AUTHOR'S NOTES: Okay, I had success with the blindHarry deal so I thought I'd try abusedHarry. (BTW, I do this not cause I like pain and misery but because it's a good writing exercise.)

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Blake Thorton stood in the front yard of Number 3 Privet Drive. It was quiet here, and peaceful unlike when he'd been a police detective in New York in the United States. The people were friendly and it felt good not to be the long arm of the law. At 36—and lucky to survive multiple gunshot wounds—it felt good to start over here in England with his wife.


Looking around, Blake's reverie was broken by a young teenager being roughly shoved out of the house by a thin woman. The teenager got shakily to his feet and started limping away when a car came tearing around and hit the teenager full on and swung into the driveway of Number 4.

Blake thought the driver had just realized that he'd hit the boy, but instead, the beefy man just shouted, "Serves you right, freak!" before going into the house and slamming the door.

"Kate, call the police!" Blake shouted, running back into the house.

His wife hurried downstairs from their 11-year-old daughter's room looking frantic. "What is it?"

"The people across the street—" Blake said, looking for his new inspector's badge and his gun. Pocketing them, he said, "Call the police and an ambulance. This guy just hit his son with his car."

Kate ran to the phone while Blake went to the injured boy who was miraculously still conscious. Kneeling down, Blake tried to assess the boy's injuries. The right leg was definitely broken as was the boy's left arm. Pulling his shirt off, Blake folded it longways and carefully wrapped it around the kid's neck to prevent movement. "Hold on, son. It's okay. I'm a cop. Inspector Blake Thorton."

"Harry…" the boy rasped. "Harry Potter…"

"Hang on, Harry," Blake said, as he saw Kate come up next to him. Looking at Kate then Harry, he said, "Harry, this is my wife, Kate." Kate nodded, smiling. "She's going to stay with you, okay?"

Kate knelt down as Blake stood up, pulling his gun from its holster and putting Harry in mind of the American crime shows Dudley watched sometimes. Harry tried to turn his head to look around, but Kate grabbed his head and held it still. "Don't move your neck, Harry," she said, sternly. She pulled a pen from her pocket and poked Harry's leg. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes," Harry said, croakily.

"Good," Kate said as Blake went up to the front door and banged loudly. Turning her attention back to Harry, she asked, "Can you move your feet for me?"

Harry tried to wiggle his feet but they didn't budge. "I-I-I can't…"

Kate looked up when she heard sirens. An ambulance pulled right next to Harry and the paramedics jumped out to tend to the boy. Kate held Harry's hand as his injuries were assessed and Blake's shirt was removed so that a proper neck brace could be applied. "I'm right here, Harry. It's okay."

Meanwhile, Blake was inside #4 and cuffing Vernon Dursley for vehicular assault. Once back-up arrived, Vernon was taken into police custody along with Petunia. Dudley was taken to a separate police car where he would be taken to Child Services.

Blake's boss came up and looked at the Dursleys being taken away. "Bloody hell, man," said Chief Inspector Franklin Bose. "You caught a right bad case for your first go."

"You don't mind if I stay with this?" Blake asked as Kate got into the ambulance with Harry.

"Not at all, Thorton," Bose replied. "This is all yours."


Across town, Hermione Granger was riding with her father through London when she heard something on the radio that made her gasp. "Police have arrested Petunia and Vernon Dursley on abuse and vehicular assault charges—"

"Isn't your friend Harry's family—" Mr. Granger said, looking sharply at Hermione.

"The Dursleys! Yes!" Hermione said, nodding.

Mr. Granger made the first turn he could and headed towards the hospital where Harry was reported to be taken to.


Blake looked into the interrogation room where Vernon Dursley now sat looking angry. Blake bristled. If there was one thing he couldn't stand it was a man who beat kids for the hell of it. Taking a breath and making sure the safety of his gun was on, Blake walked into the room. "You're lucky, Dursley," Blake said, pacing the room as he watched the man at the table. "You nephew is alive. Otherwise it's vehicular homicide. You weren't drunk or on drugs… had a good day at work from what I hear. The kid pissed you off? I heard you call him 'freak'."

"Boy believes in magic and nonsense," Vernon said. "He lies for attention."

"Why'd you hit him with your car?!" Blake shouted, pounding the table and making Vernon jump. "Hope you like grey, Mr. Dursley," Blake said, grinning. "You'll be wearing a lot of it in prison."


Kate had just gotten her social worker's certificate when Blake had decided to move to England and it seemed as if Harry Potter was to become her first official case.

But it would be a while before the poor boy would be in condition to talk. The car accident had broken two ribs and nicked a lung. His right leg, already injured earlier in the day was broken in four places and his elbow was broken. Worst, though, was the two broken vertebrae in his back which injured the nerves in his spinal cord. There was every chance that Harry would recover, but with the broken leg Harry wouldn't be able to walk on his own for a long time.

Kate looked up when she saw Blake come up holding a cup of coffee. "Thanks, honey," she said, sipping.

"Harry's still in surgery?"

Kate shook her head. "In post-op. But it's bad. He's still out and the surgeon thinks he'll be like that the rest of the day and all night."

"Please tell me some good news," Blake said, sitting next to his wife.

"The Dursleys didn't sign the papers making them Harry's legal gaurdian. So I elected us for the time being."

Blake nodded. "The neighbors said that the Dursleys were 'insufferable'. Not popular people. The son's a bully and they hardly ever saw Harry." Leaning back on the couch, he added, "No one probably even considered the kid was being abused."

"Excuse me."

Kate and Blake looked up to see a teenager with bushy brown hair standing near the waiting area. Blake stood up. "Can I help you?"

"Inspector Thorton?" The girl said and when Blake nodded, she went on. "I'm Hermione Granger. I'm… Harry Potter is my best friend."

"Have a seat, Hermione," Kate said, patting the couch next to her.

Hermione sat and Blake crouched in front of her. "I need to ask you some question, okay?"

Hermione nodded. "Anything to help Harry."

Blake nodded. "Right now my wife and I are Harry's legal guardians. Is there anyone else we can contact?"

Hermione thought quickly. She didn't know what to do and until she could consult Dumbledore, she figured this policeman and his wife were the best thing. "No."

"What about Harry's school? Would they know of any contacts? What about Harry's parents?" Kate asked.

"Harry's mum and dad were killed when he was a baby. Harry and I go to the same boarding school, but…"

"But what, Hermione?" Blake said, in his best 'caring father' voice.

"The headmaster was the one who placed Harry with the Dursleys," Hermione said, looking at her shoes. "I know he didn't know about Harry's aunt and uncle, but…"

"Then we'll leave him out of the loop for now," Blake replied, standing up. This case was getting interesting… and not in a good way.


Harry slowly opened his eyes to see a white hospital room. He tried to look around but there was a hard metal and plastic brace around his neck and his back. His leg was in a cast up to his hip and in a traction rig and his left arm was in a cast and sling.

"Good afternoon, Harry."

Looking to the right, Harry saw the police inspector who had helped him the day before. "You… saved… me…" Harry said, weakly.

"Yeah, I did," Blake said, scooting his chair closer to Harry's bed. "They took the tube out of your throat, I see."

Put… one in… my side…" Harry wheezed. "I… can't… move my… legs."

Blake nodded at the back and neck brace. "Spinal injury. You have sensation, but you can't move your legs."

Harry wiggles his fingers and gave what might have been an attempt at a shrug. "Arms… though…"

Blake smiled. "Harry, what happened… I know your uncle Vernon hit you with his car. Has he…?"

"Hurt me… before," Harry said, his voice slightly better. "Fists… he'd kick… me. Aunt Petunia… just looks the other way…" Harry was quiet for a while then he asked, "Am I… crippled?"

Blake sighed. "Yes." Seeing Harry's defeated look he went on. "There is a chance you may not regain use of your legs but there's a better chance you will."

"Is Vernon going… to jail?" Harry asked, looking at Blake.

"Yes," Blake said, nodding. "And in a few weeks you're coming home with Kate and me." Harry's eyes widened. "Harry, it's obvious that you've had a shitty childhood. But I'd like to be your friend… if you'll let me." Harry started to reply when Blake's cell-phone rang. "Give me a sec, Harry. Hello."

Harry didn't pay attention to the call until one word… "—some place called 'Hogwarts'."

"Hogwarts?" Harry asked, looking perplexed.

Blake froze and said, "Kate… I'll call you back." Flipping his phone shut, Blake asked, "You go to Hogwarts?"

"Yes," Harry replied, succinctly.

"My daughter, Rae, just got an acceptance letter from Hogwarts," Blake said. "I can contact your headmaster if you want."

"Leave… him out… of this…" Harry said, his voice getting raspier. "He… sent me… there…"

Blake nodded. "Okay. I won't call," Blake promised. "Not until you tell me to."


"Give me the history," Kate said once she and Blake were at his office. There was a poster board one wall and Blake had tacked up pictures of Harry, his family, and friends photocopied from Harry's personal albums.

Blake pointed to one of pictures of Harry's parents at their wedding. "Okay. Harry's mom and dad died when someone called Tom Riddle killed them in the family home in…" Blake checked the notes he'd taken when interviewing Hermione Granger. "… in Godric's Hollow."

"And the headmaster of Harry's school found the boy?" Kate said.

"No, Harry's godfather," Blake replied, pointing to a third figure in the wedding photo. "Sirius Black. He's on the run, though… falsely accused of being an accessory to murder."

"So after that this… Dumbledore guy gets Harry and says 'Let's just hand this kid to his aunt who couldn't care less if he lives or dies'?" Kate said, disbelieving.

"Yep," Blake said. "Of course you have to factor in the magic element."

"Poor Harry," Kate muttered.


"And there has to be someone with connection to the magical world that we can call," Blake said, looking through his notes again. "Here we go. The Weasleys."

"I'll call Hermione and see if she can send them a letter," Kate said, grabbing the phone.

"I'll get you through this, Harry," Blake whispered to the picture of the smiling teenager as he stood with his school sports team. "I promise you."


July 21st, Kate drove up to the Hospital entrance and saw Harry sitting in a wheelchair, his neck and back still braced and his right leg and left arm still in casts. Once Harry was secure in the passenger seat, Kate took off and they went back to Privet Drive. After pulling into the driveway, Kate parked and went around to help Harry out of the car. Once in the wheelchair, Harry said, "I'm sorry about being a burden."

"It's no burden and no trouble," Kate said, wheeling Harry inside. "We set up a guestroom for you. And your friend Ron Weasley sent some help over."

"You talked to Ron?" Harry asked as Kate opened the door to the guestroom. It was comfortable furnished and shopping bags of clothes sat on a dresser. Sitting on the carefully made bed was—"Dobby!" Harry exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"Dobby is magically bound to Harry Potter sir, because Harry Potter freed him," Dobby explained as Kate wheeled Harry into the room. "Dobby felt Harry Potter's pain and when he heard Harry Potter was badly hurt, Dobby wanted to help."

Harry's green eyes shone with tears and Kate could feel her own tears well up. This boy… This… wonderful, kind, gentle boy had received vicious cruelty almost all his life. How could anyone hurt such a wonderful person?