Short history of Hellywood after Hamdo's death.

Shortly after Hamdo's death, the survivors of Hellywood began to rebuild their lives. Those from Zadi Bars built a sea side town on the northern coast of their island and began building ships from metal and wood taken from Hellywood's super structure. At the same time, however, the military elite from Hellywood who survived began attempts to rebuild their nation. They gathered all the military machines from Hellywood and all the troops who were willing (and some who weren't) together and clamed all the land around where Hellywood collapsed to be their territory. New Zadi Bars felt threatened by this, and this fear allowed a militant group, led by the former followers of Elamba, to seize control of the city and turn into a military state. They turned away Hellywood refugees, including woman and children who had been victims of Hamdo's cruelty.

Sara tried her best to restore New Zadi Bars to its rightful leaders and to convince people to allow former Hellywood soldiers and slaves to live amongst them, but the militia group vilified her, called her a Hellywood whore who was carrying a Hellywood bastard child, and that if it had really been forced on her, like she claimed, she would have an abortion and get rid of the little bastard.

Crying in shame and dismay, Sara fled the town with sympathetic townspeople who believed as she did and began a new village in the center of the island. Finding a good place on top of a large hill, Sara and her followers began construction of a little village that would be called Crestview, after her home town on earth. Soon, the village swelled in numbers as people from Hellywood began moving in, and people from New Zadi Bars, upset by the way things were being run, came to join her. It was very hard to keep up with everyone coming in, and with few building materials, they were forced to live in large tents. There were some buildings made out of stone and clay, but they were mostly public buildings for storing food, or schools, hospitals, and places for the leaders to discuss business.

Soon, however as the food supply began to go down all across the island, Crestview became the number one supplier of food for Zadi Bars and Hellywood alike. Both nations depended on Crestview's food, so Sara was able to keep them in check by threatening to cut off all food supplies to anyone who started an armed conflict. She hated supplying food to Hellywood, but as far as she knew Hellywood hadn't done anything to deserve their food being cut off. They mainly stuck to themselves for the most part.

Abelia stayed at Hellywood for about a month trying to find a way for Hellywood and Zadi Bars survivors to come together and form one nation. But the military elite would have nothing of it, and threw Abelia out of Hellywood. She went to Zadi Bars where she wasn't welcome and then went with Sara and helped create Crestview. But Abelia was never at ease with Sara's people and always considered their pacifism to be a weakness. When Hellywood began rearming itself, Abelia tried to convince Sara that they needed a defense force, but Sara refused to listen. When Sara did this, Abelia led a small group of people, former Hellywood soldiers who had left Hellywood with her and a few Zadi Bars people who wanted to follow her, out of Crestview and started an insurgent group to keep an eye on Hellywood and Zadi Bars, but mostly to protect Crestview from possible attack. They made it clear to Hellywood and Zadi Bars that if they ever attacked Crestview, they would have to get through them first. Abelia's soldiers were the best in the world at guerilla warfare. They were very hard to find, because their headquarters was in the rocky lands on the eastern part of the island.

Tabool lived though the Hellywoods collapse and continues to serve Hellywood. He is a normal foot soldier but has ambitions of being a high ranking soldier some day, and of taking of Hellywood from the stuffy old men who controlled it now.

Zadi Bars has become very rich by trading by ship with other far of islands and settling close by islands that have trees growing on them. They are the only trees nearby so they are extremely valuable.

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Because ten billion

Year's time is so fragile,

So ephemeral…

It arouses such a


Almost heartbreaking fondness.

Sara tossed in her sleep, unable to find a conferrable position in a bed filled with children. One of her children, Rachelle, was kicking her in the chest in her sleep which caused Sara great amounts of pain. Sara turned and faced the other way, but now she was face to face with six year old Turine, with his thumb stuck into his mouth, and his teeth grinding as he slept.

With a loud sigh, Sara carefully took the covers off and tried to get out of bed without waking the kids. Sometimes she would step on one of their little hands or legs, and they'd wake up screaming and wake all the others up.

It was hard enough getting them to sleep at all. All of them, including Sara, suffered from nightmares which haunted them almost nightly. Rachelle dreamed about soldiers chasing after her in the dark, calling out her name and cursing her. When they caught her, they would throw her in a dark room with Sis's decomposing body and leave her there alone in the dark.

She was the only child who would tell Sara about her dream in detail though. Turine and the other children were too afraid to tell her about them and were many times too afraid to sleep.

As she walked over to the water bucket, a little girl who had stumbled into the compound a few days before grabbed her by the seem of her pants and tugged.

Sara looked down at the little girl and smiled. The girl was maybe four years old and was obviously a Hellywood survivor because of the tan cloths that she wore. She hadn't said a word since coming here but the look on her face said everything. Her eyes always wandered around, dazed, confused, alone.

"Yes? What is it?"

The girl looked up at her with her crystal blue eyes and tried to smile. "Wa-water." They were the first words Sara had ever heard her say.

"You want some water too?"

The girl nodded her head once and tried smiling again, but again she failed.

"Well, come on then. We'll get some water together."

Sara bent over and lifted the girl into her arms. She was surprisingly light for a four year old; she couldn't have weighed more than forty pounds.

The water bucket was outside their tent so Sara bundled the little girl in a warm wool blanket before heading outside. The chill of the night sky spread goose bumps across her arms and legs, her body began to shake as if she was in the middle of an earthquake. The little girl, warm in the blanket she'd been given, snuggled against Sara's body and held on tight for warmth and security.

In the distance, from where she was on top of a large hill in the center of the island, Sara could see the distant lights of Hellywood, still glowing in the distance. Memories of the time she spent there began to come to the surface and flood her eyes with tears, but she blinked back tears and forced the memories out of her head. That was the past, and there was nothing she could do about it. Better to forget it and move on. Her life was here now, caring for the children that Sis had left behind when she died.

Sara reached the water cooler and drew two cups of water for her and the little girl.

"Here you go," she said, handing the little girl her cup of water. After a moment of hesitation the girl reached out her broken little hands, still wrapped in bandages from the day they found her, and gently grabbed the cup. It shook a little as she tried to hold it steady, but she managed to hold it up to her mouth and take a sip.

Sara smiled down at her and looked up once again at the faint glow in the distance. When Hamdo died six months ago, most people thought the world was headed towards an age of peace and prosperity where both the survivors from Zadi Bars and Hellywood could live together without fighting. That, unfortunately, had not happened and never would happen if things continued to go the way they were. A militia group had taken control of the Zadi Bars refugees and now controlled a prosperous sea port on the northern coast, but they refused to allow former Hellywood soldiers, even the young woman and children who had been stolen from their homes and forced into slavery, to enter the town or become citizens of the New Zadi Bars.

At Hellywood, the military elite and those who had been fully indoctrinated before Hamdo's death, stayed inside what remained of the once powerful battleship and plotted their return to greatness. They were a small group, but they still maintained most of the military technology that had once made Hellywood's army the most feared force on the face of the earth.

The only place for refugees from Hellywood to go then was straight to Sara. After Zadi Bars blocked out all refugees from Hellywood, labeling them enemies of the state, Sara and a large group of other like minded people, mostly woman, left the city and created a refuge. Around the island, they were called The pacifists because they were the only faction on the island to have no military arm to defend them from possible attack.

Sara looked down at the child in her arms. The girl was shivering in the bitter cold and trying to snuggle up into Sara's bulging chest. Smiling, Sara went back into the tent and they both went to sleep in each other's arms.

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Episode 14;

Trying to Move on.

Abelia stared at the compound from her position at the bottom of the hill on which the little village was built. She looked at Sara as she walked out of her tent with a little girl in her arms and got a drink of water. She sighed. Sara shouldn't be out at this time, she might see her guerilla force and then things would get a little tricky.

Sara always insisted that she stay away, but Abelia knew what would happen if her force wasn't there to protect her people.

Sara was a hopeless pacifist, so much so that she refused to take the appropriate measures to defend herself and her people, so Abelia had to defend them for her. At this night, she had twenty well trained fighters stationed around the outer perimeter armed with rifles and a few machine guns. She knew the threat Hellywood posed from the south, even if Sara and her ignorant bunch of pacifiers refused to open their eyes and see that for themselves.

Next to her, Abelia's LT, a man who served under her in Old Hellywood named Ralltel, stared though a similar pair of field glasses, only he was looking south towards Hellywood.

"Anything?" Abelia asked in stern, commanding voice.

"Not a thing commander. Hellywood's leaders may be crazy but they aren't stupid. They won't try anything as long as they know were here."

"Good." Abelia looked up one more time and saw Sara enter the tent again.

"Take command here."

"Yes Commander Abelia."

It was funny sometimes, hearing her soldiers call her "Commander Abelia" instead of "Lady Abelia", as she used to be called back when she was commander of Hellywood's armed forces. That was the past though, now she was only Commander Abelia. Her men didn't follow her because someone else told them to, they followed her because they believed as she did, that the Pacifist Faction needed to survive if there was going to be a lasting peace on this god forsaken island, and if the Pacifists were going to survive, they needed to have someone defending them. Since they had no intention of doing so themselves, than she would have to do it for them.

Abelia mounted her hover bike and rode towards the south across the barren landscape. The land to the south was mostly rocky, with a few patches of vegetation fighting for its life to survive on what little good soil there was. Out of the entire island, this place most resembled the desert world they used to live in. Appropriate that Hellywood had just so happened to land here instead of the grassland farther north. Irony knew no bounds.

Although the surface was torn and rocky, her hover bike navigated the broken ground with absurd ease. Her force only had three of these bikes, but those three were constantly maintained to achieve maximum performance.

After about a three minute drive, she saw not too far off in front of her the Hellywood perimeter. It wasn't much of a perimeter; about a dozen soldiers on hover bikes patrolled the inside of a barbed wire fence about 3/4ths of a mile long.

Abelia, once she came in sight of the boundary into Hellywood's official territory, dismounted her bike and took out her field glasses once again. The soldiers, she saw, looked bored, tired, and inattentive. They didn't have the look of men expecting to go into battle anytime soon.

Good Abelia thought. Everything was as it should be. As long as Hellywood stayed on its side of the island, Zadi Bars stayed on their side, and they both left the Pacifists alone, the balance would be maintained. It had been this way for over six months now, but Abelia didn't think the peace would last much longer.

Tabool stood guard behind the barb wire fence which separated Hellywood from the outside world. Beside him, a young recruit, probably around nine years old, walked along beside him trying to keep up. He wasn't having a very easy time of it though because of the heavy pack, filled with rocks to make it as heavy as possible, he carried on his back as a part of his training. Tabool quickened his pace. The kid stumbles along trying his best to keep up, but the pack was digging into his back so hard it felt like something was biting him in the shoulder.

"Sir, can I have a break sir?"

"Shut up!" Tabool responded. He didn't have time to deal with this kid. It was bad enough that he was stuck doing patrol duty in the middle of the night, but now he had to train the kids they brought in too. He didn't know where they got these kids- certainly not from anywhere on the island that was for sure- and he didn't give a damn, as long as he wasn't the one who had to break them in.

As Tabool started to walk on, he heard the kid sit himself down with a loud thump, the sound a bullet made when it entered cloth, and start sniffling his badly running nose. Tabool stopped in his tracks and tuned around to face the kid.

"Get up," he commanded, trying his best to hold his temper in check but having little luck. The kid only crossed his arms and turned his head away.


Growling in anger, Tabool reached down and grabbed the kid by the shirt.

"I said get the hell up kid!" Tabool yelled into the kids face. What a disgrace, these new soldiers had no idea how to serve Hellywood, not like they did when Hamdo had been alive. Hamdo might have been an insane maniac, but at least he knew how to keep his troops in order; something none of the current leaders seemed to be able to do.

"I'm sorry sir," the young soldier cried out in fear, "I won't do it again, I swear."

"Shut up!" Tabool yelled and smacked the kid in the face nice and hard. Ugh, how did he end up with such a whiny kid as a patrol partner? Of course he knew the answerer; it was because this kid needed to be properly broken in, but that didn't make doing it any easier for Tabool. He hated patrol duty, and hated it even more when he had to do it with some lousy kid they had gotten from who know where.

Tabool threw the kid to the ground and started to walk away. As he walked, he heard the kid start to whimper behind him. Anger cursed though Tabool's blood when he heard the kids pitiful sniffling. Stopping dead in his tracks, without turning around, Tabool growled at the kid.

"Stop crying." But that only made him cry even more. He heard snot starting to spew out of the little kid's nose as he tried to choke back his tears. He wasn't having much luck though.

"Stop crying," Tabool said again, getting angrier now and starting to lose his temper. He turned around and walked over to the kid, fist clenched, body shaking in fury. The kid looked up and saw him coming. His eyes opened wide as a cats and he tried to run, but Tabool grabbed him by the back of his shirt and jerked him back.

"No, no, please, I'll stop," but Tabool didn't even hear him, he just started hitting the kid as hard as he could in the face. His fist went up again and again, driving down like a hammer driving a nail. The kid tried to scream out in pain but his mouth was starting to bleed. He put up his hands in defense but Tabool knocked them away. After a minute, the kid stopped trying to defend himself and just lay limp in Tabool's arms.

Finally coming to his senses, Tabool stopped hitting the kid and looked down into his face. Blood was oozed from his nose and mouth, large bruises covered his cheeks.

Oh god, Tabool thought, what am I going to do?

Lowering the kid to the ground, he checked for a pulse. None. A wave of anxiety washed though Tabool. Hellywood was tight on soldiers as it was, and its leaders didn't look kindly upon those who killed what soldiers they did have without good cause.

Tabool looked up from where he was and saw something beyond the perimeter. The light of the moon was reflecting off of something in the rocks outside. Tabool stood up and lifted his gun up to his shoulder.

"Who's there!" he cried out. No one answered. For a minute he just stood there, waiting, listening. The wind rustled through the bushes and made a sound like the crackling of a dieing fire; Cokee birds sang their midnight mating song into the night sky.

Slowly, as to not attract attention from whoever was waiting outside the perimeter, Tabool reached into his side pouch, took out a pair of night vision goggles, and put them on. Through the green light of his goggles he peered at the rocks outside. Nothing moved.

Then, not far off, he saw a figure stand up and look to his left. Tabool increased the magnification and the figure turned from a far off point to a full sized human being, obviously a female Tabool noticed at once. As he looked, she lowered a pair of binoculars from her face and he saw immediately who she was.

"Well, well, well, Lady Abelia." A crooked smile crossed his face as he watched her spy out Hellywood's position. She had just given him a crazy idea.

Lifting up his gun, he pointed it at the head of the boy that he'd just killed, and pulled the trigger.


The bullet ripped through the kids head and blew a hole right through his skull. Blood splattered all over the ground behind him and Tabool heard the distinct sound of cracking bones.

Alarms started to sound across the entire perimeter as search lights lit up the area outside. Tabool took a small walkie-talkie off his belt and spoke urgently into it.

"HQ, HQ this is base perimeter, we are under attack, I repeat we are under attack!" gunfire erupted off to his right as some trigger happy soldiers who thought they saw a target started killing bushes and small animals. Tabool shot a burst of automatic fire at where he'd seen Abelia and then ducked for cover behind a small mound of dirk. He'd surprised Abelia, but he knew how good she was at fighting.

But no return fire came from Abelia's position. He peered over his cover and looked at where he'd seen her, but she was no longer there. In the distance a small trail of dirt flew into the air as a hover bike zipped into the distance. Tabool smiled again. Nobody would question him once he said Lady Abelia had shot the kid. They would probably give him medal for bravery and maybe even a promotion. He tugged at the red scarf he wore around his neck in disgust. Soon, he thought, he'd be exchanging this rag for a green one, and all the privileges that went with it.

At his feet, the blood of the kid he'd just killed smeared his combat boots. Twitching in annoyance, Tabool wiped it off on the grass.

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