It was an ordinary Sunday. Reba and her family had woken up early, went to church, and now Reba was cleaning and the kids were watching TV. Reba was just about finished with the dishes when she heard the back door open, and in walked Brock followed by Barbra Jean. "Hey guys! What are you doing here?" Reba asked Brock.

"Oh, I'm not sure. Cheyenne just called us and told us to come over because they had some news to tell us all. They wanted everyone in the family to hear. You got any idea what this is about?" he asked. Reba shrugged her shoulders and she walked into the living room, along with BJ and Brock, where she found the kids watching TV.

"So what is this about news you wanted us to hear?" Reba asked her oldest daughter.

"Oh!" Cheyenne nudged Van, which meant it was time for their big news, "Ok, well, we have been here, living with mom, for 6 years now. After some thinking, we decided that it was time for us to move out. We are financially stable right now, and we found the perfect house in the next town over, and with our family getting bigger, we figured that it was perfect timing," she took a minute to look at everyone, "So what do you think?"

Reba was lost in thought. She was thinking of a certain night 23 years ago when all of this talk about moving seemed so far away….

It was Reba and Brock's 3rd anniversary, and Brock had brought Reba outside of a gate that had a sign on it which read 'Do Not Enter' on it.

"Common!" Brock pulled Reba's arm playfully.

"No Brock! It's off limits, we'll get caught!!" she protested.

"No we won't. Stop worrying. Just stay behind me," he reassured her. She reluctantly followed, walking in the footprints he left in the sand while hanging tight to his hand. They snook through a break in the fence, and then past the officer's post without a problem. Then, after a few minutes of walking, they reached their destination point: the most beautiful side of the Houston beach that she had ever seen. "Now aren't you happy you came?" Brock asked her, watching her facial expression. She was in awe of the breath-taking view. The sun was setting and the sky was pink. There was a soft breeze and blew her hair just the slightest bit, but cooled her off to the perfect temperature. It was mid-summer, and a night she would never forget. They sat down on a blanket that Brock had laid out, and then Brock sat down and Reba sat in front of him. "Happy anniversary honey," and with that he pulled out a bottle of wine, and a little box that was wrapped up in a shiny silver paper; he had obviously planned this all out.

Reba took the small box and carefully took off the silver wrapping. She was now holding a long, velvet box. She opened the box to find a silver heart-shaped ornament with a silver key next to it. "Oh! Brock it's beautiful!" she exclaimed. She held it up, and what was left of the sun shimmered off of it.

"You are the key to my heart. This way you can take my heart with you wherever you go." He smiled at her. He reached out and genially placed the necklace around her neck. Reba turned around and laid back onto Brock's chest. Brock had always loved the feeling of just holding Reba, and he wrapped one of his arms tightly around her waist.

"Thank you, Brock," she said with a yawn. He handed her a glass of wine that she set next to her--which reminded her..."I have a surprise for you, too!" she remembered, quickly turning around. His one hand now, on her side.

"Oh really!?" he teased. Reba grabbed his hand from her side and placed it on her stomach. She just looked at him for a second. "What are you doing?" he let out a laugh. Thinking to himself, he had noticed that she hadn't drank any of her wine. His eyes then widened: he knew.

"We're pregnant," Reba told him with a wide smile on her, as it seemed to Brock, perfect face.

"Oh my god! This is great!" He yelled excitedly a little too loud.

"Hey! Who is out there!?" they heard someone call out. Reba and Brock crawled back behind a bush for a few minutes, until the police officer walked away. They held back giggles the entire time.

"Mom?" she got no response, "Mom!" Cheyenne asked with a hint of worry in her voice. She had gotten Reba's attention away from her say dream, "What do you think?" she asked again.

"I think this is a great idea, baby!" she hugged her daughter. "I just can't picture you out of the house. I'll miss you kids like crazy!" she said, moving a piece of hair away from her daughter's face. Brock couldn't help but wonder what it was that Reba was thinking about.

"Yeah, we'll miss you too, but this just feels right," she confidently told her mother.

"I know. I knew this day was coming, but now that it's here, it's so hard to let go…" she complained.

"So when is the big move day set to?" Brock interjected.

"Well we were thinking of this Friday. We would need some help moving things, but we think we can make it in there by Friday night," she said turning to Van. Van nodded in agreement.

"Sounds great! The whole family can pitch in!" Brock said before hugging his daughter and then Van.

"Fun!" Kyra sarcastically said out loud to herself, as she left for band practice.

"I'm going to get something to drink. You guys want anything?" Reba asked before she stepped into the kitchen. The family told her their beverage requests and Reba headed to the refrigerator. She grabbed out a certain number of soda's and filled a glass of water. As she turned around, she ran into Brock who was now standing by her side. Reba gasped, "Oh! Brock! You scared the daylights out of me!"

Brock laughed at her frightened expression, "Sorry," he said as Reba joined him in laughing, "I was just coming in here to help."

"Thanks, grab those sodas over there," she motioned to the sodas next to the refrigerator.

"Hey, what were you so deep in thought about back there?" he finally got out. It had been bugging him.

Reba laughed to herself for a second, "Nothing."

"No, really, what was it?" he urged.

"I was just thinking of our 3rd anniversary. Do you remember it?"

"How could I forget? We went to the beach and you told me you were pregnant with Cheyenne," he remembered. He couldn't help but think that those were much better times. Times where he was happy, with the woman he loved.

"Well, then all of this was so far away. Now Cheyenne is moving and she and Van have a family of their own. You have Barbra Jean, Kyra is leaving for college, and I'm here on my own. I don't know, I just never though it would all turn out this way…" she looked down into the glass in her hands and started wondering to herself how her future would turn out. This was not what she had planned back then.

"I hadn't pictured anything like this either. You know, it's not easy being with someone who loves you but loving someone else…" he let out a little too much information. Sometimes he forgot that these kinds of things weren't supposed to be mentioned. But now that he had said it he didn't regret it.

What he had said hadn't registered with Reba right away. She was still looking at the glass in her hand and then once it hit her she looked up. She looked straight into Brock's eyes, "What are you talking about?" she asked with a confused look on her face.

"I love you Reba. I love you so much, I have never stopped loving you," Reba now had a semi-angry expression written across her face and as she started to say something about what Brock had just told her, she was cut off with more of Brock's words, "I know that I messed up Reba! I kick myself for it everyday. I haven't been happy since the last time that I held you in my arms. I hate seeing you everyday and knowing that I can't ever have you back. I hate myself for loosing you! I made the biggest mistake of my life with Barbra Jean!" Brock set down the soda cans he was holding and walked over to Reba. He noticed that she was shaking a little and he took the glass from her hands and set it on the table next to them.

"Brock I don't know what to say…" she said with what she had of a breath. Her chest felt like it had a hundred pound weight on it. Breathing whas hard and she felt that she could burst into tears any second. Reba hated the feeling of weakness, but she couldn't help it.

"Then don't say anything," Brock wrapped his harms around Reba's small waist and pulled her into a heated kiss. Reba started to draw away but she wanted this so badly. She knew that she loved Brock too, thought she wouldn't confess it to herself. She gave into the kiss and pushed her body closer against to his. Brock backed into the counter and then turned around and set Reba onto the counter, never breaking their passionate kiss. Reba hadn't felt this adrenalin rush in years. She missed feeling this good. She missed being in Brock's arms, and she wanted him now more then ever.

Reba pulled him closer to her and wrapped her legs around his waist. Just then Barbra Jean walked into the kitchen to see what was taking them so long with everyone's drinks. "Brock! Reba!" she shouted. Reba pushed Brock away and pulled her shirt back into its correct position and jumped off the counter, still breathing heavily.

"Barbra Jean, please, it's not what it looks like," she tried to say through her irregular breathing, she couldn't quite catch her breath.

"So you weren't just committing adultery with my husband? You weren't just all over him? I can't believe this! How could you do this? I thought you were my friends Reba! And Brock! You are my husband!" she said starting to cry, "Excuse me!" she pushed past Reba, shoving her into the counter, and ran to the back door.

Cheyenne and Van then ran into the kitchen. "What is going on?" Van asked, "What is with Barbra Jean…and what about adultery?!" he asked a little upset.

"Nothing," she told them. "Um…go and check on her," she motioned Brock to the open door behind them. He nodded. Once he was gone she was able to breathe at a stable pace. She knew they had messed up. She couldn't believe she let that happen.

"Mom, we know something is going on!" Cheyenne protested.

"Nothing is going on! Here is your water," she handed Cheyenne the glass next to her, "and over there are your sodas," she pointed to the counter. "I'll be right back. I'm going to your dad's house for a minute, watch Jake."