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Part 1

I awoke one morning to the sound of tapping. As I opened my eyes, I saw an owl hovering outside the window next to my bed, clasping a letter in its beak.

Opening the window, I petted the owls' head and took the letter from him. I thought that the letter must be for one of the other girls in my dormitory, but the name written on the envelope was mine. I had never gotten a letter from anyone other than my father.

The letter contained the words 'I'll follow you and make a heaven out of hell, and I'll die by your hand which I love so well.'

How romantic! I thought. Defiantly not my father!

I sat on my bed and stared at the beautiful words written on the parchment, hoping that they would somehow tell me who this letter was from, but to no avail.


Over breakfast that morning I looked around the Great Hall at everyone, trying to figure out who could have sent me the letter. But try as I might, I still couldn't work out who it was, and I doubted that a nargle would have been able to write a letter, let alone get an owl to send it to me.

I was contemplating whether this could be a joke or not, when a voice sounded from behind me "Would you like to sit with us this morning, Luna?"

Turning around I realised that the voice belonged to a red haired girl in Gryffindor: Ginny Weasley.

Ginny was a popular girl, and it surprised me that she would care to sit with me over breakfast. It was very rare that anyone would sit near me, let alone invite me to sit with them. Deciding that company this morning would be good, I nodded my head and followed her to the Gryffindor table where Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George were already sitting.

They moved up to make room for me, and I ended up sitting between Ginny and her brother George, one of the twins. The two twins were inseparable, and also very funny. At DA meetings they were always the cause for laughter, and I knew that Professor Umbridge despised them because they were always causing trouble. Personally, I found them hilarious!

"When will the next DA meeting be, Harry?" Fred asked, while shovelling his mouth full of bacon and eggs.

"Don't say it so loud!" Hermione whispered with force "You never know when one of the Inquisitorial Squad is listening!"

"Sorry, but I think we really need more lessons! They're loads of fun!" Fred continued.

"I agree with Fred." I said "I'm really learning lots from the DA. More than I ever did in any Defence Against the Dark Arts Class. Except for Professor Lupins' classes of course."

They all agreed with me on that, and Harry decided to have another lesson later that day, but I had a funny feeling that he only said that to shut us up. The last thing we needed was Professor Umbridge or her Inquisitorial Squad to find out more about the DA.


That night at the DA meeting, Harry started teaching us about Patronuses and how to cast them. To help, Harry showed us his stag Patronus.

Although we spent almost two hours practicing, none of us could get it yet. Harry wondered around the room trying to help us, but none of us succeeded. Maybe if we try again soon someone will get it. I think Hermione will produce her Patronus first.


I had decided to sit in the Room of Requirement after lessons the next day to have some time away from the noisy people in the school, but to my surprise the room contained many other's who must have had the same idea as I did.

The Room was now not only used for DA lessons, but also as a hang-out place for those who weren't in the same houses, or those who wanted to escape from Professor Umbridge. The new 'Educational Decree' didn't allow us all to meet anywhere else, so the Room was used. At that particular moment it was furnished with large comfy sofa's and plenty of other things like wizard's chess and exploding snap to keep the occupants of the room satisfied.

Ron was playing wizard's chess against Harry, with Ginny, Hermione and Neville Longbottom sitting next to them watching eagerly.

As I walked further into the room, Ginny must have noticed me because I head her call out to me "Come over here and join us, Luna." Ginny had been being really nice to me lately. It felt good to be accepted. It was as if I had a friend.

Just as Ron beat Harry for the second time, Fred, George and Lee Jordan burst into the Room of Requirement with bottles of butterbeer in large bags. The three of them went around the room handing them around to everyone.

"Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!!" Called out Fred, taking a large swig from the bottle clasp in his hand.

"What's the celebration?" Hermione asked.

"You disobeying rules, Hermione!" George replied "It's a very rare thing to ever happen!"

"Are you sure that this isn't just another excuse to have butterbeer?" She replied.

I laughed softly and took a sip of the drink which Fred had pressed into my hands. Deciding that there weren't any wrackspurt's infesting my bottle, I sculled down the rest of it.

"I didn't know you were like that, Luna!" GinnyWeasleysaid.

"What do you mean?" Neville asked.

"Luna just sculled down her drink!" Ginnyreplied.

"Sculling contest!" George yelled, and Ginny and Neville pushed me forward to stand next to George, who was to be my opponent. Fred handed me another bottle.

"Ok, are you both ready?" Lee was evidentially playing commentator "Yes? Ok, ready, set… GO!"

With that I lifted my bottle to my lips and downed all of the liquid contained in my bottle. I didn't even bother checking for wrackspurt's! When I opened my eyes again and looked at George, he was still drinking. I had won!

When George finished seconds later, Lee came forward and yelled "Luna Lovegood is the winner!"

Everyone clapped and cheered for me, and it felt like I had friends! It was a very rare thing for me, but these people from all different houses seemed to genuinely like me!

I looked over at George and gave him a small smile, and he smiled back at me.

Then Ron ran over to Georges' side and said to him "Oh my God, George! You lost a sculling contest to a girl!"

"So?" George asked him.

"So… you lost something that you usually win, to a girl." He repeated more slowly, in case Georges' ears were playing up or something.

"Are you questioning my manhood?" George asked.

"No, I'm just saying that you lost a sculling contest. And to Luna!" Ron said.

"So? She won fair and square." George replied, and he smiled at me again.

"But, but usually no one can beat you!" Fred piped up.

"Yeah, no one could beat me before, but I'd never gone against Luna before." George told them both.

"Alright everyone, it's getting late! We should all start heading back to our common rooms." Hermione announced to the disappointment of the DA members.

Slowly, everyone filed out to go back to their common rooms.

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