for not telling him she owned a pinball machine he played for hours.

Her clothes were crammed into the closet in the spare bedroom. She had somehow managed to put up her things without obliterating his style. He wouldn't have cared if she took everything he owned a threw it in a dumpster. With Abby in his house, he didn't need anything else.

Epilogue: One Year Later...

"Where is Gibbs?" Abby paced the length of the bullpen,

"He and Ziva went to go interview a witness." Answered McGee, looking at Abby strangely.

"When are they coming back?" Abby tapped her foot impatiently.

"Try his cell phone." Said Tony.

"Don't you think I tried his cell phone, Tony!" Abby pulled out her phone, "It's going straight to voice mail. I really need to talk to him."

"He threw it against the wall when his alarm wouldn't stop going off." explained McGee. He pulled the broken phone out of his pocket, it was in several pieces. "He told me to reboot it."

"They are on there way back as we speak." Tony said, "Ziva texted me." Abby grabbed his phone,

"How far away are they?"

"Hey!" Tony reached for his phone.

"Wow Tony, that's a rather explicit message Ziva sent you." Abby smiled at Tony as she gave him back him phone.

"Uh" Tony laughed nervously, "You can't tell her you saw that. She might actually kill me." He whispered. He was saved from explaining farther when the elevator door opened, revealing Gibbs and Ziva holding a tray of coffee.

"Gibbs!" Abby shouted with a smile. She pulled him into the elevator. He looked at her strangely when she pushed the emergency stop button.

"Abbs, what's going on?"

"Gibbs." She held his hand, her grin growing wider. "We're going to have a baby." She looked at him as he starred at her in amazement. "Gibbs? Are you freaking out?"

"We're going to have a baby." He laughed as he hugged her. She held on to him tightly as he lifted her off the ground, "We're gonna have baby." He kissed her.

"I love you Gibbs."

"I love you too." He kissed her again, unable to keep his hands off of her

"Can I convince you to marry me now?" He kissed her again.

"Do I have to wear white?"

"You can wear a guerrilla suit if it will make you happy." He kissed her again, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. They stumbled into the wall of the elevator. His hands were under her shirt in a second and in the process of unhooking Abby's unusually complicated bra hooks when the elevator doors opened. Gibbs put Abby down quickly and they looked into the bullpen.

"Jethro, Abby." The director smiled knowingly. The team stood around, trying to look like they weren't paying attention to the situation.

"Director!" Abby looked mortified, Gibbs was just helping me with my bra." Abby said quickly.

"Because it's broken." Gibbs said

"And he's fixing it."

"With a safety pin." Gibbs finished lamely as Abby pulled her shirt down. They cleared there throats and looked at the team. Ziva, Tony and McGee were turning red in an attempt to suppress there laughter.

"I was going to go to the lab." Abby said, grinning at Gibbs.

"I'm going with you." Gibbs said pressing the button for what he always thought of as Abby's floor. Abby waved as the doors closed. They could hear the team break break into laughter as soon as the elevator began to move.

"This is going to be fun." Abby leaned against Gibbs happily

"I think you might be right Abbs."

The End

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