Previously in Les Misney...

Then, when you thought this show couldn't be any better, ValJean and Dakota skated out. That's when perfection itself was heard, "No more words. Here's your price.
Fifteen hundred for your sacrifice. Come, Cosette, say goodbye, let us seek out some friendlier sky. Thank you both for Cosette, it won't take you too long to forget." Quickly, Cosette and Dakota traded places as the show finally ended. A round of applause came from the audience when consisted of Bob, Kenny, and all of the crew. The cast bowed and walked off the set.

One Month Later

News Reporter: I am Jeffery McCarber here with CNBES. Breaking News! The Number One Movie Musical Show in the history of the Movie Musical Shows is The Thenardier Waltz of Treachery! We'll be back in 45 seconds.

After the ice show, Kenny Ortega, legendary director, came up with a brilliant idea. Well, a brilliant idea for a director, anyway. He gathered the cast and crew to tell him of his novel idea. The cast looked confused, except Valjean who, in his perfection, already knew what Kenny was going to say.

"As you all know, Waltz of Treachery has become the single most popular musical of all time, generating $8 million in sales over the first minute of its opening. For this reason, I have decided to create a sequel!" Murmurs of excitement were heard throughout the crowd, except for Thenardier, who threatened that he had better have a stunt double in the next show "or else".

"And I have more exciting news! NASA has just created a time machine and they have just brought a person back to present day from almost one thousand years into the future! This person will be starring in our sequel!" Kenny Ortega motioned to the door of the set. Everyone's heads turned as they watched it slowly creak open. A lanky boy stood in the doorway. He had a poofy mop of brown hair, and looked like he was twelve, though he was in his late teens.

"Mr. Nick Jonas, everyone!" Kenny introduced. Nick smiled and waved, before motioning to his entourage of brothers. They began to set up their instruments on the poorly designed streets of fake Paris.

"'Ow do you do? My name's Nick. These are my people." He stood in between his Kevin and Joe, as they struggled to figure out the drum kit. "Here's my patch. Not much to look at, nothing posh; Nothing that you'd call up to scratch-" He was just getting into the groove of things when Kenny cut him off.

"Nick! That was great, big fan big fan." Kenny air kissed Nick's face before continuting, "However, we're not sure if that's the direction we really wanted you to go in. Why don't you try something a little more modern? Just to show the cast what they're missing." He nodded enthusicalely and went back to sit on his comfy, velvet, director's chair. A crash of drums and a cocaphony of sounds emitted from the instruments as Nick began to head bang. ValJean actually looked up from filing his nails to stare in disbelief at the noises coming from them. It was like, like the future of music. And go figure, when you heard the words.

"I've been to the year 3000, not much has changed but they live under water! And your great, great, great, granddaughter is doing fine! Doing fineee!" He wailed and jumped off the stage, his mic waving in the air wildly. The cast of the Waltz encircled the group and jumped up and down, wigs were tossed into the air and even ValJean was breaking out the moves. "He took me to the future in the flex thing, and I saw everything," He continued to wail at the growing crowd. Kenny looked around in a panicked frenzy as young teenage girls began crawling into the room. They came in from the windows, doors, even the gutters themselves! Kenny looked to the cast and realized that they had formed a mosh pit, with ValJean riding the crowd to the front of the impromptu concert. He was so beautiful, even in the sweaty pit, that everyone who touched him fainted from absolute joy. It was a disaster. "Boy bands and another and anot-" Kenny ran up to Nick and grabbed the mic away.

"That's enough! Stop it!" Kenny threw his hat at Joe and flung his director's script onto the drum kit. "Everyone go home!" The cast that was still conscious began to leave, glad for the day off. "Not you idiots! The cast stays here. Everyone else leaves!"

"Aww," The cast sat down and grumbled to themselves. They were already bored. The teenage girls left back through the way they came and soon the set was empty except for cast and the Jonas Brothers.

"Why'd you stop us, man? The crowd was going wild!" Nick cried, his hair stuck to his forehead.

"You were giving too much information away about the future! I had to stop you." Kenny ran a hand over his balding head and sighed

"But you didn't have to cut me offf! Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing! And I don't even need your love," Nick sang passionately, his heart breaking in intensity.

"But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough! No, you didn't have to stoop so low." Kenny continued for Nick, their voices blending together and naturally harmonizing as they finish the verse. "Have your friends collect your records and then change your number, I guess that I don't need that though. Now you're just somebody that I – USED TO KNOW!" They screamed, agony on their faces. The room was silent.

"SOMEBODY!" Valjean's perfect falsetto cut through the silence, blending in with the Gotye cover perfectly.

As soon as Valjean's voice was heard, the screaming, almost-psychotic mob of hormonal teenage girls crawled back through the gutters and in front of the stage. They looked up at Valjean in complete admiration. All they wanted was for Valjean to look at them, to acknowledge their pitiful existences. As Nick, Kenny, and Valjean continued to sing "Somebody That I Used To Know", another song had begun.

"Look down and see the beggars at your feet
Look down and show some mercy if you can!"

It was the mob of girls, pleading in song at Valjean. Though both songs were being sung simultaneously, they blended together flawlessly. The harmonies, the rhythm, every aspect of the songs were perfect.

Valjean obeyed the borderline-violent mob, giving them a wink of one of his aquamarine eyes. A few of them fainted, and a few of them even died on the spot. The survivors, however, continued to sing their song as Kenny, Nick and Valjean finished another verse of Gotye. Now it was time for Kimbra's appearance, and Nick graciously volunteered himself to sing Kimbra's part, because he was the only one that could hit all of the high notes with his pre-pubescent voice.

"Look down and see the sweepings of the street
Look down, look down,


"Your fellow teenage girl!" One girl in the front was quickly making her way to the front of the stage, where ValJean was smiling and waving graciously. He was a pro at making humanity sigh in delight. The young girl threw her long ponytail and managed to get it wound onto a metal pole at the top of the set. As she continued to tighten her hair, Nick sang "But you didn't have to cut me off!"

Finally, she was able to begin her climb up the side of the set where she began to sing over Nick, her deep voice jutxapositioned with his falsetto. "How do you like do? My name's Gavrochea.
These are my like people. Here's my patch.
Not much to look at, nothing posh
Nothing that you'd call up to scratch.
This is my high school, my high society," she climbed the wall, using her hair as a rope to keep herself up. She managed to make it to the top of poorly built wooden set, using her pathetically small arms to lift. "Here in the suburbs of San Fran
We live on crumbs of humble piety
Tough on the teeth, but what the hell!
Think you're poor?
Think you're free?
Follow me! Follow me!" Now, as she began to sing the rest of the cast began to notice her literal rise to the top. They slowly started to stare at her, puzzled at what she was doing. The teenage girls would've looked to see her if they could only take their eyes off Valjean. Even Gavrochea had spent time pausing in the climb in order to stare at his gorgeous locks, streaming down his back.

"Hey! What's that girl doing?" Kenny yelled over the strains of not only Gavrochea, but also Nick, whose Kimbra solo was getting pretty intense. Kenny walked through the sea of lovesick girls, pushing them into each other. The girls who had fainted were much easier to get around. He paused by the stage and quickly turned around, into the direction of his camera. Valjean noticed what he was doing, as he notices everything, and smiled. He hoped this scene would be over soon, he had babies in burning buildings to save. Kenny quickly grabbed a hold of the pink, sparkly camera emblazoned with "Kenny 3" and the matching tripod, and hit record. Meanwhile, Gavrochea and her rapidly diminishing group (they were fainting rapidly), sang "Look down and show some mercy if you can, Look down, look down, upon your fellow man!"

Nick, finally abandoning his Kimbra solo, stepped up to the metaphorical bat and began to sing, "Where are the leaders of the land? Where are the swells who run the show?" There was an awkward silence as they waited for someone to pick up where they left off. Suddenly, Aladdin came bursting through the door, with the words of Marius on his lips. "Only one man – and that's Lamarque, speaks for the people here below!" His magic carpet flew him so that he was above Valjean. He reached out his hand, and Valjean grabbed it. "Lamarque is ill and fading fast! Won't last the week out, so they say," Aladdin sang as Valjean gracefully sat on the carpet next to him. It was nice to get to be so high up.

"With all the anger in the land, How long before the judgment day? Before we cut the fat ones down to size!? Before the BARRICADES ARISE?" Nick shouted to the crowd, really getting into it. He started to play his air guitar, his face scrunched up in concentration. The crowd finished their last chants of look down, and Kenny grinned in satisfaction.

"AND THAT'S A WRAP." Kenny screamed