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It was a sunny day in the village Hidden In The Leafs everyone was just living their lives it was a time of peace and nothing could ruin it. While most people were enjoying the peace there were some people the ninja population mostly were wishing for something interesting to happen but they would so regret that wish.

At the south end of the village two Jounins were stuck on guard duty watching for any signs of enemy ninja that could come any minute and start reeking havoc…ya right like that's going to happen. Both Jounin just wanted their shift to end so that they could go home. "Kami can we leave already the new addition of Icha Icha paradise is out" the other Jounin just looked at her partner "Kakashi what is with you and that perverted book of yours" Kakashi just looked at her "you were complaining about that position from you chapter 5 we were doing last night Rin-Chan" at this Rin whole face turned bright red and a loud slapping noise was heard throughout Konoha "I thought we agreed that we never let that out of bedroom" Rin said shacking him back and forth until Kakashi noticed a small boy staring at them.

"Rin" "what" Kakashi then pointed to the boy in the middle of the road wearing just a black pair of shorts and that was it no shoes no shirt nothing else there was also fact that the boy had what looked like a cross right where his heart was and traces of blood coming form his mouth. Rin walked up to the boy to make sure he was okay "hey kid are you okay?" Rin asked looking at him for any sings of injury "thirsty" the boy whispered but Rin had heard him and turn to Kakashi "bring some water over Kakashi" he did as he was told and gave the kid a bottle of water he started to drink and then spit it out and throw the bottle to the ground "thirsty" he said again. Kakashi and Rin were confused the kid said he was thirsty but spite out the water "if your thirsty and don't want water what do you what then" the boy just looked at Rin and pointed to her wrist and Rin brought it his face he grabbed it and brought it to his moth and open it show a full row of teeth and two sharp fangs and on the top row. Before Rin could do anything the boy bit down on her wrist piercing the skin causing Rin to scream and jerk her hand away from the boy.

Kakashi Looked at Rin's wrist to see two bloody holes were he bit down. Kakashi looked at the boy angered at what he had done "why did you do that you little bastard what's wrong with you" Kakashi screamed at the boy. The boy then looked scared and started shacking "thirsty" he said again like it was no big deal. But this angered Kakashi "Is that all you have to say you hurt Rin how about I put two holes into you" Kakashi then took out a kunai and got ready to stab the boy until Rin stopped him. "Kakashi stop he's just a kid you should be ashamed of your self" at hearing this Kakashi stood down and Rin looked at the boy holding out her writs "are you still thirsty" the boy just looked at her and then smiled and began to suck and lick up all the spilled blood from the wound and with one final lick he stopped.

Once he had finished he gave one last lick and smiled at the two Ninjas. Rin soon noticed that there was no pain coming from her wound and looked to see that the wound was healed Rin looked at the smiling boy "all done" the boy just nodded his showing that he knew what the two were saying Rin looked down at the boy again "can you understand what I'm saying" the boy shook his head up and down "can you talk" he shook his head up and down again "what can you say" "thirsty" the two sweat drooped "any thing else" "Naruto" the boy replied. Kakashi and Rin looked at each "we should take him to the Hokage" Rin nodded and turn to Naruto "Can you come with us Naruto" the boy nodded and grabbed Rin's hand and followed the two ninjas through the village doing there best to keep Naruto from wandering off.

Once they got to the Hokage tower they went straight to the Kage's office "Greetings Hokage-sama" the age old Hokage looked at the two people in front of him and smiled at them "Kakashi, Rin what can I do for you" it was then the Third noticed the a small blond haired blue eye boy standing next to Rin "and who is this" Rin answered "this is Naruto say hello Naruto" Naruto just looked at the village leader "Jiisan" Naruto replied shocking both Ninja "Naruto you shouldn't say things like that it's not polite" Rin said in a scolding tone of voice. Naruto just looked down at the floor "sorry" Rin just couldn't stay mad at him "it's okay" Sarutobi just looked at the two thinking of how a mother and son would react. "So where did you find young Naruto" Kakashi stepped forward "well we doing guard duty and chatting then noticed Naruto just standing there with traces of blood coming out of his mouth Rin went to check on him to see if he was alright he kept saying he was thirsty and I gave him some water. But he spit it out and kept screaming thirsty we didn't know what to do until he pointed to Rin's wrist she held it out and before we knew it he bit her. Rin jerked her hand away and I…tried to attack him" Kakashi looked down at the ground in shame. "But Rin stopped me and gave him her wrist and Naruto then started to drink her blood" hearing this Sarutobi eyes nearly fell out "Once Naruto finished he gave Rin's wrist one last lick and the wound was healed."

When Kakashi had finished Sarutobi wasn't sure what to believe then he saw the mark of on Naruto's chest "Naruto come here for a minute." Naruto looked at Rin who nodded her head and he walked towards Sarutobi who examined the Cross-on his chest "it couldn't be that clan is nothing but legends" Sarutobi thought. "Now open your mouth" Naruto did as he was told and Sarutboi saw the fangs and had to check one more thing. "Kakashi, Rin we need to go to the hospital I must check something" the two nodded and they left.

Once they arrived the Nurses noticed The Hokage and began to show bow to show their respect "Greetings Hokage-sama what brings you hear" the Hokage just smiled at the nurse "I need a litter of blood I wish to test something" "of course Hokage-sama" and she left. The three stayed in the lobby waiting for the nurse to bring the blood all was quiet until "hey pop." Everyone turned to see Sarutobi Asuma and Yuhi Kurenai "Asuma what are doing here?" "Me and Kurenai were sparing and we went a little over board and I had to come here" Kurenai noticed Naruto laying on Rins arm and had to ask "who's the kid" "This is Naruto say hello Naruto" Naruto looked at the two "hello pretty eye's, smoker" Naruto replied shocking both ninja but causing Sarutobi to laugh out loud at what Naruto had said until "snake" which caused everyone to look around and find Anko Rin's old friend. "Anko over here" Anko noticed Rin and walked over to her "hey Rin how have you been." "Good and you?" "Alright just visiting Iruka" at this Anko blushed do to her having a crush on the guy she then noticed the kid "so who's the kozo you and Kakashi finely getting some kids," this caused both ninja to blush "no we found him outside it's a long story" Anko sat down on the bench "I got time."

So Rin explain how they found Naruto about how Naruto drank Rins blood this made everyone a bit nervous that a innocent boy that said mostly one word to everyone after everyone got over their shook Anko decide to change the subject "so what's he call you to?" "He hasn't addressed us as any thing" Naruto heard and looked at Rin "Kaasan" Rin was a bit taken back by this but smiled at him and hugged him. Kakashi looked at Naruto feeling a bit left out "what about me Naruto" Naruto looked at Kakashi "hentai tousan" at this everyone burst out laughing even Kakashi.

Soon the Nurse came by with a litter of blood at this Naruto shouted "thirsty" freighting the nurse "Naruto clam down" Rin held Naruto back while the nurse gave the blood to the Hokage. Sarutobi ripped open the bag and placed a straw in it and giving it to Naruto but before he could drink Rin stopped him "Naruto say thank you" "thank you" and then started to drink through the straw and as disgusting as it looked it was kind of cute the way Naruto looked while he was drinking. Soon he was finished and yawns and laid on Rins arm and soon fell asleep.

Sarutobi knew it there was no denying it now "so the legends are true" everyone looked at the Hokage "what legends are that?" Rin asked "their was once a clan of ninja that feed off the blood of humans had the ability to travel at incredible speeds and have monsters strength and skill theses beings were called "The Vampire clan." At this everyone was stunned they had heard the stories but never really mind them "there's more it is said that the if all but one clan member was left alive a black cross would be placed on his heart protecting him from the sun and better control of his thirst." Rin looked at Naruto and held him tight "I don't care he's just a little boy not some monster so don't even think of hurting him" Sarutobi just smiled knowing Rin would never hurt a child "Rin, normally I would a child to the orphanage since he didn't have any guardians to look after him but since Naruto is different case I'm going to offer you the chance to adopt Naruto" "I'll take it" Rin said in less then a heart beat but Kakashi wasn't so sure at least until he felt a demonic killer intent coming from Rin "WELL KAKASHI-KUUNNNN" Kakashi knew that he had to chose between a life or death situation "okay" and with that Naruto became the son of Kakashi and Rin.

After everyone had left to head home for a night's rest Kakashi carried Naurto on his back once he and Rin got to their apartment they went stright to bed with Kakashi on the left Rin on the right and Naruto their new son in the middle the furture looked very bright.