Summery: Malik is the Prince of Egypt. Touzoku is the Thief King of Egypt. Must I say more?

The Prince and the Thief

Chapter 1.

The crackling of torches ringing throughout the room, bring dimming warmth to the rich bedroom. The room, filled with marble tile on the ground and the walls gave it an elegant glimmer along with the clear, violet curtains that hung around the room. The prince who had been lying on the black coated bedspread filled the room with his favorite color that he had seen within the palace garden's when he was tyke. The violet shimmer of lavender filled his eyes, mimicking and copying the prince's pupils. Such a splendid smell it had to it, the essence he had just for him lurked around the room. Its invisible touch giving the room a famine spice but no one dared to speak down upon the beauty of the room. Not to mention, the prince was indeed a gift from Rah. His sun kissed hair shined brightly with the god's rays that captured the desert land, and his perfect mix to go along with the blondish hair was his dark, oily skin. Sometimes, the palace servants dared to look at him and feel the lusting tingle between their thighs. As a teen, merely an adult now he was delicious to all sexes.

Through the unending beauty was a boy who had been going through his own problems. The weight of him being the next pharaoh in line was corrupting his mind and stress was consuming his confidence. His tense shoulder's ached and he wished for a servant to ease out the stress within him but knew of the temptations he had on women. The servants, young as they were took pride in coming to his will, hoping the prince would feel the lust and take one to bed with him. Secretly of course, and fantasies whirling in the women's heads of the pleasure he could make them feel. However, the prince hadn't even thought of taking a woman to bed with him, especially not the servants. None were even worthy, hardly pretty from the rags and neglected skin had reeked when they came near. Sharing a bed with another he thought of often, a male corruption firing his senses at night when no one was around but within his loins, he was still a virgin, untouched by another.

The thoughts of pleasure didn't ease his stress tonight, only making him weep with frustration. He controlled himself with easily, letting the thoughts sweep away quickly as they appeared. He sat up, his emotions snappy and witty that filled his frustration to its limit and he needed to relax. He called for a wrench, wanting to be bathed which he was hoping would relax him more than lying within his warm bed. The girl, young but was older than the prince had slipped into his room with haste, not wanting to upset him more with a snail's pace. She was another servant, her black hair rippled into waves as she stopped in front of him. She was covered in dirt and bowed her head; she might have been pretty if she wasn't within such filth but she didn't mean anything to the prince besides a tool to relax him. His violet eyes; dull and narrow as his eyes bestowed upon her as her form was visible behind the curtains.

"Fill my bath, I intend on taking one." He ordered simply, his tone mighty as he was and she didn't hesitate. She bowed once more to his presence, respecting him and walked into the bathroom. She pushed through the curtain that was entrance to another marble filled room. The bath was large enough for plenty but since it was one person, the space looked unlimited. As she dumped buckets of water from the Nile into the tube, her mind wondered and teased her. She fantasized the prince would finally ask her to bathe with him, or perhaps toy with her that would set her off in a moment. Her cheeks flushed with the thought, a tingle rippling through her lower part of her body and ached for the prince. Though, she knew deep down that he hadn't ever gotten an erection around her, he didn't want her. Disappointed, she frowned and stood when the bath was filled and awaited the prince.

The prince entered into the bathroom, his look didn't flatter with stress as his servant undressed him. She hid her lust, her cheek's tinted pink from the naked skin of the prince. He slipped into the bath, the water cool and soothing as he wanted. He waved her out; he wanted to be alone for the moment. The young servant girl nodded her head once more in respect, leaving the male to himself. She waited outside of the bathroom, leaning against the wall silently and huffed to herself. Her heart raced every time he was near, her deep crush bubbling up to heat her flesh. Unfortunately, she couldn't speak unless he wanted her too so conversation with the handsome prince was slim. She listened to his breathing from the other room, her heart slowing at the lack of action but when the water moved, she jumped.

"Servant women, come in and bathe me." He stated, his voice to her was bone chilling and she couldn't wait to be in his presence once more. She yarned to say her feelings towards him but she valued her life, she'd keep her mouth closed. Life to her was still precise, she got to see him nude and wash him. She was closer to him than other envious servants and death would have been pitied. She doubted in the afterlife he'd want her there, he'd be to great and sooner or later another servant would come along and replace her when he would become pharaoh. This saddened her but the thought of her not being near him wasn't glooming in her head as the cloth damped his skin. The tan prince's attention wasn't on her as she bathed him but as she hoped, conversation was storming about. For once, the prince started to speak to her.

"How are the preparations to my father's birthday coming along?" He hadn't been around to see the decorations the palace was planning for the pharaoh's birthday ceremony. Training for being pharaoh kept him away for most of his days and roaming the palace wasn't a option no more. The women spoke, lovely the blessed opportunity she got to speak with him.

"Quite well, your highness…" She spoke shyly, nervous once more. "Its going to be a great ceremony." She continued bathing as she spoke. He scoffed to himself, shifting within the tub of water. "Right, that's just means the count down to my fate will be closed." He interrupted, though she didn't mind much but she was confused to how he didn't seem thrilled about his father's birthday. Her head tilted for a moment, not sure if she had a reason to ask but she became bold and did so.

"Your highness, you don't seem excited about the day. Is something bothering you?" She asked politely, not wanting to anger him with her questions. "I don't want to become pharaoh. It's a stress filled position. His birthday is a reminder of the limited time he has left with his sand grains leaving his hour glass. My father's time is almost up before the god's claim and let him entered the afterlife." He spoke and shook his head; he didn't want to speak anymore to this to the wrench. It was his own problems and wanted to deal with them by himself. Filling the girl with his troubles would only be gossip for the other's servants to speak of, no doubt it'd get around to his father. Angering the man was something he didn't want to do at all either.

"This is enough talk. Speak of any of this and expect for your life to be short. Understand, wrench?" His bitter tone scared her, making her stop washing him to look at him with terrified eyes. "My lord, your words are mine and shall not be spoken of to anyone. I swear on my life.."

His gloomy look startled her but he wasn't flattered at her words to ease him. "You expect me to trust a low life like you? I should if you indeed loyal to servicing me and my family. However, I don't trust you women. Unpredictable swine would care nothing besides to fill themselves with dreams that will never come true." His harsh words hurt her like every thing else he did as well but this was directed towards her. She was saddened how he didn't trust her, even through her pleading words. She frowned, only nodding her head at his statement and he smirked. She couldn't say anything against him and he enjoyed this power he had over people. He felt higher and bring her down only brought him amusement. Though, this prideful manner was rude in many ways to harm a person was cruel to his nature. To him, he saw advantages to being high and mighty, not daring to think other's with more intense power could change his attitude in moments.

With his rude statement spoke for, he spoke once more to her again. "You can continue to bathe me but after that, you must return to your post where you are out of my sight for the rest of the night." He ordered and let his eyes shut, his back relaxing against the tube with ease as the cloth returned to its natural duty and cleaned his dark flesh. The temptations she had lost all hope and disappeared from her body. His harsh ways weren't pleasing, or attractive to his reputation. He was deadly handsome but cruel and very rude to his servants.

As soon as she was finished with washing his skin, she ensured him from his relaxation that she was finished. "Prince, Malik…I am finished." She spoke and fled from the room with much haste and within the hallway let the hurt run down her face. She washed them away with her sleeve, sniffling quietly as she returned to her dorms to where she cried just as many others had with their hopes crushed.

Though, the prince didn't feel any remorse for her pain as it shown on her face before she left him. He gotten out of the bath, returning to his room damp as the essence of the purple flower seeped around his room. Inhaling the fragrance calmed his spirit it seemed, making his thoughts of tomorrow sweep away for the night. He laid himself into his bed; the silk sheets chilled his body as he was lying there nude. His body froze at the small gust of wind that entered into the room from the window, goose bumps appearing on his thighs and arms, his nipples perking from the chill. He snickered and covered his body with the blanket, claiming the warmth his body wanted to feel so desperately. He shivered, the dampness from the bath water combined forces with the wind, freezing him more and clung to the sheets. These were the moments he had wished another to warm him when this icy chill tormented him, though still young he had imagined someone who keep the chilly air away and massage out this intense stress he carried. He ached for another to be with him and he was picky about those he had in mind. Though, he'd be patient as he let his mind wonder to his father's birthday approaching. He hadn't been looking forward to it, just another 7 day ceremony that everyone wasted away while drinking and partying for his father. It usually bored him to death anyway, not much of an animal like the rest of the palace acted when it began. He wasn't looking forward to this party unlike another who was looking forward it to more than ever.