Even though Voldemort is gone nightmares and fears still plague people of course, but none is worse then what Ginny fears…losing Harry. Still grieving for her brother, she fears Harry will be taken away just like Fred. Will she be able to calm her fears and fight for Harry or will she succumb to her terror.


Chapter 1: Nightmares

"GINNY! GO BACK!" Harry shouted above the howling winds and battle cries that surround them.

Ginny's deep brown eyes locked with Harry's emerald green ones, "IT'S THE BOTH OF US OR NOTHING! I WON'T LEAVE YOU HARRY!"

Just then a yellow light came rushing toward her, and Harry jumped in front to block the hex. Eyes wide with fear, Ginny watched the love of her life crumble to the ground.

"HAAAARRRRRRYYYY!" she cried as she fell to his side with a thump.

Ginny's eyes flew opened as she tried to catch her breath. She realized that she wasn't with Harry facing Lord Voldemort, but on the hardwood floor of her room. Ginny wiped her brow and stood up. Her legs felt like jelly, she was hot, and tears continued to run down her cheeks. She stared at the falling rain outside her bedroom window, and was lost in her thoughts.


There was cheering and jubilation everywhere. The war had been won, it finally was over. Voldemort was dead; she had seen it with her own eyes. Yet Ginny was lost…Harry, the person she had been most afraid of loosing, had survived. Her brother Fred…

Ginny realized she was no longer staring out the window but at a picture of her brother on her nightstand. She missed him; she still couldn't believe that he wouldn't show up at the house alongside George anymore. And now with Fred gone, it seemed so much easier that someone else she loved could be taken away from her. She was surrounded with such grief for her brother, and yet she continued to fear for Harry. Why couldn't she just grieve for Fred?

"Ginny?" Came a voice from outside the door.

She wiped the tears from her face and composed herself before replying, "Come in."

Bill, her eldest brother, came into view, and said, "Breakfast is ready."

"Thanks, I'll be down in a minute."

Bill offered a smile, which Ginny didn't see because she turned around the instant she stopped talking. Bill lingered in the doorway for a few seconds longer before closing the door and retreating to the kitchen.

Meanwhile Fleur was in the kitchen with Mrs. Weasley helping her prepare for breakfast. The Burrow was unusually quiet, for everyone was stuck in his or her own state of grief. Ron and Harry just appeared in the kitchen as Percy and Charlie were coming in from the garden. Harry turned around and nearly bumped into Ginny. She had crept down the stairs so quietly. His green eyes locked with her brown ones, and for a second it was as if she was going to say something, but instead she brushed past him into the sitting room. Harry looked at Ron who returned a look that clearly read, 'don't worry.'

"Ronald, Harry, sit down, sit down," Mrs. Weasley fussed as she scooped scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast onto their plates.

Harry quietly said a thank you, and looked down at his food. He still blamed himself for Fred's death, and he knew Mrs. Weasley would never show her immense grief in front of him.

Ginny sat down at the opposite side of the table away from Harry and ate her breakfast in silence. Harry was worried about her, but he thought maybe when Hermione arrived today that would cheer her up. He thought everything was okay…well as okay as things could be under the circumstances. Fred's death had upset her deeply; she was close to both of the twins. Harry wondered if she blamed him as much as he blamed himself…

His thoughts were broken when Pig soared through the open window and landed in front of Ron.

"Pig! Bloody bird!" Ron cursed as he took the note off of his foot, "It's from Hermione!"

Ron scanned it over once and then read it aloud;

Dear Ron,

How is everyone doing? I'll be arriving this afternoon if that's okay, a little later then expected, I know. Please send a reply.

Love from Hermione

Ron walked over to a desk by the window and wrote a quick reply:


That is fine, we all look forward to seeing you. Ginny's still not doing too good.


He then tied the note back onto Pig's leg and he soared out the window after a quick drink of water. Ron sat back down next to Harry to finish his breakfast. Harry though, picked at his food and he couldn't help but look at the table of Weasley's…especially Ginny. He wanted to help her, to reach out and say something, anything, that would make her feel better. Yet he couldn't, because he couldn't even assure himself that things were going to be okay.

Ginny suddenly pushed her plate aside and quietly excused herself from the table. Harry watched her walked back upstairs and heard her bedroom door close behind her. He then saw Mrs. Weasley dab her eyes with a napkin. Feeling ashamed Harry excused himself and walked up the stairs, heading to Ron's room. As he passed Ginny's room, he heard her weeping softly. He raised his hand to knock at her door, but he couldn't do it. He stood there lingering, listening to her cry. He debated in his head weather to knock at her door or leave her be…