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Chapter 3

Tenten got to her house feeling extremely tired from being chased around by classmates who wanted to know how in the universe she beat 'Yumi the Drama Freak' in getting a main part as Aurora. As she opened the front door, she listened to know if her parents were home...well, her mom was. "Tenten! Where the fuck have you been!" her mother hollered. The poor girl didn't bother to answer, like that fat woman really cared. She let her mother continue her ranting to herself and bound up the stairs. Before she entered her room which was the second room door in the tiny hallway, she stopped by the first room door and opened it. This revealed a small girl the age of four sitting in the middle of her room that had a tiny amount of boxes (since they just moved there afterall). The tiny girl, who looked almost exactly like Tenten buns and all, was crying silently and the second she saw the older girl, she hopped up to hug and burry her crumbled, sniffling features into Tenten's leg.

"Sister! I wondered where you went!" she said as she lifted her face to see her big sister's. Tenten's face melted and she picked her up into her arms. She was probably crying about something mean that their terrible mother said to her. "Everything is alright now ok, Kyone?" The older girl assured her.

Their parents (especially mother) were indeed horrible. They never hit their daughters or anything but they certainly didn't love them. The only reason her parents are even married is because of Tenten. They planned to drop her like she was hot the second she turned 18 but then her mother fucked up and had her beloved little sister, Kyone. If anyone thought their mother would be resentful to Tenten then they were right but their mother hated Kyone the most for being born. Therefore, the poor girl got the brunt of their mother's anger leaving Tenten heartbroken for the sweet baby.

While 'Mommy Dearest' sat on her ass all of Kyone's life, Tenten took up her role as her little sister's guardian. She cared for her as an infant, taking care of diapers and feeding and bathing and taking her for doctor check ups. Tenten used her babysitting and petsitting money to buy the few toys and books her sister does have. She's the one who walks her sister to pre-k everyday and takes her out to eat on her birthdays. Kyone knows how to keep a clean room and be self-sufficient because of her big sister, hell, everything that Kyone knows was taught to her by Tenten.

After she dried her little sister's tears and put her down for a nap, Tenten entered her own room and took out pajamas. Even if it is only 5:45 Tenten was exhausted enough from running around all day to want to get out of the stiff and sweaty clothes she was wearing at that crowded school theater. She got comfortable in the cotton, one piece, pink pajamas she chose and settled on her bed that sat by a window overlooking the outside world. Pulling her panda backpack onto her lap, she thought about what she got herself into. "Could i really do this?" Tenten voiced her doubt as she took out the script with her new friend's numbers scrawled on it. The girls were really proud of her and wanted to practice as group together on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. The cast of the play was given a whole month to memorize their lines before having after school practice everyday until the performace in June. Tenten would have to take Kyone with her because she'd be damned if she left her home for so long with their mother.

This was a lot to worry about and it was so fast. She brought it on herself though. She felt good about making it as Aurora but that Yumi girl really looked upset. Of course her concern was shortlived due to being followed around by shocked people. Trying to get out of the cluster was her primary worry. "Just blown outta the water by my own untapped talent I guess!" With that as her last thought on the subject, she went downstairs desiring to simply make food without dealing with mother.


The morning was glorious around the campus that day. The sun was shining and dew was making the grass sparkle like magic. Only two days of school and Tenten's name seemed to gain instant conversation due to the fact that she got to be Aurora, the one who kisses the school's very own Prince Neji. This wasn't that big a deal to Tenten herself who was enjoying the morning's gifts but Kiyui held the issue pretty high.

"That bitch! Just a complete slut is what she is!" boomed the infuriated female. Outside the girls restroom, people scattered in fear of Kiyui's wrath (LoL!). "But I thought you were a slut." Rasa mentioned as she handed a cigarette to her friend. "So! That Tenten is worse than me! Why don't you take a break from being retarded!" Kiyui shouted. Rasa's face fell from the dumb expression she was sporting to one where her green eyes were twinkling with confusion. The girl couldn't help it, she was just naturally stupid. "Who cares what Tenten does, Kiyui. Everyone knows that Neji kun never goes for ugly girls with flat chests." Hiko joined in while messing with her long blonde hair. She was trying to cover the bump that didn't completely heal from the ball Tenten hit with her hair. Hiko continued with "I just wanna sabotage that Tenten for ruining my face!" "Your face was already ruined,"...

Everyone turned to see Ino along with Tenten, Sakura and Hinata come in. ", and I hope you know better than to mess with our friend." Kiyui frowned as she heard that. She took a long draw from the cigarette and let the smoke flow out of her mouth and giggled when she heard Hinata choke on it. "Let's go find Kayo, girls. These idiots make me wanna puke." Kiyui told her minions. "You look like puke.." Sakura muttered when the girls walked out. "I bet she's by Sasuke somewhere..." was the last thing they heard before the evil ones were gone for good.

"Wow, Tenten. Way to make horrid enemies!" Ino commented. "Weren't they already? Any enemy of my friend's is an enemy of mine?" Tenten asked smiling. "You're totally right." The girls all laughed at this. Hinata then spoke up about something. "Hey, Tenten chan. I don't know for sure but i think my cousin may be interested in you." "Really? Nah, it's probably nothing." the girl of the subject said.


When they walked into their class, Neji was flirting some girl. "Oh yeah, he seems really interested in me." Tenten mocked sincerity. Hinata blushed apologetically. Neji on the other hand looked up to see the bunned girl and became quick to end the conversation. When he tried to rush into his desk while still looking suave, his friends gave him a 'What the hell are you up to?' look. Then they saw Tenten and laughed at the guy. After that, Shikamaru and Naruto went back to their own topic but Sasuke was somewhat intrigued by his friend's out of character behavior.

"Neji," Sasuke said as he poked his best friend ", if you like what you see then don't hesitate. You know how the girls are begging to date you all the time. Although, i don't see why your peticular interest has to be so...plain." Neji chuckled and said "You're right. I should just ask her out already. I've got nothing to worry about, even if we just barely met. You see, that was my issue. And what's that about her being plain?" It was Sasuke's turn to chortle a bit. "Well, look at her. She's not wearing any sort of makeup except for maybe...chapstick and her hairstyle has been the same since she got here two days ago. I mean, I guess it could be worse. She's at least wearing feminine clothing. She could be like that lesbian, Kyoko." Neji shook his head. He looked at the clock and saw that Kakashi sensei wasn't going to be there anytime soon so he continued to take advantage of this time. "I can't believe you're compairing her to a lesbian! She's got a very pretty face and I'm interested because she seems like fun telling by her quirkiness. And lets change the subject from unflashy people to the one of the flashiest...besides Ino san. Sakura san maybe?" Sasuke's face twitched. "So what about Sakura. Like I care anyway." he said with a cute little pout. "Quite the opposite, Sasuke. You and Sakura san have been friends since the beginning of time! Don't tell me your feelings for that girl aren't changing." "Well they aren't." Sasuke said ending the conversation as Kakashi walked in...finally. Before Sasuke sat down, he stuck his tongue out at Sakura. She on the other hand smiled and wave. He turned away before she could see him blush.

Next was P.E. for Tenten and Ino changed her schedule to be in it with her since Tenten said that she was pretty lonely already by herself. It was easy for Ino to do as an office aid dealing with schedule changes on a daily basis. At the moment the girls were in the locker room getting ready. "Did you know that Shikamaru is in the class too, Ino?" Tenten asked her. Ino, who was done tying her sneakers, looked up in surprise. "How could I not know that?" she inquired herself with alarm. With that she was in front of the mirror hanging on the wall in record time, primping to the extreme. This consisted of two swipes of blush, some lightly glittered eyeshadow, a dab of lipgloss, rolling of the shorts into shortshorts and a purple ribbon tied to the end of her long blonde braid.

"I take it you like him alot?" Tenten asked then got an earful. "Alot is definately the understatement of the year. When we were in 9th grade, he was a skinny, lazy pain in the ass and then I guess over the summer he went through a miracle transformation because he came back to 10th grade looking like a sexy beast!" (All of this, Tenten noticed, was said with a fire in her eyes^_^) "Then I found out that dumb Hiko skank liked him too and since we are uncannily similar in features, (Hiko also has long blonde hair and blue eyes.) I knew that i had to step up my game and out do her in every way possible. I mean, I wouldn't be able to take it if he chose her over me because she was just the better blonde. I'd rather, if he didn't pick me, he choose someone as hot as maybe a latina babe than someone I could've outdone." Ino took a breath after her heartfelt story. Tenten only smiled and said to her dramatic friend, "Ino, I think that you're even better and way more fun than a latina babe! If I was Shikamaru san, I'd pick you over Hiko or the latina." Ino smiled at this. An akward silence passed for a moment before Tenten motioned for them to get going.

Out on the field were a few girls and boys and then there was Shikamaru and Neji on the bleachers (looking totally yummy in white tshirts and black shorts*mmm* mamma like!). Tenten almost tripped when she noticed that Neji was waving them over to join them. "Look, Ino!" The girl who was originally making faces at Hiko and Rasa looked up and saw what she was talking about. "Totally!" Ino announced joyously and then made a victory face for Hiko to fume about.

(With the boys)

"Look, Neji! You attracted Ino as well." complained Shikamaru. "Now I'm gonna have to deal with her babbling on top of Hiko's later if she sees this and, ugh...too late cuz Hiko's already looking and mad so she is gonna attack me with unwanted affection lat-," "Ssshhh, Shikamaru! They're almost here...Hello girls. I was wondering if you'd like to hang out for a while." Neji was saying. Tenten replied with "Sure I guess we could." She and Ino sat down, Ino closer to Shikamaru (he's frowning that trademark frown of his) and Tenten by Neji.

"So do you ever think about our kiss in the play?" asked Neji with his head held high and smiling. 'Was he acting this cocky yesterday when we were talking?' Tenten thought to herself. 'People aren't ever who you think they are.' she finished in her head. He wasn't wrong though. Whenever she thought about the play, she imagined his silky hair brushing her cheek slightly and wonderful, pearly eyes gazing into hers. So yes she did think about it once or twice but decided to lie: "No, sorry I haven't." Neji responded with mock disappointment, "Aw, why not? That's ok though. I think you're cute anyway." Tenten's heart started to beat and she was thinking, 'Neji? Thinks I'm cute? No way! Awesome! High school god is interested in me for real!' and then she remembered he was flirting pretty heavily with all kinds of girls all day when he thought she wasn't looking. Her thoughts of delight instanly fell into a black realm. 'So he thinks he's gonna play me huh?' she thought and smirked outwardly. Then Neji, taking the smirk for a good sign, continued with, "So you want to go out with me?"

"Nah, no thanks." Neji's smile dropped. "Why not?" Tenten says "We barely know each other. And I can make a safe bet that you think I'm just another one of your little fans." Officially Tenten was ticked off and got up off the bleacher seat. "Now I'm gonna play some ball if you don't mind." With that, she turned away to walk down to the field. Neji was a bit abashed. There were a few things going on in his mind at that moment. These were: 1) 'Yes I do mind if you play ball because you're slightly dangerous.' 2) 'Can you read minds because I could swear you would really fall for my Neji-charm.' and 3) 'Damn you, Sasuke! You said that her barely knowing me wouldn't be a problem!'

Neji had never in his life been rejected so the usually sophisticated rich boy had his mouth hanging open and eyes portraying the surprise he was feeling was not a good sign (but no less funny) to Shikamaru. Ino had already excused herself to see what was up with her friend so Shikamaru asked him what went down. "She rejected me." he said shaking the silly face off him. "Don't sweat it. There's plenty of others better than her." Shikamaru said and then muttered to himself, "Maybe she is a lesbian." Neji, hearing this said, "Thats not it! She just said that she's not like those other girls that like me. And I've got to agree that she definately is not. Oh, and we barely no each other...that damn Sasuke" he finished with more grumbling of Sasuke. The boy sighed. He did not like this experience.

"What did you and Ino san talk about?" Neji asked to change the subject. Shikamaru just shrugged though his mouth stayed down in its frown. "She started talking about how she got in the class because Tenten wanted her to and when she found out I was in this class, she was 'absolutely elated!'" he said and finished with a mockery of Ino's words and voice. "I have to say though, she looked good today. Well, better than Hiko. I bet it's troublesome to have a big red bruise on your face and have bright blonde hair to accent it." That made Neji smile and look at Hiko. She was now arguing with Ino who was throwing balls at her (not hard enough to hurt her, just to scare her off). Girls sure were something God had to be brave enough to create. Then Kurenai sensei (P.E. teacher) whistled for them to quit and everyone to go get gressed.


Tenten caught up with Hinata since they were both heading to the same class for fifth period. They sat down when they got there and started to chat. "I asked my dad if I could have a sleepover the weekend after next on Saturday and he said yes so I really hope you could come." Hinata told Tenten. It sounded absolutely cool to her but then encountered some trouble with saying yes right away. "Hinata, I'd love to come but I have a problem." Hinata asked "What is it?" As she was playing with a hair that came loose from her buns, Tenten thought of a way to put this. She didn't want anyone to know her family situation quite yet. What would they think of her if they knew her mother didn't love her or Kyone? Then she said to Hinata, "That weekend my mother is going somewhere and my little sister would be home alone and she's only four. If I go, is it alright if I take her with me?" Hinata smiled. "Of course she can come if she'd like. I just love little kids!" Tenten was glad and mentally wiped the sweat off her brow at the fact that she fell for it. "Thanks, Hinata. You're great!"

And that's when she noticed it. The quietness of the room was almost too much. Yumi, whom Tenten would expect to be hopping from desk to desk hollering about the slaves or dynasties in the history book, was sitting quietly in her desk. The girl was a polar opposite from who she was yesterday. Yumi went from colorful to a flavorless black shirt and pants with white flats with no design. Her hair, instead of being full of bouncy purple curls, was flat, frizzy and the color seemed to not be as bright. The only thing that remained Yumi-like was there was a flower in her hair, but it wasn't a happy poinsettia. It was a sad, funeral like mourning lily. Tenten already felt bad but this was just dramatic! Although she didn't feel bad about getting the part as Aurora, she still felt very sorry for Yumi who lived and breathed the word 'acting'.

The lesson started and Tenten went through the entire time feeling miserable for Yumi. She planned to catch the girl after class and try to cheer her up. Well the bell rang and she was ready to set things right but the second she looked up to find Yumi, she was gone. 'Oh damn...' Tenten thought as she told Hinata that she would see her later. "Why are you in such a hurry?" Hinata asked suddenly embarrassed for prying. "Well, I'm gonna try and cheer up Yumi. She seems so down." she explained. "Yumi did act strange all day. I have her in second period so I know what you're talking about. That's very nice of you, I think that would make her perk up a bit. Tell me how it goes for you." Hinata finally said before they went seperate ways.

On her way to her own locker, Tenten saw Yumi by hers. 'Good! I don't have her for any other classes so this is my last chance.' she thought as she walked up to her. "Hey, Yumi. It's me, Tenten." "I know who you are!" Yumi snarled back. "You're the one who stole that part from me." Yumi looked like she was holding back a wave of emotion. This made Tenten feel pretty bad. "Look," she said, "I got that part fair and square, but I think you were pretty good too. Don't feel so bad!" Then Yumi gave a look that sent a chill down Tenten's back and said, "Save it, girl. I don't need your sympathy but I will tell you this and listen well. You better watch your back! You'll pay and you'll be miserable so I'm just warning you now. Watch...your...back." With that said, Yumi slammed her locker shut (which made Tenten jump slightly) and took off down the hall behind Tenten. Tenten gulped and then saw Hinata coming toward her from the direction in the hallway she was facing. "How did it go?" she asked cheerily. It took a second for Tenten's mind to unfreeze before she said, "Um, it went, uhh uh, well. It went well."


Tenten went home that day with lots of thoughts in her head. She thought about her exam that she was sure she'd fail if she didn't study. Also Hinata's sleepover seemed to be exciting. Her old friends knew about her problems at home and didn't mind her bringing her sister, even when the girl was a mere baby. One day, depending on how close they become, she'll tell her friends but for now she'll just have to ask if Kyone can come with her every time. Then Tenten thought about Neji. He liked her! She wouldn't admit it to anyone except her new friends but she liked him back. He was so gorgeous! But if any guy liked her who was flirting all the time then they'd have to jump through hoops to prove their affection. And she knew he thought she was an easy target. What guy would know a girl for 3 days and ask her out thinking she'd say yes? Only him and his dumb friends! Tenten scowled as she took her script off of her desk to study. This then reminded her of the Yumi encounter. 'That girl sure was serious looking when she said those awful things. I only tried to make her feel better.' Tenten was thinking. 'She's so mean to make empty threats!' Tenten shrugged it off as she was practicing her lines. She forgot about it for the rest of the day but when she tucked Kyone and herself into bed, her thoughts went back to linger on the thought. 'What if she was serious?' was her last thought before she closed her eyes for the night.


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