Wow a high school fic! They're fun to do. This fic belongs to Neji and Tenten. They belong together. There is some sasuxsaku, naruxhina, and shikaxino. I'll tell you now that I actually really like Sasuke and Ino together, but I had to do this just at least once, besides it'll make my friend Minto really happy. I hope ya'll like it. Here goes everything….

Sleeping Beauty Madness

Chapter 1

Being late on your first day in a new school wasn't on top of Tenten's 'You have to do this before you die' list, so she had to continue running on her throbbing legs. The Leaf Fire High (I know, stupidest name ever thought of, I get it) was thankfully in sight now. As Tenten made it to the campus grounds, she slowed down to a walk.

The school was absolutely beautiful. The grass was the perfect shade of green; every one of the blades seemed to be cut the exact same length. Tenten took a good whiff of the fresh smell of clean air. She was surprised that the flowers bloomed so early in February, after all spring hadn't arrived just yet.

Tenten had just transferred to this school in Hokkaido from one in Tokyo. 'Maybe they use some kind of miracle grow or something.' Tenten thought. She walked up the path that led to the school's entrance. Looking through the glass doors, she could tell that a lot of people went to this school. Lots of people were scurrying around to each other's lockers to chat, or running into a classroom to go over things with the teachers.

Finally, Tenten walked through the doors of the busy building. Already people were staring at her. Tenten nervously tugged at her purple polo. She then dashed up the stairs in hopes of getting to the office faster and escaping their eyes.

She found the office easily; it was right at the top of the stairway. At the desk was a girl with long pale blonde hair who was currently talking on the office phone to maybe a parent. "Thanks again, ma'am, have a great day." The girl hung up the phone and turned to look at Tenten. "Hello there, may I help you?" she asked with a warm smile.

Tenten returned the smile with a nervous looking one. "Um, yes. I need a schedule. I just transferred." The blonde smiled and asked her name. Then the girl searched it on a computer and clicked a button. The printer started making some weird noises before printing something.

"It should be ready in a minute. Well Tenten, my name is Ino. Nice to see a new face around."

The girl named Ino grabbed the paper out of the machine and looked at it. "Oh sweet, I've got like three classes with you!" Tenten smiled at the fact that she had now an acquaintance.

"See you around. Hope you find your classes ok." Ino waved to her as she walked out of the office.

Tenten found her locker and the combination worked alright also. She shoved her little panda backpack inside it and shut the door. When Tenten tried to move, she couldn't. Tenten looked down to find her stupid polo stuck inside the door. "Ooooh,…" she moaned in exasperation.

Tenten tried tugging the fabric out of the damn thing but it didn't work. She tried the lock but of course, of all times it couldn't work. "Excuse me, do you need help?"

She looked up to see an exceptionally good looking guy. His long black hair fell in front of his broad shoulders because he had to bend down to her level. Tenten avoided his pearly white eyes and turned rather red. "Um, yeah I need help." Tenten answered him.

"What is your combination?" he asked politely.

"Um," she looked down at her schedule which also had her combo on it, "2-7-70" she told him (random numbers).

The handsome guy finished turning the knob of the lock and the door released her from its grip. "Thanks! I appreciate that a lot." Tenten then turned red all over again because the guy's other good looking friends, one with black hair and another with blonde and a guy who had brown hair in a spiky ponytail, were laughing at her; the blonde one rather loudly.

"I have to go to first period….uh bye." She said quickly so she could get out of there fast. Tenten stopped by the restroom first. When she got there, she was welcomed by a not so pleasant surprise.

", and OMG, that stupid slut never got near my Sasuke kun again! Ha ha ha!" a girl with black hair was saying to her friend. A girl with red hair turned to see who walked in on their conversation. "Ewe, it's a new girl." The chick said in an extremely high pitched and annoying voice. She also looked at Tenten and sported a disgusted face which would piss her off.

"Well, excuse me!" Tenten said and walked out of the restroom just as two more girls walked in whose giggles sounded just as annoying. Tenten walked to her first class in not the best of moods.

There was an empty seat next to a girl with pink hair. "Um, excuse me, but is this seat taken?" she asked. "Oh no, you can have it." The girl said. "Thanks."

Tenten viewed the classroom for a second and spotted the nice guy who saved her from her locker, oh, and his friends. Her mouth was widened for a second until he looked up to see her. Then the classroom door opened and you could hear the head banging squeal from the chicks from the restroom.

"Oh no, we have the new girl." A blonde one mentioned, faking a tear with her finger and pointed at Tenten with the other.

"Hey, why don't you fuck off?" the pink haired girl asked 'politely'. "Whatever, Sakura." The blonde's brown haired friend said. The bitches made their way to Tenten's savior and his friends.

"Hi, Neji kun!" the red head said as she plopped down on his lap. Neji shoved the girl off of him and said in a low and mean whisper, "Never do that again, Kiyui." The girl, Kiyui, totally missed the point of Neji's tone and responded with, "Oh, you know you like me, Neji." Kiyui got up off the floor and blew him a kiss. The other boys, apparently named Sasuke, Naruto, and Shikamaru, had similar problems with Kiyui's friends. They found themselves a seat near the boys and started chatting about useless shit.

Ino and a girl who introduced herself as Hinata came in and sat down next to Tenten's new friend Sakura. "Where is the teacher?" Tenten asked. "Oh, Kakashi sensei is always very late." Hinata mentioned in a quiet shy voice. "Well, we must learn a lot in this class huh?" Tenten mumbled. Ino and Sakura giggled at Tenten's comment.

A pencil whizzing trough the air had landed in one of Tenten's buns on the top of her head. Taking out the pencil, she looked at the direction it came from. The girls were laughing and holding up a badly drawn picture of Tenten so she could see. Tenten's new friends were scowling at them, but Tenten was smiling. She took one more pencil out of her green binder. Tenten said, "Take an art class, please." She chucked one pencil into the middle of the paper the drawing was on and the other into the hat that the black haired girl named Kayo was wearing. Both items became pinned to the wall behind the girls.

"Bitch, that hat was new!" Kayo screeched. Her face turned red with rage. Neji stared at Tenten for a bit before turning to Sasuke to say, "I don't know about you, but I have to say that was impressive." Sasuke nodded his head in agreement. "Did you see the face Kayo made?" Neji nodded only half listening and turned back to Tenten.

She was laughing really hard and it looked and sounded anything but lady like. Ino, Hinata and Sakura were laughing along with her, but still maintaining the composure that Tenten was lacking at the moment.

The teacher finally arrived and started with the lesson. Throughout the whole lesson, Neji would steal glances at Tenten. Kiyui took notice of this. Glaring at Tenten wasn't going to help and she knew it. Life for Tenten was going to become very difficult if Kiyui could help it.

At the end of the lesson, Kakashi mentioned some events that were going to be taking place soon. "If you can remember last year's play, Romeo and Juliet, was preformed wonderfully by Yumi san. The town people want our school to perform another play. This time it will be Sleeping Beauty. After school tomorrow, the try outs will be held in auditorium. Be there if you want to try out or if you want to help out with the props and stuff like that."


Hinata and Neji's house

"Hinata, who was that girl you were with today at lunch?" Neji asked his cousin. "Oh, my new friend Tenten, why?" Hinata asked while she put her long indigo hair in a ponytail so she could do dishes. "Nothing, I was just wondering." He smiled at her before going to his room to do homework.

'That girl, Tenten, is very interesting.' Neji thought. The phone rang and it was Sasuke. "Hey, Neji, are you trying out for the play?" Sasuke asked. "Trying out? Sasuke, I don't even need to. I'm already going to be the prince." Neji said. He was such a good actor and singer that he knew that tomorrow the drama teacher was going to beg him to be one of the main characters. "Are you trying out, Sasuke?" "Yeah, but I'll just try out and be what ever the teacher wants me to be." They talked for a little longer until Hinata called Neji and her father and sister to dinner.


Ok now. Hope you liked it. Yes Hinata is not stuttering. She has friends to back her up all the time so I'm sure they'd have given her the confidence to stop. She is still shy though. So yeah, please review, I'll love more than I already do. You know, the weirdest thing was when I thought of this story, I was listening to Down with the Sickness by Disturbed. Good song.