Boys Of Summer

By - FearlessDranzer

Nobody on the road
Nobody on the beach
I feel it in the air
The summer's out of reach
Empty lake, empty streets
The sun goes down alone
I'm drivin' by your house
Though I know you're not at home

Chapter 1 - Summer's Reach

Oh jeez! He's here! For Christ sake why today? I'm still in my pajamas, haven't brushed my teeth or my hair… I mean come on! Murphy's Law. Screw Murphy's Law! Fuck that shit!

Come on, he's coming in the kitchen now? Since when has he come in the kitchen!?

Uh-Oh, here he is. Act cool Sora, just eat your cereal and don't talk! Any time you talk you manage to screw everything up.

"Hey Sora. How's it going?" NO! Save me cereal!

I shrug my shoulder and keep staring at my cereal, trying to hide the blush from my face. My insides are all tight; they're always like that when he's here. I don't really get what happened next but I kept eating my cereal and ignoring him, but he sat down right across from me at the table.

That bastard! The nerve! At my very own table! Don't even get me started.

I'll explain some things to make this easier to understand. I'm Sora Heart. I have an older brother named Cloud who is a high school senior (just graduated), and an older twin brother named Roxas. We all have similar hair shape (except for when Roxas has his gelled differently) and eyes. Not me, I have brown spiky hair, and gray blue eyes not cerulean. Even my mother looks nothing like me, she's also blonde haired and blue eyed. So as you can probably guess, I get hell. I am the average brother, always hidden behind the other two.

I wasn't the cutest, most exotic, tallest, smartest or athletic. I'm nothing. I can play guitar, but I'm mediocre at best. I was my father's favorite, but he's dead now. So honestly, I have nothing going for me. I don't stand out in anyway. And that's why right now, my life sucks.

Do you want to know why?

I'm in love with my big brother's boyfriend.

Obsessed, infatuated, those will work too.

I want him so badly it hurts. I can't sleep anymore or eat without thinking about him. I daydream about him all the time and I love every goddamned minute of it. Whether it's sex on the beach or in Cloud's bed or just eating ice cream, every minute is bliss. It's making me go crazy just thinking about the daydreams.

OK, you might call this crazy or a sick obsession or maybe even puppy love but let me tell you something.

I'm tired of being 'my little brother Sora'; I'm going to crush Cloud. I will get Riku. If he just comes around he'll love me like I love him.

I'm not going to give up on this or let Cloud win. For once I'm going to do something for myself and get what I want. And I want Riku. Is any of this creepin' you out? Good. I'm not usually like this.

The first step in stealing Riku away is to make him notice me. And the only way he'll notice me is if I start to flirt or something… OK so I'm not sure how to get his attention. That's why I'm going to tell Kairi. I'm going to tell her everything and I know she'll understand. She has to right?

But back to the present situation. The sex god himself was sitting at my kitchen table. And he was staring at me. Staring at me! Maybe I should look up at him? I can't I'm too nervous!

Feet came padding down the hallway and I looked up to see Roxas. Thank god its just Roxas. If it were Cloud I'd probably kill myself. My twin knows me really well or at least he thinks he does. He's gay too, just like my big brother Cloud. And just like Cloud he has a boyfriend, Axel. He's gorgeous too but he's nothing compared to Riku.

"Hey Riku! What's up?" Roxas pulled out the chair next to mine and sat down, that means he's sitting to the left of Riku. Yes, I do notice those things.

"Nothing, just waiting for your lazy bum of a brother to get his ass down here." Riku leaned back in his chair and shifted his attention over to Roxas. This meant I could now stare at him unnoticed! Yes! Nice one Roxas.

"He's probably not even awake, ten o'clock on a Saturday morning… he doesn't get up till at least one." Roxas replied staring at his own reflection in the table glass, trying to fix his hair. Unlike Cloud, and mine all his spikes are gelled to the right, to give him that dumb emo hair.

"Nah, I called him earlier and woke him up. He can't get back to sleep after he's woken up." I wanted to yell out 'How do you know? Have you slept with him?' Some how I held it in. "We were supposed to be at the beach this morning, an hour ago. I guess not. Cloud you're such an ass." Riku groaned. I know for a fact how much Riku adores the ocean; he can't stay away from it.

"I wish you wouldn't talk about my ass in from of Roxas and little Sora. You might hurt their poor virgin minds." Cloud said in sultry voice as he slipped into the room. He sat down on Riku's lap and kissed his lips with an audible smack.

I wanted to strangle something, but I settled for stabbing my Lucky Charms instead.

Roxas mumbled under his breath. "We know who's not a virgin here." Sora knew this wasn't a jab at him but at their older brother, Cloud, who had a reputation for sleeping around.

"You're right, we do you little whore." Cloud replied. Cloud may have a reputation but we all knew Roxas had sex with Axel when he was fourteen. Roxas sneered at Cloud and Cloud only smirked back, happy for such a reaction. "So that means the only real virgin here is poor little Sora. He's a virgin in every sense of the word."

Now it was personal. Roxas could handle his own and didn't like me interfering in his fights, but my fights with Cloud were never so… heroic. Cloud liked to see me cry. But Riku was here and I wouldn't let him see me cry. "You've never been kissed right Sora? Or had a boyfriend or girlfriend. And you've never been fu--" I punched that fucking bastard square in the jaw. Hurt my hand bad in the process too. I don't even remember getting up and running over to where he sat on Riku's lap.

He'd had it coming to him but I knew in an instant that I had just crossed the line. I punched him in his face in front of his sexy-as-hell boyfriend. It was a bad thing to do even without the boyfriend there; I was in trouble.

I turned around and ran. I'm pretty short, only five foot seven, compared to Cloud's six foot two, I was screwed. I got as far as the living room before I was caught. Damn these small strides and enclosed spaces. He grabbed me by the legs, pulling them out from underneath me and I went down heavy. I smacked my chin against the ground with a bone-jarring thud and I was in shock for a moment before I made a grab for the table.

I tried to pull myself away but he grabbed me by the belt loops and hauled be back. He pulled me back and had his arm raised to hit me and someone grabbed his arm. I'll tell you the truth, with all my heart I wished it were Riku who had grabbed his arm, but it was Roxas instead. Roxas came to my rescue and I'm happy about that but…

A pair of strong arms hauled me away and picked me up. I was cradled close to a chest and then I was leaned back against the couch. This time I knew it was Riku.

Oh my hero! You may kiss the Princess now! But I was in too much of a daze to do too much kissing.

Riku had his face in mine and he was waving a hand at Roxas. "Roxas, I don't think your brother's feeling too good. He looks out of it."

"For Christ sake Cloud, act your own age." Roxas said as he pushed Cloud away and went over to look at me.

Riku was staring at me really hard and I started to think about kissing those lips of his. And I was starting to feel some reaction from all my daydreaming. Shit. I need to get out of here.

I jumped up and pushed Riku away, I swayed a little, I was still slightly out of it and I ran out the front door. I didn't stop till halfway down the block when I rounded the corner. I heard Roxas yelling after me but I didn't yell back. I just kept on walking.

It was horribly warm out yet I still shivered at the thought of Riku's hands on my body. I felt my jaw where it had hit the floor, it was pretty sore and slightly swollen but it probably wouldn't bruise. I pulled up my pants too cause they were hanging pretty low from Cloud's yanking, either way they were pretty low. They were Roxas' and his shorts were bigger than mine. He had girl hips.

And he had a strange fashion sense, he's dating the king of punks at Destiny High and yet he dresses in all Hollister. How in the world did Axel meet him? Well apparently they like the same bands, go figure.

The shorts I stole from his draw were plaid Hollister shorts that were so low on my hips they showed my blue boxers. The shirt was actually mine, an old Ataris t-shirt. It was tight on me but not skin tight, just enough to show off my chest. Not that there was too much to show off. I had an old pair of Vans on they were black and white checkers but so dirty that the white was yellow. I still love them though. And I had a necklace Kairi made for me out of shells.

My fashion sense is like a mix between my brothers, Hollister meets Hot Topic. Cloud loves leather, and it looks hot on him but not so nice on me. It would probably be drop dead sexy on Roxas but he refuses to wear leather. But I can say that I have found some leather pants in his draw that are definitely not his size… more like Axel's. I tend to wear a mix of both, stealing whatever clothes fit me.

Anyway, Kairi doesn't live that far from me, about ten houses down, two away from Tidus and next door to Riku, the love of my life. I walked up the front walk, my head too lost in its own thoughts to pay attention to how beautiful the days was.

I rang the doorbell and Kairi's mom answered. She's the perfect mother; aging gracefully and always knows how to make someone comfortable. She seems to understand the type of relationship Kairi and I have. I love her, but only as a sister.

She sent me upstairs to Kairi's room and asked me if I was going to stay for lunch, I answered her honestly and said I didn't know. As was my custom, I knocked on Kairi's door and opened it before she could even say anything.

She looked up not at all surprised to see me here. "What took you so long to get up here silly?"

She must have recognized the look on my face or maybe she just understood the mood I was in. "What's the matter Sora?" She closed her magazine and sat up, patting the bed and motioning that I should sit next to her.

I did and just sat there for a while staring at my hands. She sat there too staring up at her ceiling.



"I'm in love with Riku."

She looked over at me in shock. And I hid my face in my hands ready to have her yell 'faggot' at me among other things.

"Isn't that Cloud's boyfriend?"

Wait. So she's shock that I'm in love with my older brother's boyfriend and not at the fact that I just said I was gay. Bizarre. I rolled over onto my back and uncovered my face. "Yeah."

"Sora, I'm glad you've told me thi--" Kairi was cut off mid-sentence when Tidus came barreling out of her closet.

"Dude! Why didn't you tell me this? I thought we were friends? Not that I hadn't already guessed or anything…." Tidus fumed, his arms crossed and his head cocked to one side.

"Wait, you guessed that Sora liked Riku?"

"No, Kairi! I guessed he was gay."

"You didn't guess that! I told you that's what I thought!"

"Same difference."

"No it's not!"

"Wait-- Kairi you told Tidus you thought I was gay?"

"You know what Kairi? Your mom! That's what."

"Ok-- Tidus stop acting immature, Sora yes I told him I thought you were. I'm sorry; I didn't mean it in an offensive way. It was kind of like a hypothesis in chemistry. It was just a guess."

"It's OK Kairi, I'm not really made at you."

"Speak for yourself Sora!"

"So you guys are cool with it? You aren't freaked out or anything?"

Kairi smiled, "We've had a while to get used to it between you and your brothers."

Tidus jumped at me and straddled my waist giving me a nuggie. "It's cool Sora."

Kairi pushed Tidus off me and held me in a tight hug that Tidus also joined. "Gay moment!" He yelled. And I couldn't help but look at him and laugh. He was so accepting and unbiased towards me that I was surprised. Sure I'd never asked him on his opinion or anything and wasn't really planning on telling him but…

"So, Sora did you ever think I was cute?" Tidus asked.

Kairi hit him on the head and I answered him truthfully. "I think you're about as cute as I think Cloud is smart."

"Oh that was cold Sora."

Kairi ignore Tidus and gave me a reassuring smile. "But why are you telling me this now?"

I shifted my hands and stared at them even as I couldn't keep the blush off my face. "Well, I told you. I really like Riku. I mean really like."

"Does Roxas know?" She asked.

"I'm not sure."

"What about Cloud?" Tidus added in.

"No, thank god. I'd probably be dead by now."

"Most likely."

"Thanks Tidus. Anyway, I was hoping you guys could help me…"

"Help you make him fall in love with you?" Kairi exclaimed jumping at the chance.

"Um… yeah." I said, my blush grew even more pronounced against my tan skin.

"Alright! This is going to be awesome! We'll start right now! What do you think?"

"I don't think it's going to work."

"Tidus you jackass! Shut up! He didn't mean it Sora."

"No, I think he's right. I don't think Riku would ever leave Cloud for me. I'm just not good enough." I sighed.

"No Sora! Don't think that. You can definitely win him over. Come on look at you! You're a cute boy with a really nice personality."

"Yeah Sora, you have a nicer personality than your brother for sure."

"And a really nice ass!"

"Oh… um thank you?"

"We're going to use that nice ass to our advantage!"

"Oh god please stop talking about his ass. It's seriously freaking me out."

"Stop complaining Tidus!" Kairi reprimanded. "Now, like I said before, we're going to start right away. Isn't there a party going on at Leon's house tonight?"

"Yeah." Tidus replied.

"I don't think Cloud knows a Leon."

"Trust me Cloud knows Leon. And he and Riku will be at that party tonight. Leon's parties are infamous and Cloud wouldn't miss one for his life. So we're going to that party tonight."

"Wait, Kai we can't get in, it's for seniors only." Tidus moaned.

"That doesn't mean we can't crash it right Sora?"

"Umm.. I guess not. Axel and Roxas will probably go…"

"So what? Admit it Roxas probably already knows, he knows you better than you know yourself!"

"I'm gunna have to agree with Kai on that one Sora."

"Ok already! So we'll go to the party tonight. But what are we going to do to get Riku's attention? This'll never work…"

"Well duh! We've got to dress you so you catch his eye! We'll probably have something that'll look good."

"He won't fit in my clothes, he's too tiny."

"There's always mine!"

"Oh Jesus."

It took us about three hours but we finally found an outfit that would work. But we still had hours to kill till the party at eight. So we picked out Tidus' outfit. Because apparently according to Kairi he was going to have to be eye catching too. Yeah, I'm just as worried as you are.

Kairi sent us both home to shower and have dinner and all that great crap, which is why I'm climbing the tree in the back of my house. I will not take the risk that Riku and or Cloud will catch me when I come n the door.

I pulled myself up to the middle branches, level with my second floor bedroom window, and worked my way to the end of branch to the window. I leaned over and carefully kept my balance with my insane ninja skills. Then I lifted up the never-locked-window and grabbed a hold of the sill.

I swung myself over and managed to pull myself in with a lot of work.

"You're back"

"Oh Shit."

"No, it's just me." Roxas said.

I just sat on the floor below the window and glared at him.

"Ok, so I didn't exactly stick up for you back there and I'm sorry. I didn't know it would go so far. But I should have figured considering Riku was there."

"What would Riku have anything to do with it?"

"Besides the fact that you're obsessed with him?"

"I'm not ob--"

"Don't lie to me. Anyone who knows you well enough would know how you feel. You never talk around him, are never in the same room as him and you never look at him. You're never shy when it comes to people. And Riku, you can't even look in the face." Roxas replied, sitting down next to me.

"Am I really that obvious?"

"Not to Cloud or Riku. Everyone just thinks you don't care for Riku. But I know."

"What do you think?"

"I think if you want it you should take it."

"I know."

"Are you going to that party tonight? Axel and I are and so are Cloud and Riku."

"Yeah, Tidus and Kairi are coming with me. I told them…"

"Good. You should tell them things; they're your best friends. So what did Kairi come up with?"

"I'm not sure, I just know it involves Tidus and myself."

"What are you going to wear?"

"She's already got my outfit picked out."

"Don't think I'm going to let you out of the house without helping."

"I'm kinda worried about that."

"Don't be." Roxas looked at me with those blue eyes that were pure enough to pass for cerulean. I couldn't help but think that if I looked like him, I'd have no problem winning over Riku. He grabbed my chin making sure I was looking him right in the face. "I'm going to make you look like a wet dream. You'll be every rapist deepest desire. He won't know what hit him." I could feel my eyes start to tear up. It's always been a dream of mine to look like I want someone to rape me. Thanks, Roxas, thanks a lot! Roxas leaned in and kissed me on the corner of my lips. He kissed me on the eyelids and whispered in my ear. "If he doesn't get a hard on from looking at you, he'd have to be straight."

I laughed but I shivered at the thought. Riku, in that situation because of me. I licked my lips and tasted Roxas on them. I looked at him and he smiled, a seductive smirk of full lips.

"Do you really think so?"

"Trust me, and if you don't catch him staring, come find me. We'll make him stare. And don't worry about Cloud." I nodded. "I'm going to call Kairi."

"Uh-Oh not more crazy plots." I said with a fake roll of my eyes.

"Yes, more crazy plots." He said with a laugh. "I'll call Kairi, you take a shower and everything." I nodded again.

"And don't look so worried. This'll work." Roxas planted one last kiss on my forehead before standing up and pulling me with him. "When you get out we'll work on this. Now go take a bath or something… you smell."

"No I don't!

"You might not, but those are my shorts and they haven't been washed in a while…"

"Ew. Your sweaty shorts touching my legs!"

"Some people would give money to be in your situation! You don't appreciate me!"

"Pul-ease." I said.

One long shower and several even longer hours later….

That so far, has been my day. Really interesting right? Don't overestimate me! Two of those hours were spent sitting outside Roxas' room and listening to his and Kairi's conversation. Another three spent in front of the play station and about an hour spent outside on a walk. Where does the time go?

At around six thirty Roxas found me, attacked, and dragged my unconscious body into the dark hole he calls a room. Ok… so I wasn't unconscious, but I was definitely dragged.

Roxas pushed be down onto his bed and started going through his draws.

"Kairi already gave me the info on the outfit. I'm just here to supply the things she doesn't have."

"Please, Lord Jesus, if I make it through toni---"

"Shut the fuck up. You're going to love every minute of it."

I grumbled but didn't say anything else for fear of my life.

Roxas turned around after a few minutes of rummaging with a wicked grin on his face. Instantly I wished I'd finished that prayer.

"Here put this on." Roxas threw a ball of string my way. I held it up, realized what it was, shrieked and threw it in the closet. Yes exactly in that order in about the span of a minute. I know I'm quite mature. No, I didn't shriek like a little girl! It was a dignified… yelp.

"With the pants you're wearing you need to wear a thong, or at least briefs or something. You can't wear boxers for the rest of your life."

"I can so!"

"Don't argue with me on this."

"Some people think boxers are sexy!"

"Fine be an asshole. Don't do what I tell you.'

"I'll do everything else but wear that… that! No guy wears a thong… at least no self-respecting guy. Why do you have on anyway?"

"Axel likes them." Roxas replied in almost a whine.

"I don't care."

Roxas huffed, "Well, be a jerk then! What do I care if Riku had looked over at the thong peaking out of your pants and got a strong desire to kiss you!"

I pouted and refused to say anything else. I wasn't stupid. I had won the battle but I hadn't won the war. I knew well enough to quit while I was ahead.

"Come here" he said with a wave as he searched through his shelves.

"What now?" I asked warily.


I groaned but realized this was necessary. Besides this fight I wouldn't win; Roxas was an adamant believer in eyeliner.

Roxas lifted a black eyeliner pencil and moved my lower eyelid down. He traced the rim with a concentrated look on his face. He went light with the eyeliner on the bottom, but on the top… he just caked it on. And don't get me wrong, he didn't stop there. He 'accentuated' the tilt of my eyes (thanks to my Asian heritage) with a thick black pencil. But I didn't look like a raccoon or like I'd just been punched in the face.

Then he put some gray eye shadow on, lightly, to stop my eyes from looking too stormy. Last, lip-gloss was applied, a cherry flavor. And damn did it taste good. Roxas had to reapply it about seven times before he gave up.

"I'll right you pain in the ass, you're done."

"You mean it, I'm free!?"

"No, you still have hair."


"Yeah, I know! I have nothing to work with!"

I huffed and whirled around; I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and had to stop. I looked like a totally different person; my eyes were large and even seductive looking with their half-lids. My pouting lips were shiny and kiss-able. It wasn't really me, but it was.

"I know," Roxas, said from behind me, "it's a big difference."

I nodded and Roxas sat me down in a chair to try and make my hair look respectable. He got out the industrial size hair spray and set to work trying to create a hole in the ozone. He sprayed the shit out of my hair and it still had trouble staying down.

Finally he succeeded, he had emptied half of the can but his masterpiece was done. I admired my hair in front of the mirror and was even more amazed than before. MY hair was hell to deal with, and now… it looks respectable. He'd matted the front down to my head to create bangs that framed my face and spiked out the rest to create a proverbial halo.

Riku was a good as dead.

Roxas saw the smirk on my face and laughed, instantly knowing what I was thinking of. "Come on, you gotta get dressed you screw up." He pulled me up from the chair and pushed me out his bedroom door.

"You're not coming?" I asked.

"No, I still have to get ready. Oh! Crap I almost forgot shoes…" He ran to his closet and started pulling out clothes. "Ah ha! Here, take these and put them on." He threw a pair of Vans at me.

"I have these shoes."

"Yeah, but yours are dirty and Riku says he likes these shoes. He told me so." I shrugged, what did I care, there were just a pair of checked Vans. Nothing special to me. "Get going!"

"Alright alright!" I threw slipped on Roxas shoes and left the house, sneaking out past Cloud sleeping on the couch. I know, my ninja skills are amazing.

I arrived at Kairi's house a few minutes later. I didn't even have to ring the bell, she threw the door open and yanked me in.

"Jeez Kairi."

"We have to hurry, we don't have much time! Oh! Roxas is good." Kairi said as she scrutinized me with a knowing eye. I blushed and she just smiled.

We took the stairs two at a time and I ended up being dragged most of the way. Fun.

Tidus was already there, waiting and dressed. He had a pair of dark jeans; they were tight but not tight enough to look like girl pants. His shirt was just a t-shirt with some band on it. Blond hair was spiked up behind his head and he stared when he saw me.

He chose not to say anything. Good, I wouldn't know what to say back.

"Quick go put these clothes on in the bathroom." She threw some clothes at me and pushed me out the door. Jeez, what is it throw-clothes-at-Sora-and-push-him-around day? I must have missed the memo.

I sulked the whole way down the hallway and while putting my clothes on. The outfit was surprisingly enough, very simple. A pair of tight girl-emo pants. And they were tight. Unfortunately, thanks to my lack of hips and ass, it sagged down revealing a good inch of blue boxers. Oh well, maybe Riku would think that was sexy. The shirt was, like Tidus' a white band shirt. It was tight. And it was totally different than the shirt we had decided on earlier. I didn't even have any clue who the band was, but the white made my sun-tanned skin look even darker.

I examined my reflection in the mirror and I didn't even recognize myself, it was disheartening. I didn't want Riku to be attracted to what I wasn't, but who I really was had never caught his attention. So this was it. My chance to shine and win him over to my side. The Dark Side. Haha… just kidding. I hope.

My brother wouldn't be the top dog anymore. I'd have his boy toy (sorry Riku) and I'll have gotten him back for all the times he's hurt me. Wow, don't think I'm like that. I'm not just after Riku because he's my brother's boyfriend… that's just an added plus.

I can't lose right? I'm a sexy, cute, Japanese, teenage boy. What more could you want? My almond eyes, pouty lips and great backside. I'm a dream come true. Right? At least I think I am.

But if I'm so good looking how come I've never had a date? Or been kissed? Ahh…. Jeez here comes the self-doubting.

There was a knock on the door and I heard Kairi's muffled voice. "Hurry Sora, Cloud and Riku just arrived at the party!"

"How do you know?" I yelled back.

"Oh, I have my ways." Translation, Roxas told her.

"Ok, I'm ready."

I unlocked the door and stepped out from behind it shyly. Kairi gasped and clapped her hands. "Ohmigosh!" She squealed. "Omigosh! Your so….. Ohmigosh!" I blushed and looked down at my feet. For all my big talk, I'm really just a nice guy.

"I guess it's that good."

"And more! Poor Riku!" Kairi laughed. Poor Riku? Poor me.

End Chapter

Arty - OK, yes! Quite random and different from my other stories. But hey everyone needs to breakaway sometimes right? Well I hope you enjoy this story. It was inspired by, the Ataris' 'Boys of Summer' and Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend'.

If you noticed, Sora is a little crazy… he goes from extremes very quickly. He has no confidence and he's trying very hard to change himself. This story will have an underlying theme, it won't just be a happy go lucky story. It'll deal with accepting yourself for who you are and believing in yourself. It's also proves that you don't need to have a boyfriend to love you if you have other people.