Hinata sat silently in the hospital bed, her hands resting lightly on her bandaged abdomen. To her left, the large square window was letting in late afternoon sunshine, and to her right, her father sat, his arms crossed and his face contorted in a mixture of anger and sadness. His daughter didn't dare look at him; she knew that she had disappointed him by getting wounded so badly. And she knew that the diagnosis might disappoint him even more.

Hinata finally turned to Hiashi and opened her mouth to speak, but he beat her to it.

"Everything will be alright," he said, more as a demand than as reassurance.

Hinata quickly closed her mouth and nodded her head slightly. Her lower abdomen throbbed painfully, but she did her best to keep a straight face. She was not going to show any signs of weakness in front of the man whose respect she craved more than anything.

The door of the room opened quietly and Tsunade, followed closely by her assistant Shizune, set foot into the room, looking down at the clipboard she was holding with her lips pursed; likewise, Shizune was looking unusually somber. The Hokage looked up at the anxious father and daughter and gave the pair a weak smile.

"Nothing life-threatening, Hinata, you'll be glad to hear."

Hiashi stood up. "What do you mean?" He pointed his finger accusingly at he girl. "Tell me what's wrong with my daughter!"

Tsunade looked at him sadly before sighing and shutting the door behind her. "What I mean is, the attacker didn't hit any of Hinata's vital organs. The wounds were serious, but she'll live. Unfortunately…" She hesitated but continued quietly. "There is one…side-effect, I guess you could call it."

The man's face reddened slightly. "Tell me," he said, teeth gritted. "What's wrong with Hinata?"

The blond-haired woman didn't answer immediately, but shuffled through the papers on the clipboard for a moment. Finally, she spoke. "The attacker gave her a pretty huge gash right along her abdomen, as you can see….the area right around her reproductive organs."

At that moment, Hinata felt her heart sink.

"Her uterus was pierced," Tsunade continued, her voice quiet and slightly shaky. "And that means-"

"Are you telling me my daughter is-is sterile?!" Hiashi interrupted, sputtering.

The Hokage nodded solemnly, and Hinata's father sank into his seat, his mouth hanging open. Hinata closed her eyes and rubbed her lower stomach lightly, forcing back the tears that were threatening to pour out of her eyes. It was as though someone had dumped a bucket of cold water over her head. She had expected something bad to come out of this…but nothing this bad. Ever since her engagement was announced, she had been excited at the prospect of getting married and starting a happy family. Hinata had wanted, more than anything, to be a mother. Now, though, she couldn't shake off the feeling that her dreams had been crushed, all because she was too weak to protect herself.

After a full minute of silence, Hiashi spoke once more. "But…but she's getting married in three days!"

"Yes, I know," Tsunade said patiently. "What would you-"

"Then there's absolutely no point in her getting married!" The girl's father yelled, his face crimson.

"What a horrible thing to say!" Shizune shrieked.

"You think they're getting married because they love each other-"

A thought occurred to Hinata, and she interrupted her father's rant. "Does Sasuke-kun know?"

Hiashi stopped in mid-sentence and looked down at her with a slightly softer expression; he loved it when the subject of his soon to be son-in-law managed to slither its' way into a conversation. "N-No," he said, exasperated. "No, we will have to tell him that you aren't a suitable wife-"

"But-but I want to get married," Hinata said, her voice slightly higher than usual. "Sasuke…Sasuke-kun is such a good friend of mine, and I'm sure he'll understand."

She leaned back in the pillows and held her breath, not believing that she had actually stood up to her father. Hiashi apparently didn't believe it either, because he was gaping at her as though he had just seen her properly for the first time. Tsunade nodded at Shizune, and the two left the room as quietly as they could. As the door shut behind them, Hiashi let out a wavering sigh and rubbed his temples.

"At first, you weren't at all happy about this arranged marriage", he mumbled. "But now…now you want to go through with it? Even if you can't bear him any children?"

"Yes," Hinata said immediately. "Yes, I do."

Her father's upper lip quivered, but after a few seconds he sighed once more and nodded solemnly. "I suppose it is too late to turn back now. Though I doubt Sasuke will be very happy about this." He stood up and forced a smile. "Now rest up young lady: you have a wedding you can't miss in three days!"

Three nights later, Hinata was once again lying in a bed, this time in classy hotel room in one of the wealthiest parts of Konoha. The wedding had gone without a hitch: she had shared her first, brief kiss ever at the alter with Sasuke, looking gorgeous with her hair in curls and the strapless white gown flowing past her ankles; the large crowd of guests congratulated them and presented them with many fine, expensive gifts; and now she was on her honeymoon, lying on a comfortable mattress wearing a black slip made of light, see-through material. Before going into the bedroom, Hinata had observed herself in the mirror, thinking that she looked quite sexy with make-up on, her hair curled lightly, and wearing lingerie. The only thing she thought unfitting were the bandages hiding her secret wound.

The door of the luxurious bathroom opened and Sasuke walked out, wearing nothing but his black trousers. Hinata blushed at the sight of her half-naked husband; he had looked good in a tux this morning, but he looked even better now.

Sasuke looked up at her and grinned. "Hey kid."

Hinata returned the smile; she liked the nickname he had given her. "Hey."

Silence, then…

"You still look incredible," Sasuke said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her, making Hinata's heartbeat speed slightly.

"So-so do you," she said truthfully, feeling her face burn.

Sasuke leaned forward and touched her cheek lightly. "So…do you wanna do it now?" He asked casually, as if asking how the weather was outside.

Hinata stared back into his eyes, and realized at that moment that she was about to lose her virginity. She was scared, of course, but as she and Sasuke became closer through the years, she found that she could trust him more than anyone. He was one of her best friends, and surely he wouldn't do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. If she could choose anyone in the whole wide world to be her "first", it would be Sasuke. He was gorgeous, witty, smart…

'And…my friend,' Hinata thought. 'Just…a good friend.'

Sasuke had obviously taken her silence to mean "yes", because he was now leaning down and pressing his lips against his wife's while his fingers pulled down at the straps of her slip. But Hinata's mind was racing, not focusing on what her husband was doing. Good friends…not lovers …could they even be doing this? Was it right?

Her breasts were now exposed, and Sasuke was lying on top of her, nipping and sucking at her neck, grinding his hips against hers. Hinata felt her lower stomach grow hot, and she tried without much success to suppress the groans that were coming out of her mouth. She wanted this, needed this…but she also had to tell him.

"S-S-Sasuke-kun," Hinata whimpered, reluctant to stop him. "I…I need to tell you something."

The man stopped and looked up at her, breaking his lips away from her marked neck. "H-Hinata," he breathed, sounding a bit agitated that she had stopped him in his pursuit. "What's wrong?"

The woman bit her lower lip and looked sadly into his eager face. She sighed, pulling the slip down to her ankles so that she was completely naked. Sasuke's eyes widened, but almost immediately narrowed when he spotted the bandages.

"What the hell… Hinata, what happened?"

"It-it was during a mission," she said quickly, feeling embarrassed that his eyes her glued to the lower portion of her body. "I-I met an enemy, and we started to fight, but I let my guard down and…"

Sasuke shook his head and let out a low whistle. "Damn kid, that bastard got you good."

"That's not all…" Hinata took a deep breath. "Tsunade said…Tsunade said that I might be…sterile."

Sasuke looked back up at her, brows furrowed. "You mean…we can't have kids?"

Hinata looked down at the comforter, refusing to meet her husband's gaze. "I'm so sorry…"

Silence once again…

The man forced a laugh. "Is that all?"

"You're not mad?" Hinata asked, surprised at his reaction.

"Of course not! I mean, to be honest, I never really wanted kids that bad anyway." He chuckled. "That means we can have sex as much as we want and not have to worry!"

His wife smiled, grateful for his nonchalant attitude. "Really? My father always wanted us to have lots of kids. I thought maybe you'd agree with him."

Sasuke shrugged. "No offense, but I don't really give a damn what your father thinks. Not that I don't like him," he added quickly.

Hinata crossed her arms over her chest. "I…I think my father loves you more than he loves me, especially now that I have this injury."

Sasuke gazed at her sadly, his lust extinguished. He sighed deeply and pulled down the bed covers before climbing in beside his wife. He yanked off his black trousers, leaving him wearing only his white cotton boxers, and kissed Hinata on the forehead.

"It's been a long day, kid. Let's just get some sleep."

He lay down on his side, his back facing her. Hinata stared at him, wishing that she hadn't killed the mood on her honeymoon.