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"Here's your carry-on bag – there's a note from the Headmaster in there explaining its contents. Here's your trunk – the outside has been transfigured to look like a Muggle suitcase, although, why they can't use trunks like normal people, I don't know… I've got your ticket and travel documents… well, they were right here…" Moody dug through his coat in a way that was eerily reminiscent of Hagrid. "Ah, here they are! Okay, your plane is boarding in… 2 minutes, so off you go, Potter. Don't get yourself killed! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

Harry cringed as the business men around them turned and glared at Moody. He supposed they did make quite the sight. He mentally prayed that the Auror wouldn't curse anyone – if they were trying to smuggle him out of the country, a breach of the Statute of Secrecy would certainly make it harder.

He said his goodbyes to the Auror as he grabbed his bags and rushed off to find his gate (which, of course, was on the other side of the airport). He slipped in to the end of the queue, quickly handing his boarding pass to the woman at the door. 'It's too bad Hermione's not here… or even Ron. Although, as much as I care for him, he might not make this flight any easier.'

Harry placed his trunk in the compartment above his seat, and settled into his spot for the next many hours. Opening the backpack he'd been given as a carry-on, he found a rather large envelope with his name on it. 'I guess this is Dumbledore's note for me…' He set the backpack on the floor and opened the letter.


I do apologize for having to do this to you – I know you'd have liked to spend the summer with your friends, but your safety must come first. Also, I admit, I did have a bit of an ulterior motive in mind when I went looking for relatives of yours – I was hoping that I could find somewhere you could go where you wouldn't have the stigma of being the Boy-Who-Lived, and that you could go places and be yourself without having to constantly watch for Lord Voldemort.

So, as an attempt to make the transition to Muggle life a little easier (and as an attempt to begin to rectify the mistakes I've made with you), I took the liberty of contacting Ms. Granger's parents. They offered to purchase you the necessary devices you'll need to… 'fit in', I believe, is the phrase they used.

I wish you well on your trip, and I'll be in contact with you soon.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry smiled – in all honesty, he wasn't as angry with the Headmaster as he had been when told the prophecy. He really hadn't been angry so much as he was hurt that he wasn't trusted with the information. On the other hand, Harry really did know that Dumbledore had been trying to protect him – he knew that the Headmaster considered him to be the grandson he'd never had, and he felt the same. After all, when other students are in the Hospital Wing, their headmasters don't sit at their bedsides to keep vigil – or to keep the nightmares away, like he had after the incident with Quirrel.

Harry peered inside the bag again, grabbing the other note he found in there.


We hope these will help you fit in while in the Muggle world this summer. Don't even begin to think about paying us back, either – consider this repayment for everything you have done for our daughter over the years. We are very well off, and it hasn't hurt us to do this for you, but it is something we can do to thank you for being her friend and protector.

Inside this backpack are a laptop computer, cell phone, and iPod. The laptop has most programs you will need for school, as well as a few popular games we thought you might enjoy. The iPod has some music on it already – things we've pulled from Hermione's music collection as well as our own, and a few other popular albums as well – and you can always buy more with one of the programs on your laptop. The cell phone has your number taped onto the back of it, and has Hermione's programmed into it already – we suggest giving her a call as soon as you get settled, otherwise she may never forgive you. It's also been set up with text messaging, so you can send her messages at any time.

We've also included a few recent DVDs you can play on your laptop so you'll have an idea of what people are talking about when they discuss them, and your backpack, obviously, can be used for your classes.

Good luck with your family.

-Dan and Emma Granger

Harry grinned to himself, and made a mental note to tell Hermione how much he loved her parents. He slid out his new laptop, and after a few minutes of fumbling around with it, put a DVD in and settled down for a long flight.

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