It was the aching pain in her thighs that woke Hinata up from her sumptuous sleep. She groaned and winced as she sat up and rubbed her sore leg, frowning at the sight of the dry blood that ran down her skin in streaks.

'Well, Sasuke did say it was going to get messy…'

Hinata looked down at her sleeping husband and smiled. After their love-making on the beach, the two had somehow managed to stumble back into their suite, only to head straight to the bed and indulge in even more marital bliss. Sasuke had assured her that he was going to do his best not to hurt her, and though it had been excruciatingly painful when their bodies first connected, even causing the young woman to bleed, it was well worth it; short moments of intense physical pleasure had poured upon the young lovers like waves, and it was a feeling that neither of them had ever experienced. Hinata's first time was not at all what she expected; no, it was even better.

Hinata shivered slightly at the thought of the pleasure she had experienced last night and laid back down, scooting right next to Sasuke and laying her head on his bare chest. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the even rhythm of his breathing and the steady beating of his heart.

'His heart…'

Hinata lay like that for a few minutes before she felt a small pat on her head, and she looked up. Sasuke was smiling tiredly at her, wiping the sleep from his eyes. His wife giggled quietly and touched his cheek.


Sasuke stretched his arms over his head with a groan and let them back down, draping one over Hinata's shoulder. "Damn, kid, it's early," he mumbled, his words slurring slightly. "We had a long night last night."

"I thought it was wonderful," Hinata said simply.

Her husband yawned loudly. "It was. But…" His fingertips glided down her side and to the loosely bandaged and slightly bleeding wound on her abdomen, causing a tiny flicker of pain that made Hinata wince. "We should probably take care of this first. I'm surprised that you didn't die from major blood loss last night."


Sasuke stared, transfixed, at Hinata. His Hinata, who was now absentmindedly running her fingers down his chest and sending sparks of heat to his lower regions. His Hinata, who he'd wake up next to for the rest of his life, make love to every night, and cherish with all his blackened heart. No other woman in the whole wide world could do this to him.

Hinata glanced up at him and slowly, reluctantly, sat up. "Do you have some bandages with you?"

Sasuke sighed and shrugged, his previous tiredness now overcome by desire. "I do…"

The young woman raised her brow. "Um…may I use them?"

Her husband stayed silent for a moment before grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her on top of him. Hinata yelped quietly, but didn't resist. She knew what this was going to lead to, and though she thought it was imperative to redress her wound, the thought of more unparalleled passion was too enticing to resist.

Sasuke smiled and kissed her hard before letting go, breathing heavily. "One more round, okay?"

Hinata returned the smile. "Alright."

An hour later, after showering (together, of course), re-bandaging Hinata's wound, and getting dressed in their swimwear, Sasuke and Hinata headed back to the beach, arms wrapped tightly around one another. Though both of them expected it to be crowded, Sasuke didn't hide his disappointment as they stepped onto the moist sand.

"Fucking people," he muttered. "I wanted to do the dirty here again."

Hinata blushed at the thought of doing such unspeakable acts in front of young and innocent beachgoers as she spread out a towel a few meters from the waves lapping onto the shore. "We-we really have done it a lot in the last few hours." She plopped down on the towel and sighed, grinning. "If we do it any harder, I think I'll need a wheelchair. My legs are killing me."

Sasuke sat next to her and laid his hand seductively on the inside of her thigh. "What can I say? I'm addicted."

Hinata playfully slapped his hand away. "You mean to sex?"

Her husband smiled and leaned his face towards hers, his breath tickling her skin. "No…to you."

The breath escaped the woman as he kissed her sweetly, passionately, a kiss that was earth-shattering. 'I could get used to this, being kissed like this for the rest of my life,' Hinata thought.

Sasuke pulled away and stroked her face gently with his calloused hands. "I really need some booze," he said, getting up from the towel and gesturing to the small shore-side bar laying a couple hundred meters away. "I think that's where I got that margarita I had yesterday…"

Hinata grabbed his hand gently. "Can't it wait? I mean, we just got here."

Her husband quickly managed to free himself from her grip and started walking away, only turning around once to say "It'll only take a few minutes, I swear."

Hinata blew some air out of the side of her mouth, irritated, and turned back to the ocean. No need to get angry or start a fight only three days after they were married…right? Instead of focusing on Sasuke's "my-way-or-the-high-way" attitude, she closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the light salty breeze, the heat of the sun beating down on her, and the sound of the waves rolling and crashing mingled with the high-pitched screams and squeals of children enjoying a day at the beach. After a few silent moments by herself, though, she began to grow uneasy.

'...Does it really take that long to get some alcohol?'

Hinata spun around, facing the shack that her husband had headed off to, and her lower jaw dropped at the sight she beheld: an older (and much bustier) red-headed woman was leaning against the bar counter, talking animatedly to Sasuke and flipping her hair flirtatiously. Sasuke was standing completely still, salted margarita glass in hand, looking as though he were drinking in every word that was coming from her overly lip-sticked mouth.

'Hitting on a married man, are you?' Hinata thought viciously, resolving to walk over there and give the woman a good talking-to (and a punch in the face, if absolutely necessary).

Before she could stand up, Sasuke pointed over at her, still talking to the red-head. The woman looked over her shoulder at Hinata and her face fell ever so slightly. She turned back to Sasuke, handed him what looked like a business card, and sauntered off, making sure to sway her hips in the process. Hinata couldn't help but feel a surge of victory as Sasuke walked back towards her, looking down intently at the card he was given. His wife cleared her throat as he sat down next to her.

"So what was that all about?"

Sasuke looked up at her and gestured back at the business card in his hand. "You mean that?"

Hinata sighed. "Yes, that. Was she… she flirting with you?"

To her surprise (and relief), her husband shook his head. "No. Actually…" He shrugged. "She's an agent. Asked if I'd be interesting in doing some modeling."

The anger and desire to beat up the busty read-head immediately disappeared as Hinata gasped and grabbed the business card out of his hand. "Are-are you serious? Sasuke, that's great! You should totally do it! I support it one hundred percent!"

Sasuke wrinkled his nose. "Seems kinda whorish to me."

"It's not whorish at all," Hinata said defiantly. "It could roll in a lot of money."

"But I like my ANBU job," Sasuke said simply.

His wife leaned towards him and grabbed his hand. "This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Most people would kill to be a model!" She lifted his hand and kissed it gently. "At least think about it. For me?"

The young man sat silently for a moment, contemplating, before nodding slowly and grinning. "Kid, with those puppy eyes, you could make the devil himself gush."

"So you'll do it?"

"I didn't say I'd do it." He winked. "I said I'd think about it."

Hinata rolled her eyes. "Yes, thank you."

"Ya know…" Sasuke ruffled her hair. "I told her that she should consider using you as a model, since you're the sexiest woman ever."

His wife blushed deeply, thinking that she wasn't quite the sexiest woman in the world, but definitely the luckiest.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter length! I was thinking of making it longer, but thought it was about time to give my readers an update.