"LILY! JAMES! ADDISON!" Ginny called after her "Trouble Triplets." The toddlers were running around the yard with their cousins Anna and William. Ron and Hermione were inside fixing lunch, and Harry came up behind him wife and wrapped his arms around her, startling her.

"Harry!" she laughed and he kissed her neck, tickling her. They stood together and watched the children play.

Hermione then walked out onto the patio, her hand on her pregnant belly, and watched Anna and William ran after Addison. She then looked at Harry and Ginny.


"What is?" Ginny asked her sister-in-law.

"I was just thinking back. When we started Hogwarts we never imagined our lives afterwards. I never knew mine would be filled with such joy."

"Mine either," Ginny said as he husband squeezed her tight.

Ron then came out and pecked his wife on the cheek, "Lunch is ready."

But Hermione, Ginny, Harry, and Ron stood there on the patio for a while longer watching their children and thanking God for the blessed lives they led.

The End.