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Chapter 1: The Half Bloods.

"I have bestowed this great honor upon the three of you for a reason." The Dark Lord was standing in front of three of his followers, who did not meet his gaze, but rather looked at the ground and looked humbled. He had chosen these three, not for their competence, but rather for the opposite reason. Two of them, Alecto and Renaldo, were known as fuck ups, and the third one, Peony, was just the person to whip them into shape.

The Dark Lord cherished Peony above most of his followers, as a mentor more than anything. Peony got her lessons straight from him; it was he who taught her everything she could possibly know about the Dark Arts. She was a rare one with an insatiable thirst for education and power, much like himself at that age.

"Never before have you been sent upon such an important assignment. This is your chance to prove yourselves. I am in need of assistance from Snape, and I need you three to fetch him from Spinner's End."

"Couldn't you just touch your mark and call him that way?" asked Renaldo, who was so stupid he couldn't figure his head from his ass. Renaldo was one of those pretty boy types. Just as the Dark Lord was about to retort with a painful curse, Peony slapped Renaldo round the back of his head.

"He's probably already tried that, you stupid fuck. Do you really think that Severus would just leave his post at Hogwarts, what with him being under Dumbledore's watchful eye?" Peony asked, glaring at Renaldo. He rubbed the back of his head, and the Dark Lord was grateful that Peony had spared him the energy of having to curse the halfwit.

"Very perceptive, Peony," the Dark Lord purred, and Peony beamed silently. "Yes, Severus knows that he is not to come immediately after I summon him, but he is to wait an hour and then travel to his home. This time, how ever, he may require your assistance, and I trust you above all others to help him."

"We would be honored, my Lord." Peony gave a deep bow, and with a crack, she disappeared, the other two following suit.

The sky above the village was a smoggy green color, and Peony snorted to herself. It amused her how muggles were so oblivious to the fact that polluting their own air was playing Russian roulette. Didn't they realize that they needed the air to breathe properly?

No respect for Mother Earth.

But she had to admit, the green night sky was sort of mystifying and sort of romantic.

"I get on the wrong side of Nagini once, and suddenly, I'm a pack mule." Alecto grumbled. She was lazy; there was just no getting around it. Alecto preferred to be working on the inside, doing nice cushy work that required a wave of her wand and that was it. She let her brother do the grunt work. But unfortunately, he didn't fuck up.

"Well, you did step on her." Renaldo said, blankly. "She's huge, how could not see her?"

"It was dark, she was coiled outside my door, I didn't have my wand on me. If that weren't bad enough I nearly lost my foot. Surely you do not expect me to have night vision?" Alecto whined. Peony rolled her eyes, and continued to march ahead of them, ignoring their mindless prattling.

"Yeah, but still, she's huge! You'd have to be a real idiot to miss her." Renaldo said. Alecto swore under her breath.

"At least I didn't break my dick when I was on Ministry Patrol," Alecto hissed, a rather cruel smile forming on her thin mouth.

"You don't have a dick."

"Thanks for the reminder."

Peony stopped short, causing the other two to run into her from behind. She heard heavy footsteps making their way towards the trio. She pulled out her wand out in front of her like a sword. A twig cracked under the weight of some one or something. She just hoped it wasn't a werewolf. Those fuckers were hard to kill.

"Who goes there?" Peony barked in her husky voice. A tall figure showed itself, and Peony lowered her wand. It was Snape, and he had his hands full of canvas bags that appeared to be heavy, for Snape was dragging them on the ground.

"A little help goes a long way," Snape said, grunting. He let the bags fall with a thud on the ground. At a closer glance, Peony could see the bags were full of what appeared to be dung. Peony snapped her fingers and the other two rushed forward and snatched a few of the bags from the ground.

"Why isn't she helping…?" Renaldo complained to Alecto who was struggling to balance three bags on one arm. She heaved forward to grab a couple more, but the weight threw her off and she was sent toppling to the ground. She got back up and dusted herself off, grumbling as she picked up the offending bags.

"It's just one of those perks of humping the Dark Lord." Alecto grumbled glaring daggers in Peony's direction. Peony stomped her foot and a loud rumbling electric sound crackled in the air. The force of the stomp sent Alecto tumbling to the ground again, writhing and shrieking in pain as she grabbed at her leg.

"You bitch! You've electrocuted me!" She screamed. Peony clucked her tongue.

"You shouldn't have insulted me." Peony said simply, picking up one of the bags that had been flung at her by Alecto and slung it over her shoulder with amazing agility for some one with such a small stature. "Get up, you lazy skank. There isn't enough time for you to be taking a nap."

Alecto's leg seemed to have sustained semi permanent damage, for she winced when she got up, and limped along as they trekked their way back to the forest, where they could disappear away from prying eyes. Alecto moaned with every other step, while Peony shushed her and told her to stop being such a baby.

"May I ask what this is for?" Peony asked Severus who just stared straight ahead, not taking his eyes off of their destination. "Or I think perhaps a better question would be, just what in the hell is this?"

"Its dragon feces," he said simply with out letting up his pace. He appeared to be flustered and in a hurry.

"I figured as much. Why does the Dark Lord, forgive me, need dung?"

"It holds vast magical properties and is the key ingredient in a complex potion that virtually cures any simple ailment." Severus said, as though it were not a big deal. Peony bit her lip, not sure if she should ask what sort of "ailment" her Lord and Master was suffering with. But she could not help but ask. Her curiosity got the best of her.

"So…" She started, gazing at his tall, lanky form from her peripheral vision. "Forgive my curiosity, but what possible use could the Dark Lord make of this potion? He hasn't got a cold has he? I thought I saw him sniffle, but I could have been imagining things."

Time seemed to stop for a nanosecond, for Severus stopped briefly, but continued walking. His steps had fallen out of sink with hers.

"Bowel problems, but I don't think I should be disclosing such personal matters to some one such as your self."

Severus sped up, trying to stay ahead of Peony, but Peony knew better. Severus was good with secrets, she would give him that much, but she hated it when people kept her dangling like this. She devised a quick tactic in her head.

"So is he constipated? He has seemed abnormally cranky lately." She asked, thinking that if she hazarded a guess, he might confirm her allegations. Being bluntly manipulative was a personality skill she had perfected over the years, and even some one with Severus' high intellect fell into her little confession traps.

"When isn't he in a foul mood?" Severus hissed under his breath, but instantly wished he could take it back, because Peony happened to one of the Dark Lords biggest stoolies. She had a knack for sniffing out traitors. It was lucky for him that Peony had a sense of humor, and didn't take offense like a lot of the Death Eaters did. She shrugged at him, and gave him a goofy grin that he had to fight in order to keep from grinning himself.

"When he's getting laid," Peony wiggled her eyebrows at him in a playful manner.

"I don't think he's going to be able to do that sort of thing for a day or so. He's got a bad case of diarrhea."

"Ew, mud butt is the absolute worst. If only he'd told me sooner. I could of cured it, no problem." Peony shook her head, and sent sparks flying to the ankles of their helpers because they were starting let the bags slip away. Alecto gave a small yelp and straightened her posture immediately. Peony stopped and gave a sharp whistle, and the four of them, dung and all, disappeared into thin air, leaving the air behind them warm with magic.

Several hours had passed and Peony found her self unable to stay awake. She sat slumped in a chair while the Dark Lord sipped from a cracked mug. The potion was a goopy greenish color and Peony had to stop her self from dry heaving. The stench was unbearable, and it didn't help that the Dark Lord insisted Snape bottle it up for storage, just in case.

The potion seemed to work, for Voldemort's spirit had risen considerably. Not a word was uttered as he drank deeply, as though it were a life line. Snape stood, waiting for a word of approval. He was not left in vain.

"Thank you, Snape. You're very well cut out for your work."

"I'm honored." Snape took a deep bow.

"That's not all I have called you here for. I have some…how should we say? Good news." Voldemort said, facing Snape, who looked halfway terrified. Peony stood.

"Perhaps I should leave, especially if this is a personal matter…" Peony said, taking a step towards the door. The Dark Lord motioned her back with a wave of his hand.

"I'm afraid this involves you as well, my pet." Peony sat back down reluctantly, wondering what he had in mind.

"Very few people have guessed about your unfortunate parentage, the both of you. I am sympathetic towards your plight, for I too know the same shame that the two of you do, but I have corrected that, and there is still a chance for to two of you. You see, if two half-bloods get married, and bare offspring, a new pureblooded linage is created. If the two of you were to do exactly that, it would greatly benefit my cause."

Peony was stunned. In her mind, she'd always kind of half way hoped that her Lord would want her all for himself, and now, he was trying to give her away like she was an animal of some sort.

"My Lord, forgive me, but two wrongs don't make a right!" Peony cried, jumping up. She had to admit it, she was outraged. But this was a huge mistake, for the Dark Lord pulled in wand out at her, and hit her with the Cruciatus curse. It was pain of which she had never felt. It took all of her might not to scream bloody murder. He had never used that curse on her before. The pain was white hot.

"I will not be spoken to like that! I expect to be treated with respect from everyone, and you're no exception, Peony."

Peony pulled herself into an upright position, sniffling. She hated crying, but it was awful. Her whole body ached unmercifully, her joints screamed at her if she moved them a quarter of an inch.

"Yes, my Lord," she whimpered, grasping on to the arm of the chair for support.

"Don't make me do that again."

"I won't, your Darkship." Peony dissolved into full blown sobbing. She felt betrayed and to make it worse she was in pain. Voldemort cringed: he hated crying. As far as he could tell, Peony had never so much as whined in her life, or at least as long as he'd known her. Still he didn't say a thing; he turned to Severus who had turned whiter than he alright was.

"My Lord, I beg of you…please…I believe she has a…" Snape faltered and trailed off wordlessly. He did not want to cross the Dark Lord anymore than he had to and the threatening glance he was getting didn't wane the over all fear he felt inside at that very moment.

"You will cooperate, both of you will. Take an Unbreakable Vow." The Dark Lord commanded.

"Right…now?" Snape asked.

"Yes, right now." Voldemort turned to Peony. "Come on, get up, and quit that crying for god sakes, you look awful." Peony stood and faced Severus. The Dark Lord stood beside them, his wand in his hand.

"Grab hands…"

Peony shook for a second, and unless she was mistaken, Snape had just given her a sympathetic look. He grabbed her hands, and she did her best not to cry out, but a whimper betrayed her. She was trapped.

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Which brings me to my next point: I'm not so sure if Snape became the Potions teacher before OR after the Potter's were murdered, and I'm thinking it was probably after, but for the sake of this story, it shall be before.

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