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The child now named Wrath stood there his manic grin never leaving his face and his eye's never noticing anything else but his prey.

Naruto kept his eye's on his enemy not sure who or what or even why this boy would attack him. But I didn't really matter why he was doing all this; all that really mattered was keeping his friends safe and this…thing away from him. There was also a strange sense of familiarity with this creature as well like he and it were related in a dark way.

While these two were having their show down the other's behind them Hinata was the worse, truly worrying about the one young man in front of her and let out a worried sigh. This would prove to be a mistake as the blond took his eyes off his enemy for a second to check to see if anything was wrong. When he turned back towards his enemy the boy was no longer there.

Naruto left and right hoping to catch before and attack was made, sadly it was too late as Wrath was kneeing right in front of him his hand stretched back glowing with and evil dark red charka glowing around his arm. Within seconds wrath arm became edged and sharp like that of a blade and taking one step forward Wrath managed to make a clean slash across Naruto's chest. Blood flew through the air and even staining the ground as the blond boy looked to be in shook as to what happen while Wrath had a childlike glee.

That soon changed as Naruto's looked of pained shook soon turned into a grin that was almost similar to wrath's own "got you." The wound on his chest instantly healed and Naruto grabbed the boy by his arms and had his own black chakra soon engulfed the two and then they were gone.

Everyone that had seen the event's either panicked and ran or just stood there not knowing what to do.

Naruto's friends were just as stumped as the other villagers and unclear as to what to do. Everyone except for Hinata who already had her Byakugan activated and searching for the blond and the strange boy that had attacked them for whatever reason. She eventually noticed something glowing the eastern forest and decided to start their first, she just had to figure out a way to get their without shino stopping her.

Shino noticed this and put his hand on her shoulder "Hinata-san, if you're thinking about looking for Naruto and that boy, you might want to reconsider."

They Hyuga looked at the bug user and was about read to argue but Shino beat her to it "Hinata-san, you saw the power behind that boy, it was almost exactly Naruto's making him just as dangerous and deadly." Hinata kept silent at hearing this and as much as she wanted to argue she could see the logic in Shino's words as he went on "Also whatever the reason that boy seemed determined to fight Naruto to the death and you being there would only serve as a distraction. The best course of action is to find Kakashi-san or Rin-san and get their assistance in this matter."

Hinata looked at her Aburame friend and while she could understand the logic behind his reasoning, she just couldn't stand by and do nothing. She looked at shino and sighed in defeat "shino-kun…I understand and I agree with you."

The young Aburame nodded his head, glad to see that everything was working out and began to walk away "come, we need to find Kakashi and Rin –san before it's to-" Shino never finished his sentence as he felt something hard piece his back and left him feeling numb. When he hit the ground he noticed that he couldn't move any part of his body at all, he looked up at the young Hyuga not able to hide the surprised look that was on his face.

Hinata looked down with a sad look on her face "sorry, shino-kun but…I…need to find Naruto-kun." And with that the young Hyuga heir ran off.

While Shino was laying only one annoyed thought ran through his mind 'She has been WAY too much time with Naruto.'

He then noticed someone grabbing his shoulders and turning him over onto his back and saw Saya standing over him with an evil smile on her face. "Well since you can't move Shino-kun I guess this is time were I seduced you, Sih-no-Kun."

Shino eye's open wide in shook not able to tell if Saya was kidding or not. It didn't help that the girl has was sitting on top of him with her had on his chest and bring further and further down his body. Shino was getting more and more nervous as Saya's hand had past his stomach and was getting really close to his crouch. But before anything could happen Saya stopped and but an even wider grin on her face "just kidding Sino-kun."

Shino let out a sigh of relief and noticed Saya hand began to glow with a green aura of chakra was surrounding it. She placed her hand back on his chest and the numbness he was feeling was staring to slowly fade away. While Saya was working on her magic looked at the young girl with a questionable stare and Saya noticed this. She just gave him a smile "Your probably wondering how I know high level healing techniques" Sino didn't say anything but just kept staring at her "well…girls got have her secrets Shino-kun." He didn't take that well but Saya just kept smiling "but if you want Shino-kun, you can give me a private "integration later." Saya replied in a husky tone of voice.

Shino once again had a stunned look on his face which caused Saya to giggle again "I still kidding Shino-kun, what kind of girl do you take me for." Shino blushed at the comment and didn't say anything else as Saya continued to work "once I'm done I'll go after Hinata to make sure she is okay while you continue to recover." Shino didn't say anything, slightly fearing Saya would use it against him again so he just laid their and waited for her to finish. The problem was she was sitting on his pelvis and moving back and forth while she worked at it was causing some parts of Shio's body to react, it didn't help the Saya kept giggling as she did it.

With Naruto

Naruto was high up in the trees not moving and trying to breath heavy. He was covered was cuts and bruises over his body and most of his outfit had been destroyed. As of now he was running low on energy and blood and his opponent had barely broken a sweat from the last time he has seen him. Taking a deep breath and looking around the corner of the tree he saw the boy he was fighting at ground floor. He was obviously looking around for him and was getting close but what was really freighting about this boy was the blood red aura that just flowed around him and the evil malice that could be felt from it dispite the distance between the two of them.

Whoever this boy was he was powerful and dangerous and he made it very clear what his goal was. The Death of Naruto.