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Gaara didn't remember much of the journey, wrapped up as he was in a slew of emotions and feelings. Pain was foremost, but also a sense of wonder. He'd been defeated. By an idiot. Who by defeating him, proved he was no idiot at all.

"Naruto." Gaara whispered as he stared up at the moon, his siblings anxiously watching him. The red-head wondered if they were more worried about his well-being, or his turning back into a monster? He just didn't know.

In fact, he didn't know them well at all. Kankuro and Temari. Gnats. Nuisances. Blood relatives. Relatives which he liked to make bleed, at least before today.

Gaara's hand wandered up to his forehead where he'd tattooed the word 'love'. It was a symbol that only he loved himself and that he was alone in the world. Now …he was no longer so sure.

"Naruto." He whispered into the night, the blond's name carried off on the wind.


"NARUTO?" Gary screamed, running one hand through his dark auburn hair. "Why in the world do we have to watch that crap?"

His mother ruffled his hair as she chuckled. "Your brothers and sister like it. Deal."

"But it's my house too!" Gary looked despairingly at his younger siblings. Dave and Mark were nine year old twins and Karen was his eleven year old nemesis. His eyes narrowed as his sister stuck out her tongue at him.

Dave looked up at their mother. "Mom! Make Gary shut up, we can't hear!"

Gary crossed his arms in a sullen pout. "Why can't I have a t.v. in my own room?" He muttered. "I'm thirteen now."

His father looked at him sternly. "Actually, it's not your house, it's mine and your mothers. And as for the rest, we've been over this, Gary. If we let you have your own television set, we'd never get you out of that room of yours."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." The boy continued his dark mutterings as he sat down to watch Naruto. "Hey! It's a re-run anyway!"

Karen kicked him while their parents weren't looking. "Shhh…. It's my favorite story. This is where Lee is fighting Gaara!"

"Gaara?" Gary looked over at them. "He's a wuss. Goes from evil to good from losing one lousy fight?"

"Gary!" His mother scolded him. "If you're going to act like that, you can go on to bed young man."

Gary stomped off in ill humor, throwing himself down on his bed. He didn't even bother to undress. "I'm not even tired!" He moaned to himself.

Unbidden, a picture of Gaara sprung to his mind. "I'll bet he'd never let parents stand in the way of anything he wanted. Or sisters and brothers either."


Gaara wasn't sleeping. Not that he couldn't for the normal reasons, that is, Shukaku. The demon had been quelled for the moment and was off licking his wounds. But the red-head still couldn't seem to sleep.

He looked over at his brother and sister as he hugged his knees to him. Family? Friends? What was it Naruto had said? You fight for those you love.

Yet Gaara knew the blond to have no family and few friends. How did he fight so strongly for so few? Why?

Gaara looked out at the night sky and wondered. How do you get people to love you? More important, was he even capable of loving anyone?

"I wish …." He paused, looking up at a particularly bright star. "I wish my life was normal." Gaara paused again, was that too much to ask for? Probably, so he amended it. "I wish my life was normal for at least one day."


Gary got up off the bed and went to look outside his window, sighing. What would life be like if people actually did what he wanted? How fun would it be if HE had the power, and not his parents?

But Gary didn't know anyone like that. No one he knew lived a free existence like that. He chuckled to himself. "Well, except in anime."

He looked up at the sky and saw a particularly bright star. He felt silly as he spoke his wish aloud, but couldn't seem to help himself. "I wish …" Gary paused a moment, wondering exactly what he did wish for. "I wish my life was like an anime, just once."


The star blinked once, and reality reversed itself.

Neither boy remembered falling asleep that night. Both remembered waking up quite vividly.


"Gaara!" A male voice called to him, Gary groaned and rolled over.

A female voice came next, one Gary didn't recognize. "Maybe we shouldn't wake him up, we don't know what kind of mood he'll be in."

"Well, I'm not foolish enough to let him SLEEP." The male voice growled low.

Gary blinked his eyes open and groaned. He hurt. He hurt all over. "What? What happened?"

A teen-age boy leaned over him with the strangest hood on, it seemed to have cat ears or something. And he wore streaks of purple make-up in lines all over his face. Strangely, it looked somewhat familiar. "Good. You're awake."

A blond girl leaned over him next. "We need to get back to Suna. Are you up to traveling?"

"Suna?" Gary asked, sitting up abruptly and then grabbing his chest as his ribs protested the move. "Ooooooooowwww!"

The make-up dude waved a hand in front of Gary's eyes. "Suna. Home. Desert. Sand. You like sand."

Gary watched, totally stunned, as the blond girl proceeded to whack the other boy over the head. The teen winced and rubbed his head as he picked himself up off the ground with a groan.

"Don't kill him, Gaara." The blond said uneasily, looking afraid. "He doesn't mean anything by it."

What was she afraid of? Gary looked back and forth between the two of them. Weird, the dude looked frightened too. And they were both looking right at …him.

"What in the world?" Gary said as he looked down at his body. Only it wasn't his body. And what had they called him, Gaara? Wasn't that from his siblings favorite show?

The blond was looking at him strangely. "Maybe his fight with Naruto did more damage than we thought."

Gary blinked slowly. Gaara. Naruto. A wish ….. "I'm dreaming, that's it, I'm dreaming."

"Maybe I need to carry him again today." The make-up boy said, reaching for him.

Gary didn't want to be carried like a baby, his eyes narrowed and suddenly he felt a strange sensation as if something was flowing out of him. He suddenly felt a bit dizzy, but still saw when the sand came up around him and shielded him from the boy reaching for him.

Both the boy and the girl leapt back instantly and suddenly wary. Both looked very unsure. About him. Gary smiled. "This could be cool."


Gaara woke up to a female screech in his ear. "GARY! Time for breakfast, Mom said so!"

"Wha????" He roared up, looking around him wide eyed. He'd fallen asleep? That couldn't be good. Shukaku would …would …would …wait? Where was the demon?

The red-head suddenly relaxed as he remembered his fight with Naruto. Shukaku wouldn't be bothering him for at least a week after that fight. The demon had spent far to much chakra by manifesting, he would need time to recover.

What a weird dream though. The screeching female voice had sounded so rea…..


Gaara winced and looked toward the doorway to see a red-headed little girl with long pig tails sticking her tongue out at him.

Shocked, he just sat there. Number one, he was supposed to be in a forest on the way home to Suna, not in a bedroom. Number two, children ran screaming from him, not screaming AT him.

He sent his sand out to silence the brat, then nearly hyperventilated as nothing happened. No sand answered his call. Gaara looked around and didn't see his gourd anywhere. He jumped up and looked around frantically. Nothing.

"Nothing." He murmured as something odd occurred to him. He didn't hurt. Gaara ran his hands over his ribs, but nothing hurt. He should hurt. After that fight with Naruto he should still be hurting.

"Come on, Gary! Get a move on or we'll be late!" The girl said and ran down a hallway.

"Gary????" Gaara whispered. "Who is Gary?"

A woman came into the room then, catching his last whisper. "Why you are, son. Now head downstairs and grab some breakfast before the twins eat it all. And then hit the shower, you have a game early this afternoon."

Gaara watched as the woman put some clothing into a set of drawers and left the room. He followed her out of morbid curiousity.

"There you are son." A man wearing what looked like an apron said to him. Gaara watched as the man put a plate down on a table for him.

The red-headed shinobi wasn't sure what to make of any of this, until the words of his wish flashed through his mind. Was this ... was this what it was like to be normal?

"Eat up! It's a big day." The man said, ruffling Gaara's hair.

The casual touch startled Gaara more than anything else this morning. He took a deep breath, and caught a whiff of his breakfast. An omelet. Okay, that was normal enough. Though it was bigger than he was used to seeing. He reached for his chopsticks, and found they weren't there. He held up a rather odd metal weapon.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw two younger boys eating with the strange utensil and Gaara followed suit. He closed his eyes at the heavenly taste of the food. This ...this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

"Hurry up, slow poke." The older woman laughed as she wiped up the mess the twin boys seemed to be making as they tossed food at each other. "I can't wait. You're starting today."

Gaara swallowed his food, suddenly wary. "Starting?"

"That's right!" The man in the apron grinned broadly down at him. "You're a starter in the game today! Aren't you excited, son?"

Gaara nodded slowly, as this seemed to be the response the man was looking for. Inside, his mind was reeling. What game? Then all of a sudden his mouth dropped open. Both the man and woman had called him 'son'. They weren't speaking politely, they'd been speaking lilterally. He had parents now?

"Close your mouth, Gary. We don't need to see what you're eating." The woman chided him. No, his mother chided him.