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The inn woman, Kiyomi nearly dropped her tray as she saw one of her customers, that red headed man juggernaut his way through the inn door. He didn't spare her a glance and ran down the hall with the blond pregnant woman in his arms, She felt sick when she saw the girl he held covered in blood.

Sasuke had been traveling for about a day, searching bases himself and then leaving when he didn't find Itachi. Odd, but many of the Akatsuki bases in this area were abandoned. He paused when he felt a familiar chakra…above him.

Sasuke looked up at the broken electrical pole with a frown. There was a man perched on it. Well…more like a creature like man, one he was familiar with.

"Kisame…" He growled. "Where is Itachi?"

The shark hybrid laughed "Not even a 'hello', Sasuke-kun? How rude, where are your manners?"

The teen glared up at Kisame, not amused in the slightest. "I can't waste any energy fighting you, where is Itachi?"

Kisame sighed, and lightly bounced his massive bandaged sword on his shoulder. "Kids these days just don't know how to take it slow. But that's fine, I suppose. Your brother was expecting you, and I'm honestly surprised you don't have any little companions. I heard you were traveling with a group of four."

"I had them stay behind. I only formed team Hebi to make sure I could find him." Sasuke replied dryly, glancing around the wooded area he was in. It looked like it had once been a town, if the old buildings and rotting electrical poles were any indication. Up ahead behind Kisame there was a mountain that had been carved into. Sasuke was willing to bet it was hollowed out and was an akatsuki base.

Kisame leaned back. "Hmm. Wouldn't it have been better if they came with you? It would be rather problematic should I have decided to fight you before letting you meet with Itachi-san."

Sasuke was getting impatient. "Are you going to let me go, or are you going to attack. I don't have all day."

Kisame laughed. "Relax. Itachi-san told me to let you come. I was just here waiting because I assumed your friends would be here."

"You assumed wrong."

The water shinobi nodded. "That I did. Disappointing, I know that you have another water user with you, I was hoping to play with him a little."

"Well he's not here." Sasuke said from clenched teeth.

Kisame laughed again, "Go ahead and fight your brother little Uchiha-kun, I won't stop you. I hope Itachi-san rips your head off."

Sasuke didn't need any more invitation; he jumped and leaped over Kisame in the direction of the mountain.

Kisame sighed. "And now, I'm bored."

Karin and Suigetsu both dropped their cards in alarm when Juugo came barreling though their room door with what appeared to be a bleeding Naruto in his arms.

Karin stood up, eyes wide, "what the hell happened?"

Naruto was very pale and shivering violently as Juugo kneeled down with her on the floor. Naruto panted, "I saw Itachi. He did some crazy weird shit to me and I think I'm miscarrying." Her blue eyes honed in on Karin. "Karin-" Naruto cut of her words as she suddenly screamed and slammed her back against Juugo's chest in pain. "Get it out of me! It'll die otherwise!"

Karin emitted a short hysterical laugh simply because she thought the blond was joking,

"Get it out? Are you crazy? You're just barely seven months pregnant, and-"

"GET IT OUT!" Naruto screeched, "Use your kunai or whatever but get the baby out or it'll die!"

Karin shook her head, "You're insane." Naruto was about to scream at her again but after a moment of hesitation Karin brought her hands up into the signs of a simple sleep genjutsu.

Naruto's eyes closed and she collapsed back against Juugo's chest, unconscious and he carefully held her up close to him, supporting her back. "You're…you're not really going to do it are you?" He asked, voice scared.

In answer, she pulled out her sharpest kunai. "Suigetsu get some towels."

The albino stared at her, eyes wide and he laughed nervously as she had moments before,

"W-what? You're joking right?"

She snarled, "Get some goddamn towels, Suigetsu!"

He actually flinched before he fled the room to locate the innkeeper.

Karin licked her lips nervously and stared down at the girl she was about to cut open, she was glad she was borderline obsessive about keeping her hands clean-she didn't have time to wash them. Juugo hands were shaking as he unzipped Naruto's jacket before he lay her down flat on the floor. He undid her belt and pushed her pants down a ways past her hips so Karin wouldn't have anything in her way. He shuddered at how Naruto's face was pained even in sleep.

Karin took a deep breath. Gods, this is stupid. This is bad. The blood wasn't stopping though, Naruto really would miscarry-what would she do to Karin if she let that happen? What would Sasuke do? She put her hand over Naruto's stomach, trying to sense the life there. The baby's heart beat was becoming more and more frantic, it was struggling to live.

She sighed. Okay. A sick feeling heavy in her stomach, Karin brought the blade carefully down and sliced down Naruto's lower abdomen.

Sasuke entered the hideout, it was dimly lit and he walked forward, his steps echoing around him until he turned a corner and entered a hallway that had bright torches on the walls and a throne and-

Sasuke's breath caught in his chest before his heart began to beat fast as a hummingbird's.

"Hello, little brother." A cold voice purred, "I hope you have been well."

Itachi was sitting upon the throne, poised and collected as ever.

Sasuke felt his fists clench so hard, he was close. So, so damn close.

"Tell me." His brother said, "What do you see with your Sharingan?"

Through clenched teeth Sasuke growled, "I see you. Dead."

The skin was easy, like cutting through paper. The muscle though was difficult though, and a chill went through Karin at the sound the blade made against the hard tissue, like she was trying to cut a very hard piece of meat. Eventually it split apart, and all that was visible was the smooth, shiny pink flesh of the womb.

There was movement inside, she could see the baby. Karin held her breath as she pushed the kunai carefully against the womb and slide the blade down.

She felt as though she was in a daze as she reached in and pulled the tiny infant out which promptly started wailing as it took in air the moment she cleared its nose.

Karin's gaze slide down its tiny purple body. Female. The tiny girl had an amazing set of lungs and was crying her discomfort as she squirmed in Karin's uncertain grasp.

"Karin." Juugo said with a tone of desperation. "Heal Naruto, she's bleeding too much."

"Oh r-right. She set the squalling baby in the crook of Juugo's arm and pushed her wrist into Naruto's mouth, forcing the new mother to clamp down her jaw to take in the chakra. The little girl in Juugo's arms began to scream and Karin suddenly ripped her wrist away from Naruto's mouth,

"What the hell is wrong with her?"

He looked down at the tiny girl wailing in his arms as though she was being tortured. "I don't know! I-I don't know!"

Karin looked down at Naruto and her eyes widened when she noticed something that made her blood freeze.

Juugo frowned. "Karin? What are you doing, heal her!"

Karin blinked furiously in confusion, and reached down into Naruto's womb again. Juugo was about to ask her what the fuck she was doing and why the fuck was Karin not healing Naruto when the redhead pulled a second infant from the young blond woman. This one wouldn't cry and Karin pinched its foot until it started wailing pathetically. She looked at Juugo dumbfounded.

"Twins. I…I didn't even sense there was a second one. Why couldn't I sense it?" Shaking a little, she quickly passed the second infant to Juugo, who stared down at the baby with surprise. Karin couldn't sense it? He looked between its legs, it was male. The newborn whimpered a little in his arms and moved closer to his warmth.

Karin shook off her bewilderment with the infant that had been hidden. Heal Naruto, ask questions later. She pressed her wrist into Naruto's mouth , looking down and watched as slowly but surely, the skin on Naruto's abdomen started to fuse back together, removing any traces that she'd been cut open.

Juugo covered up the babies with his cloak, holding them close to his chest to keep them warm. He sucked in a breath when tiny eyes opened to look at him; they were pitch black just like their downy blood covered hair was.

"Holy Gods, It looks like you murdered her!"

Juugo and Karin both looked up to see a stunned Suigetsu (towels in hand), with the Inn-woman Kiyomi behind him with a pitcher of hot water. Suigetsu's eyes scanned the scene, Gods, the blood was everywhere. The copper smell invaded his nose, normally he didn't mind but it was Naruto-chan's.

Kiyomi crouched down and placed the pitcher of hot water by Karin, "You're shinobi? You healed her, so she'll be fine right? We don't have a midwife or doctor in this town, it's too small."

Kiyomi eyed the twins before she looked over at Juugo then back to Karin, "They need to be warm, and they need their mother's milk. Cut the umbilical cord and clean them off."

Juugo gingerly handed the tiny squirming girl-infant to Karin. She carefully cut the life cord, tying it off with some wire she had attached to her belt. The excess umbilical would shrivel and fall off in a day or so. She passed the infant over to Suigetsu who took the towel Kiyomi handed him and (after dipping it in the warm water) carefully wiped the blood off of her. He took another towel, this one clean and dry to swaddle the baby girl in. The baby squinted up at him-and Suigetsu squirmed under her scrutinizing gaze. They repeated the process with the much less fussy boy-infant.

"Yeah. This is Sasuke's kid alright." He gave her back to Juugo who gladly took her; he liked babies as much as he liked animals and held the tiny boy in his other arm.

A calm settled over the occupants of the room, the worse was over and it seemed that besides some minor mental trauma, everyone was fine.

Kiyomi frowned at all the blood on the floor. "Is she going to be alright?"

Karin sighed, "It's okay. She's lost a lot of blood though. I don't know what type she is."

Juugo passed Karin the girl so he could dip his finger in a puddle of Naruto's blood and brought the stained finger to his tongue. After a pause he said, "She's B positive."

Suigetsu made a face at Juugo, "Has anyone ever told you you're creepy as fuck?"

Juugo's eyes stared intently at the albino, ignoring the insult. "You're B positive too, Suigetsu."

Now Suigetsu looked horrified. "How the fuck do you even know that?"

Juugo smiled at him-which unnerved everyone but the unconscious mother and new infants in the room.

Karin sighed and stared over at the babies. "Welcome to crazy-town, kids, population: Seven."

Sasuke grunted when he was thrown up against the wall, Itachi had managed to find an opening in his defense and had exploited it to his advantage.

Itachi's arm shot forward, with his fingers pointed straight and flat and Sasuke managed to move his head in time, simultaneously drawing his sword and swung it forward only for Itachi to grab his shoulders and use the leverage to leap over him.

While his hands were still on Sasuke's shoulders, he pulled hard and threw Sasuke over his head, making his brother land on the stone floor hard enough that it cracked. Sasuke was still coughing from the air being knocked out of his lungs while he made the hand signs for chidori and shakily stood up.

Itachi was ten feet in front of him, his expression unreadable and frozen in place.

Sasuke ran forward at Itachi, the chidori on his arm sparking menacingly-so much as he did when he was thirteen-but instead of trying to impale Itachi with his lightning ninjutsu, he slammed his hand onto the ground.

The lightning branched out on the floor and headed straight for Itachi, who managed to jump up, just as Sasuke had expected him to. Sasuke then drew his sword and rushed forward, sliding the blade through his brother like he was made of paper.

Naruto started to wake up, his head felt fuzzy but seemed to otherwise be fine. He was leaning against what felt like a warm broad chest. Juugo. Strong arms were holding him in place- no…they were holding something against his chest. Something very warm and soft and…and…it was...

It was sucking on his nipples.

Naruto's eyes snapped open in a shock, and Juugo must have felt him wake up.

"Naruto-chan? Are you alright?" His voice sounded sort of drowsy, like he'd been napping too.

"Um." He looked down to see two infants nursing on him, held in place by Juugo's arms so they wouldn't fall. Each of them was holding onto the fabric of Naruto's shirt, and holding onto his…breasts with the other hand.

"Um. Did…did something happen while I was unconscious?"

Suigetsu-who Naruto only now noticed was in the room-piped up.

"Yeah, you had babies courtesy of butcher style. Congrats!"

He was playing cards again with Karin who glared at him, "It's called a cesarean section you dumb ass!"

Naruto brought one hand up, placing it very lightly on the back on the right infant's head. Its eyes opened to look up at him, pitch black orbs seemed to stare into him. Naruto sucked in a breath.

"Oh Gods. They look just like Sasuke. I don't know why I expected anything less though. Bastard Uchiha."

Naruto didn't notice the collective sigh of relief from the other three young adults in the room.

The blond cleared his throat. "Why…why do I have two though?"

Karin leaned back on her arms. "Because you had twins obviously. Did you know that you were pregnant with two?"

Naruto shook his head, "No I didn't even-" He paused. Now, he didn't know a lot about infants but something didn't seem right. "Wait. Aren't these little guys a few months early? They…they're small but they don't look underdeveloped at all."

Karin squinted at the infants. "I know what you mean. And it doesn't make sense to me. They're small yeah, but no more so than any other month early preemie baby. They shouldn't look that healthy, I don't understand to be honest."

Naruto petted the soft black hair of the other infant, was it because of the Kyuubi? Something in the chakra that helped them develop faster than normal?

He realized he was smiling with relief. They were okay. They didn't die because of whatever the fuck Itachi did. He grinned wider, and ran his hands down their soft backs.

"What are you going to name them? "Juugo asked quietly, with an obvious inflection of curiousity. "Oh, and the one on the right is a girl and the left is her younger brother."

Naruto hummed thoughtfully as he tried out a few names in his head. "Lessee lesseeeee. What to call them...?

Karin frowned. "Shouldn't you wait for Sasuke?"

Naruto stared down at them for a moment before he said with conviction,

"Fuck him; they came out of my vagina."

Karin rolled her eyes, "Technically, they came straight out of your uterus."

Naruto pouted, "Whatever. I'm not changing my mind. They're gonna be Katsu and Juurin. I just decided. Katsu's the girl, Juurin's the boy."

Suigetsu cocked his head, "Um, what? I've never heard those names before, what do they mean?"

Naruto grinned, "They don't mean anything. I just took some syllables from each of your names, and scrambled them together. 'Ka' and 'rin' from Karin, 'Juu' from Juugo, and 'tsu' from Suigetsu. Great, right?"

There was a collective silence, and Karin actually felt oddly touched. "Why would you do that?"

Naruto blinked. "Isn't it like, tradition to name your firstborn child after the person who delivered it? All three of you helped sooo yeah. Though, Karin did actually cut me open and stuff, that's why she gets both syllables from her name mixed up in there."

Karin shook her head. "Um. No. You're supposed to name your first born after either you and Sasuke or your parents or Sasuke's parents."

Naruto made a face. "I don't know my dad or mom's name, and Mikoto is a pretty name but I don't wanna name my kid after a dead person, it's just sad. I didn't even know Mikoto that well, and same with Fugaku." He thought a moment before smiling. "I do remember she bought me ramen once. She was nice."

Karin desperately took in all this information. Sasuke-kun's mom's name was Mikoto-san and his father was Fugaku-san? She cleared her throat, "Um, Naruto-chan what…what was Sasuke's family like? You seem to know him back from he was a child, ne?"

Naruto looked down at the tiny babies in his arms the girl's black eyes stared back at him unwaveringly while her brother continued to nurse.

"They all looked like him. Variations of Sasuke. Even his mom looked like him. Or…I guess he looked like them is the right way? Fugaku, Sasuke's dad…I never met him, I just saw him around the village at times. He looked stern I guess. I was just a kid though and all of the Uchihas were scary to me. I remember Sasuke was always with his br-" He stopped himself.


Naruto felt the color drain from his face. "How long has it been since Sasuke left?"

Juugo raised his eyebrows, "Um, since yesterday."

That wasn't unusual, Naruto supposed. Hopefully he was just being paranoid and-

"Hey." The blond said.

The other three looked at their co-leader expectantly.

"Sasuke left me here because I was pregnant right? He didn't want me to get hurt?"

Karin closed her eyes. Oh Gods, here we go.

"Sooo. I'm not pregnant anymore so that means…we should go after him right?"

Juugo looked nervous, Suigetsu looked excited, Karin forced herself to look disapproving even if she really did want to go too. "Naruto. You just had a baby. I mean babies."

"I don't feel like I did." Naruto smiled to himself, being possessed by the fox demon sucked, but at least it healed him fast, and Karin's healing abilities really helped as well. He didn't feel a thing, he wasn't even tired anymore. Without a baby-er-babies sucking away at his chakra and energy, he felt better than he had in months.

Karin found it even harder to say no. She wanted to know if Sasuke was alright too. She felt out for him, she could feel his chakra in the distance towards the north-east.

Suigetsu coughed. "I bet he's gonna be pissed. His kid was born without him and all. We should probably find him as soon as possible.

Karin clenched her eyes shut, she unintentionally felt her feet turn in Sasuke's general direction.

"It's not like we'll miss him." Naruto said with a pout. "We'll be able to feel where he's headed, and if he starts to return this way we can totally intercept him without passing him.

Karin sighed. "I can't believe this; he's going so goddamn angry. But fine. Okay. Let's find Sasuke."

For a second, Sasuke had actually thought he'd done it, but the illusion of his brother's body being shredded to pieces dissipated before his eyes.

"Little brother, surely you didn't think it would be so simple."

Sasuke turned, his brother serenely sitting upon the stone throne.

"No…I didn't think it would be."

Itachi cocked his head, in the same fashion of a bird. "Tell me, are you hoping for this to end quickly, to relieve your burden…or are you hoping for our fight to drag on for hours, days even so you can suffer my demise?"

The younger glared at Itachi. "I don't give a fuck how long it takes to kill you so long as I do."

Itachi closed his eyes and smirked, "Ah, I see. You're the type of person who savors the destination, not the road it takes to get there."

Sasuke didn't rise to the bait, "I've been savoring the idea of you dead since I was twelve. Now get up and fight."

Itachi chuckled, but didn't stand. "I wonder who they look like?"

His brother frowned. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh, your children. I'm just wondering if they'll look like you or Naruto. Usually, dark traits like black eyes and hair are genetically dominant over fairer traits like blond hair and blue eyes. Also, Uchihas have had the same black hair and eyes for generations, and Naruto is dominant-recessive for his coloring. His father was blond and blue eyed, but his mother-"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sasuke interrupted after collecting himself. He'd been initially startled when Itachi had suddenly started talking about Naruto, but now he was just furious.

"Oh, don't play stupid. I found Naruto alone a while ago. Imagine my surprise to find him as a woman. And pregnant. With your children. "

Sasuke was shaking, and he couldn't even name the black emotions that were coursing through his body and his voice shook as he growled, "What…What did you do?"

Itachi smiled.

Sasuke attacked.

"Why haven't you updated yet?"

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No no, I'm alive. The reason I haven't updated in so long was because I hate the direction Kishimoto has taken with the story, and I've stopped reading the manga altogether. But. I'm determined to finish this fic for your guys' sake, because it's not your fault I hate the manga now.

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Because I've been so angry, I took a time out from this fic. A long timeout. I am sorry that I made you all worry that I wouldn't update. I feel guilty for not. But I'm gonna finish this. I don't know how it will end though. I originally intended to write this story to follow somewhat along the cannon plot, but eff that. I'm not gonna make Sasuke all psycho and shit like that, he's insane enough as it is.

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