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A moan escaped her lips and echoed around the room as he kissed his way from her navel up to her mouth. Their lips met and the hot, passionate play of tongues had her weakening even before she realized she was. His hands were expertly racing over, releasing pleasure at every place they chose to linger. Unconsciously, she dragged her leg up his side, her foot sliding over his calf and the back of his thigh, as her knee moved up his side, eliciting a groan from him even as she gasped from the pressure applied by his hands. The books that she'd brought lay spread over the table as one of his hands slid down her side, over her hip and to her knee; from there it began to creep up her thigh at torturously slow pace that had her moaning in impatience and pleasure. Her hand drifted from the back of his neck, where she'd been clinging for dear life, to just above the beginning of his jeans and smoothly made its way upwards, tracing the ridges that brushed against her bare stomach even as they brushed against her again. His lips moved down her neck as his hand continued to creep up her thigh, the trail of it leaving a trail of tingling skin after it. As his mouth came back to hers, a knock echoed on the door and she giggled slightly.

"You'd better get that," she whispered and then let out a soft moan as his mouth moved to behind her ear.

"They can come back later," was his reply as kissed from behind her ear and along her jaw. She tilted her head to the side and felt his hand slide further up her thigh.

"Uh-huh." She whispered and pulled his lips back to hers as the person knocked again, loudly and much more urgently. Groaning, he pulled away from her and glared at the door.

"Troy, its Aidan, have you seen Gabriella?" The sound of her brother's voice had them both flying off his bed and searching for their discarded clothes. Gabriella found Troy's shirt and threw it at him as she fixed her skirt so it sat properly. In return Troy threw Gabriella's shirt at her and began to pack up her books.

"Hold on for second Aidan. I, ah, I've lost something." Troy called through the door and handed Gabriella's books to her, while pointing at his closet. Gabriella shot him a look and he shrugged, before kissing her gently and then pushing her towards it. As Gabriella shut the door to his closet, Aidan walked in and looked at his friend curiously.

"Dude, what took you so long?" He asked and Troy shrugged, spying Gabriella's bag just beside his bed. Moving as inconspicuously as he could, Troy pushed the blue shoulder bag under his bed and prayed that there was no more evidence of Gabriella being in the room.

"I was sort of half-asleep and thought I was imaging you knocking," Troy lied and Aidan looked at him disbelievingly, so Troy hurried on. "So, what's this about Gabriella?" He asked, hoping he came off as casual as he shielded the mess of his bed from his friend.

"Oh, well she said she'd be home at five and its now five-thirty and she hadn't called or anything. I was getting worried." Aidan shrugged and Troy glanced nervously at the clock and saw that his friend was right. 'Oops' he thought.

"Oh. Right. Well, I haven't seen her, have you checked Taylor's?" Troy asked, glancing at his closet nervously when he heard his clothes rustle. Aidan stared at Troy for a moment and Troy had a feeling that he might be dragged off on a search for Gabriella, when Aidan slapped his forehead.

"No! Why didn't I think of Taylor earlier? Dude, you are so much more help than Chad was!" Aidan exclaimed and Troy let out a barely audible sigh of relief.

"Well, your welcome." He said and Aidan grinned at him.

"So, are you still meeting up at the park tonight?" He asked and Troy shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. Wishing slightly that Aidan hadn't asked that question.

"I dunno man, we'll see," Troy said and watched as his friend opened his mouth to protest. "Shouldn't you be looking for your sister?" The question stopped the incessant questioning and reasons why he should come as Aidan nodded grimly.

"When I see her, I'm honestly going to kill her. She knows she's got to call when she's going to be late." Aidan growled, giving Troy the impression of an overprotective father. For a brief moment he wondered who would have been killed first, if Aidan had decided to walk into the room before Troy told him he could come in and he didn't find it pretty.

"Dude, Aidan, Br–Gabriella's seventeen. She's only a year younger than us. I'm pretty sure that she can do what she wants." Troy said with another glance at his closet.

"No, she can't. She doesn't get it! She can't just waltz around without telling anyone, someone has to know where she is!" Aidan exclaimed and Troy raised his eyebrows at his friend.

"I'm pretty sure she gets it," he said without thinking and then grimaced at his words, hoping that Aidan hadn't noticed what he'd said.

"Of course she doesn't. She walks around like she knows all these things, and she's never had experience in life before. She probably hasn't even had-" Troy cut Aidan off before the sentence could be finished, partly because he knew the truth and partly because it was slightly disturbing to hear his girlfriend's brother speaking about what he thought she hadn't done.

"Aidan, shouldn't you be looking for Gabriella instead of going on about her? Go to Taylor's and I'll bet you by the time you get home, she'll be home like the wonderful sister she should be." Heavy sarcasm laced Troy's voice and Aidan stared for a moment, before shrugging.

"Okay, thanks dude. I'll see you at the park later." He left before Troy could remind him that he hadn't said he'd go. As soon as the door shut, his closet door flew open and Gabriella flew out looking frantically for her phone.

"Hey, hey, slow down." Troy caught her before she could trip over his sports bag and pulled her over to his bed and onto his lap. Gabriella struggled for a moment, before taking in a deep breath and thanking whatever higher power was watching over them.

"Oh my God, that was so close." She breathed as she shifted and settled herself comfortably in Troy's lap. He nodded and kissed her forehead.

"I know. Do you have any idea of what I was going to do to you?" Troy asked and then laughed when she hit his shoulder and giggled in mortification.

"Don't go there. I just heard my brother try and say he didn't think I'd had sex yet. I don't think I need to hear what my boyfriend has to say about the subject," she said with an impish grin that had Troy grinning as well.

"Speaking of your brother, don't you think you'd better pre-warn your best friend that he's heading to her place to try and find you?" Troy asked and Gabriella shook her head.

"Nah, if you give me my phone I'll be able to call him and tell him that I won't be home for a little while yet. Are we still doing the pizza and movie thing tonight?" She asked, rubbing a finger across his jaw and finding that he had a days worth of stubble. Combining the shadow of the stubble, the fact his hair was messy, thanks to her roaming hands and his lack of brushes, and those blue eyes that stopped people in their tracks, it was no wonder he had every girl in the school swooning over him. Mix that with his roguish personality, throw in one heck of a body and you had the delectable package of Troy Bolton.

"Sure. I didn't want to go to the park anyway, I'd much rather stay and interest myself in exactly what I can do to your ear when your watching a movie." He replied, demonstrating by nuzzling her ear and causing her to squeal. Confirming her thought that the best thing about Troy Bolton was he was completely hers.

"Alright, can I have my phone? Just don't do anything while I'm talking to my brother." She warned as Troy leaned over and plucked her phone from his bedside table. Handing it to her, he rested his chin on her shoulder and watched as she scrolled through her contacts and found her brother's number. Holding it up to her ear, Gabriella looked at Troy who grinned at her. Leaning forward slightly, she placed her lips gently on his and enjoyed the gentleness in the kiss before she heard her brother's voice.

"Aidan? Um, can you tell Mom that I'm having dinner at Taylor's? I'll be home by curfew." She said and frowned when Aidan spoke again. Troy kissed her shoulder gently as he watched her.

"What? No, I'm not coming home. I'm having dinner where I am and watching a movie, deal with it. I'm not three Aidan and you're not Dad. Deal with that too while your at it." She snapped and Troy's tightened his arms around her instinctively as her tone turned angry. "Goodbye brother." Gabriella hung up before Aidan could respond with anything, throwing her phone on Troy's bed, she took deep breaths as she tried to calm herself down.

"You okay Brie?" Troy asked quietly and she looked at him. Shifting, Gabriella curled herself in his lap so she could settle her head in the crook of his neck.

"He's not Dad Troy, he can't just expect me to obey him," she said quietly after a moment and Troy rubbed her back gently. "Sometimes it's like he doesn't care about me, its all about him. He's trying to be responsible, he's trying to help Mom. He's trying to smother me. Honestly, I can't go anywhere without being interrogated about it and when he finds out about us, God, I don't even want to imagine what's that going to be like." Gabriella shuddered slightly and Troy kissed her nose gently.

"Well, we have to tell him soon. I mean, a guy can only lie to his best friend about how hot his sister is so many times." Troy said firmly and Gabriella giggled at his words, kissing his neck she felt better as he continued to hold her tightly.

She knew for a fact that if her mother, her brother and herself hadn't moved to Albuquerque when they had, she would have either strangled her brother or moved out of the house. Troy was the one thing that had kept her sane ever since she had came out of her room and met him, along with the other friends her brother had made. Troy had been the only one of her brother's friends that hadn't ignored her completely, instead he'd followed her into the kitchen and struck up a conversation as she'd made coffee. He'd been polite, funny and mischievous and she'd slowly come to like the tall blue-eyed boy that her brother had befriended on his first day at East High. That was until she'd discovered that she hadn't slowly begun to like him, she'd fallen for him. She'd then found it increasingly difficult to avoid someone who seemed to be every where she turned, whether at school or in her own home. She'd taken to avoiding him, because she knew that her brother would kill Troy, even if he didn't feel the way she did which she'd thought was highly possible, until the day he'd come over, knowing perfectly well that she was the only one home and kissed her, informed her that he liked her and whether she liked it or not, she was now his girlfriend, even if no-one agreed with their relationship. Even now, after nearly half a year of being together, Gabriella still found it ironic that the one person she wanted to kill had brought her the one person she couldn't seem to live without.

"So, what movies are we watching?" She asked suddenly and Troy hid the relief he felt when he heard her voice return to the happy tone it usually held. Running a hand through her tumbling brown curls, which were slowly growing back to the length it had been when he'd first met her, Troy looked at her innocent face and still found it as beautiful as the first time he'd met her. The sparkling brown eyes, high cheekbones and tempting mouth were etched into his memory so when he hadn't seen her in a while he could still conjure her image in his minds eye.

"Anything, even a chick flick if we must," he said and her eyes lit up at his uncalled for surrender.

"Alright, I was going to suggest 'The Bourne Supremacy' but a chick flick will be just as good." Gabriella tried to bait him into a response and was taken aback when Troy kissed.

"Brie, I'll watch 'The Notebook' as long as I'm watching it with you." He said and Gabriella blushed as he looked at her with the amount of love in his eyes, she still hadn't adjusted too. Brushing a hand through his already messy hair, she kissed him again.

"I like this mood," she said softly and Troy shrugged.

"Good, because I like this mood too." He said before sweeping her up in the air and walking out of his room, causing Gabriella to giggle madly and cling to his neck as they fell on the couch in front of his television. Brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, Troy kissed along her jaw line before looking at her properly.

"Brie?" He asked softly and she looked at him with a grin. "You know I love you right?" He said and Gabriella's grin softened into a smile as she reached up and touched his face.

"Uh-huh. You know I love you too right?" She replied and he nodded. Reaching into his pocket, Troy pulled out the necklace he'd been carrying around for the past week and a half and prayed she didn't see it. Sitting up, he pulled Gabriella up with him.

"Yep. Now, face the kitchen please. I have something for you," Troy commanded and Gabriella sent him an inquisitive look before obeying him. Taking a deep breath, Troy undid the clasp and lifted the necklace over her head. He settled it around her neck and managed to do up the clasp without catching her hair in it. He knew that Gabriella was staring at it in disbelief and hoped that she liked it.

Gabriella touched the T that now hung around her neck and smiled softly. Leaning back against him, Gabriella tilted her head up so she could look at him clearly.

"T as in Troy?" She asked softly and he shrugged.

"Well, uh…yeah." He replied uncertainly and Gabriella laughed as she leaned up and kissed him. Troy smiled against her lips, before he pulled away and she turned so she had a better angle to kiss him from. When her lips met his again, Troy pushed her down onto the couch and moved over her. Gabriella's hand lifted to his face as her mouth opened to allow his tongue in. Neither heard the door open and close and if they did, both thought it was his father who would see them and leave them be. Neither was prepared for what happened next.

"What the hell?" Troy flew off Gabriella as soon as he heard the first letter from Aidan's mouth. Gabriella sat up, her expression horrified as they looked at Aidan who looked murderous.

"A-Aidan, what are you doing here?" Gabriella stammered, standing up and reaching for Troy's hand, praying that it gave her some strength.

"I came to see Troy. Vent some of my anger, what are you doing here, doing that?" He spat back and Troy frowned at him, shifting Gabriella behind him slightly.

"She's here because we were going to spend tonight eating pizza and watching a movie and she was kissing me because she's my girlfriend." Troy replied calmly, already deciding that if Aidan tried anything he would knock him out before he even reached Gabriella. The news that Gabriella was his girlfriend, seemed to immobilize Aidan and he stared at the two of them in complete shock.

"No. She's not." Aidan said after a moment, forcing every word out of his mouth as he watched his sister shift closer to his friend, grip his arm with her other hand and rest her mouth of the back of it, her eyes wide and frightened.

"Yes she is. She's my girlfriend Aidan," Troy said and Aidan's face contorted with fury as he looked at the two of them.

"Gabriella, your coming home. Go and get into the car." He snapped and Gabriella shook her head vigorously.

"No. Mom said I can stay here." She knew she sounded like a small, stubborn child but there was absolutely no way she was getting into the car with her brother and getting yelled at for doing nothing wrong.

"No she didn't, she would have told me." Aidan snapped, his hands curling into fists that Troy kept a wary eye on as Gabriella shook her head again.

"No she wouldn't. She knew you'd blow up like this and she didn't want you to do that. Mom knows I'm going out with Troy Aidan, she's known since the beginning." Gabriella said quietly and even Troy looked at her in surprise.

"She did?" Troy asked and Gabriella looked at him and nodded again.

"Uh-huh. She's known since our second date. She came home and saw us in your car," Gabriella said and Troy grinned sheepishly as he remembered the extra long good night kiss he'd given her.

"Oh." He said and for a moment the tension in the room had left, as Troy looked at Gabriella.

"If Mom knew why didn't she tell me?" Aidan snarled and the two looked at him, Gabriella moved out of Troy's protective shadow slightly and looked at her brother carefully.

"Because she knew that I was happy and she knew that you being you, would go into insane overprotective mode and try and kill one of your best friends." She replied, finally seeing that Aidan was struggling with two emotions. Complete and utter rage at being fooled into thinking that his sister wasn't involved with anyone at all and finding out she was involved with one of his best friends and a purely brotherly instinct that told him to back off and destroy all the false pretences he'd created about her. It would be interesting to see which one won.

"Gabriella, get in the car!" Aidan suddenly shouted and Gabriella closed her eyes.

"No. Stop trying to protect me Aidan, all your doing is making me unhappy! Can't you see that? Can't you see that I'm happy here? Can't you see that the reason I'm so happy is because of Troy?" Gabriella asked brokenly and Aidan just stared at the two of them.

"Get away from my sister." He snapped at Troy and then watched as Troy pulled Gabriella back behind him.

"No. Stop trying to protect her Aidan. It's not helping." Troy said quietly and Aidan stared at the two of them for a moment longer. Then, without another word spoken, he walked out. Slamming the door so hard Troy winced when he heard the glass tinkle as it spilled to the floor. Hearing Gabriella let out a soft sob when they heard Aidan's car speed away, Troy ignored the broken glass and turned to his girlfriend, without a word he wrapped an arm around her neck, his hand tangling in her hair as she pressed close to him and sobbed into the crook of his elbow, just wanting for her brother to accept.

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