MAR Hot Spring Day!

Hi, readers! Yep, it's me again- Another MAR story. This one includes several of my fav couples. I've never done a story with 13 characters in it! I hope it's good. I just thought of it today. Well, here it is. Please Enjoy.

Team MAR was exhausted from the War Game and fighting foe after foe. Along the way, the members had made some friends. Like, Chaton, Loco, Pano, Ian and Gido. Everyone was sore, hungry and tired. They deserved a break. "I would kill for a bath—no, a hot spring bath…" Dorothy groaned while walking. Everyone nodded. Then she thought of something. (Light bulb) "Let's go to a hot spring!!"

"Great idea, Dorothy!" Snow said happily. "Hot Springs?! Wow!" Ginta exclaimed to Jack. "I can't wait!" Jack said back. "Me either, Jack." Pano said, holding onto his arm. "That's Dorothy-chan for you; she's clever." Nanashi remarked. Chaton turned to Loco. "Did you hear that, Loco-chan? We get a bath!!WHEEE!!!" the cat-girl swung the little girl around. Loco was annoyed. "Loco heard. Put Loco down. And don't call Loco 'chan'." The former-Rook said. "Yeah." Alviss said, Belle on his shoulder. "Sounds good." Alan added. "Hai, Hai!" Ian said, excitedly nodding. Gido was in his arms, saying; "That would be lovely."

They were lucky because they were close to a small hot spring business. It was free, too! There were two changing rooms; one for women and the other for men. The six girls (including Belle) entered they're change room and the six boys went in they're change room. All of them reappeared in towels and robes. Then, there was two springs. One for guys, the other, girls. So, Dorothy, Snow, Pano, Gido, Chaton & Loco and Belle entered the appropriate spring. The guys wined, wanting to share a spring with the girls but went off into their spring.

They all sat in the refreshing warm water, against the rocks. This was what they all needed, the girls thought. Dorothy, Snow, Pano and Belle were talking about clothes, jewels, Ginta and Alviss and Jack, and stuff. Gido was calmly soaking in the water, thinking about all that had happened with Ian. Chaton was splashing and pestering poor Loco, who also soaked. The young women were pretty relaxed.

The guys were relaxing, too. Ginta and Jack were asking Alan about the Cross Guard and what it was like to fight beside they're fathers. Nanashi had somehow found a telescope, and was peeking at the girls now and then. Otherwise, he was talking to Alviss. Ian was soaking, reflecting on everything and his relationship with Gido. When Nanashi got bored talking with Alviss or peeking, he'd go over to Ian and ask him about himself and Gido. "What do you do for fun?" Nanashi asked. "I like to drink sake, fight exciting battles, be with friends but most of all; be with Gido." Ian replied. The long-haired blond smirked. "That makes two of us." Nanashi said, sitting beside the black spiky-haired man. "Really?" Ian said, giving his usual foxy-grin. "Yep. I love girls, Puparra juice, battles and hang' in out with my buddies." Ian kept his grin as a reply and watched the steam rise into the sky for a moment.

"Do you have a precious person, Nanashi?" Ian said suddenly. Nanashi thought about it. "Well, I am a ladies-man but yes, I guess I have someone precious. Why?" He asked. "Protect that person until the end. You won't regret it. Precious people only come so often. Cherish them. Gido means everything to me; I love her so much." Ian replied seriously. Nanashi nodded. "Thanks. By the way, how did you meet Gido? She seems great."

Ian smiled, happy to answer. "Well, I met her when I first started out in Chess, in the first few weeks. I was a Pawn at the time, she was too. I was doing pretty well; I was strong in my rank. But when I'd fail on a mission, I'd get punished. That's when Gido came to me. She was so caring, supportive and cute that we became great friends. We'd protect each other, you know?" Ian paused, smiling at the memory. Nanashi nodded, urging the other man to continue. "After a while; maybe a few months? I got promoted to a Rook, our second lowest rank. Gido congratulated me a lot and suggested we be Knights together. I agreed. Then we created our reason, our goal to achieve; cleanse and purify the world of evil. The best thing of that day was Gido said she loved me, honest to God, with all her heart. And I loved her back with a fiery passion I had never had with anyone. She's so beautiful and innocent…" Ian finished, lost in happy memories.

"I'm happy for you, man." Nanashi said, patting his shoulder in a man-to-man way. "Thanks. It helps to tell others about us." Ian said. "Where is your relationship now?" Nanashi asked, curious. "Ah, well, we've kissed, I've carried her and since we're finally out of the damn Chess, we're thinking of taking things a bit farther. At least, I am." The ex-Chess Knight said; a glint in his green eyes. Nanashi replied with a knowing look and laugh.

"What's so funny?" Alviss asked, making his way through the steaming water to Nanashi and Ian. "Ian here was just telling me about his precious person. Right?" Nanashi said. "I see. Well, can I hear about this person?" Alviss asked, sitting beside Ian against the rocks. Ian nodded. "My precious person is Gido. She's beautiful, smart, compassionate and just wonderful to me. I love her so much. When the Chess turned her into that creature, I felt so powerless, ashamed, horrified; just awful…I'm so thankful to have her back." Ian said to Alviss. Alviss nodded, "I know how that feels, Ian. Believe me. When Belle got taken away, I felt the same way." Ian smiled a little, knowing there was someone that understood his grieving.

"Hey guys…" Nanashi stared to say, a wide smirk on his face, "Want to check out our women?" Ian smirked, "I'm not the perverted-type, but I wouldn't mind a peek…" He said. Alviss looked away. "How 'bout you, Al-chan?" Nanashi asked. Ian laughed lightly at the nickname. "No. You go ahead, perverts." The spiky blue-haired teen said flatly, turning away. "Suit yourself." Nanashi said, wrapping their towels around the waists and sneaking over to the girl's spring.

The two perverts hid behind a few rocks, able to hear the women's talk and get a good view of things. They could see Dorothy, Snow, Pano, Gido, Chaton, Loco and Belle (naked!). Nanashi watched Dorothy, drooling over her body's curves. Ian peeked over at his girl-friend, straying from her face and hair, to her neck and chest and everywhere else. She was gorgeous inside and out. The chatting girl sounded like this; Dorothy; "Ginta's so KAWAIII!" Snow; blushes "Y-Yeah, I guess…" Pano; "Jack is so handsome." Belle; "Alviss is the best!" Dorothy; You've got to be kidding! That monkey is annoying!" Pano; "No he's not!" Dorothy; "I think you've been under those magic mushrooms for too long, hammer-girl!" Pano; "What'd you say, witch?!" Snow; "Stop it you two!"

The princess had enough. She swam over to Gido, who was looking up at the sky in obvious content, ignoring the noisy others. Gido; "Hi, Princess Snow." Snow; "Hi Gido. Please just call me Snow." Gido; "Alright. Are you having a good time, Snow?" Snow; "Yes, but I wish those two would stop fighting." Gido; smiles "I know what you mean." Snow; "Why are you out here by yourself, Gido?" Gido; "I'm just thinking about all that's happened to Ian and me." Snow; "What happened with you two? If you don't mind me asking." Gido; No, its okay. It's horrible, though.

Remember that day when Ian and I came to fight Ginta?" Snow; "Yeah" Gido; "Well, when we got back to our base, Ian had been requested by Halloween. We both thought it was very strange; what would a Knight have to do with a Rook? So Ian went and I went back to my room. I waited for Ian for along time, but he didn't come back. I was terrified of what could have happened to him. Then I was requested to go down to the dungeons. I was skeptical but did as asked…" Snow; "What's wrong, Gido?" Gido; "then I saw Ian chained up to a wall, unable to move much. I was scared for him. I tried to unchain Ian but it didn't work…Then Chimera came…she grabbed me off Ian and dragged me into a different cell."…

Ian's eyes widened as he heard his Gido talking about that sorry time, when he thought his whole world was breaking. "She tied me up to a post, so I couldn't get away…" Snow; "What happened to you, Gido? Please tell me." Gido; "It's not something I like to think about. You shouldn't hear anymore, Snow. Forgive me."

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