Hero's Return



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First Person's POV:

How long have I been trapped in this place? It certainly wasn't a day and I'd already lost count since I can't exactly tell day from night in here. This is, after all, a world between life and death where time has no meaning at all, yet my body ages just as I assume it would in the real world.

Well… It didn't really matter anymore since I will not be here much longer than necessary. I managed to find a way out and I'm going to take it and if I'm lucky enough, I should be able to get out of this damnable black abyss.

Third Person's POV:

Taking a deep breath, he focused and released a 'tie' binding him to the black space. He pushed himself towards a barrier-like force that kept him locked in the chasm. Fighting against the said force was extremely risky.

Pure pain coursed his body as he continued to struggle when suddenly; he felt the 'barrier' dissipate as though it had never been there. He was free and he would have cheered if not for the fact that he was 'falling' and that his body was racked with pain.

He landed with a soft thud, although that land was in no way physical. As soon as that happened though, his body protested and pain raced it, enough to render him unconscious. However, before he was completely cataleptic, he had one coherent thought.

'I'm home and I swear I will find you…'


At a certain distance, the object the person's desire was currently unaware of his surroundings. Sure, his life may be in constant danger but this time, his tenant had chosen to keep watch of the area, leaving the boy in deep slumber.

Said tenant was also planning on something that she would give the boy the next day since after all, it was his birthday. Anyway, as she moved about in her prison, she sensed the man who had escaped the void. She paid it no mind however, thinking that it was nothing more than paranoia over tomorrow, I figment of her over stressed imagination.

But, in the recesses of her mind, she knew that she had felt that was not caused by worry or paranoia. She knew that what she felt was real and that it was about to show itself, whatever it was…