A/N: So it looks like it's time for Anko X Kurenai round 2 for me. I'm not really surprised Enchantment had the most support, if any of my fics deserved a sequel this was probably the most clear. That fic just seems lacking and unfulfilled. I am actually glad I get another shot at capturing this wonderful pairing and hopefully getting it right this time. For new readers, Enchantment of Destruction's Curse (I realize that title was pretty bizarre, that's what happens when trying to come up with a title in the middle of the night for a story when you really have no idea what's going to happen in it and just decided to string together random words that maybe, hopefully work in some way) was one of my earlier fanfics and starred Anko and Kurenai. This story picks off shortly after the other ends. This is yuri, it will have sexual material intended for mature audiences, do not read if you don't like it. Now since this is a sequel let me do a little summary of the first fic to refresh everyone's memory / prepare readers too lazy to go and read the other fic.

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Summary of Enchantment of Destructions Curse: Anko and Kurenai, leading a team of randomly assembled chunin are sent to protect a port town near the border of the land of Sound from the threat of possible invasion during a viral outbreak. It is soon concluded that the outbreak is indeed manmade but is the work of a single individual independent of the sound ninja. This individual who quickly shows himself is called Kaizo Karyuudomi, and in medical researcher from Kirigakure (Mist village), who believes it his duty to wipe out mankind. He has two former test subjects, young girls he has genetically altered to be his loyal servants, Reimei and Musouka.

A fight begins, the chunin on the mission are forced to face off against Reimei while Anko and Kurenai fight Musouka. During the fight Musouka reveals her ability to control someone's emotions; Hit with this power, Anko is sent into a unnatural mindset for her that painfully forces her curse seal to open. While Anko is paralyzed with pain, Kurenai proceeds to immobilize Musouka and thus finds herself in a fight with Kaizo himself. The evil man proves to be too much for her though, as he releases his own curse seal. Kurenai is faced with sure death but at the last moment, Anko, despite the intensity of her pain, saves her by delivering a crippling injury to Karyuudomi who is forced to retreat. Anko falls unconscious in Kurenai's arms as her curse seal recedes. Anko remains unconscious for a week.

When she wakes up she is startled to find Kurenai watching over her. Kurenai proceeds to thank Anko for saving her life then she proceeds to tease Anko relentlessly before confessing feeling of love to her with a kiss. Anko doesn't require much more convincing and the two then have hot yuri sex. Now lovers, the two women wait for Kaizo Karyuudomi to resurface, hoping to silence his threat for good.

They don't wait long. The chunin once more fight and this time kill Reimei. Anko and Kurenai are faced with Musouka again as well. This time the young girl uses her ability to dislodge Kurenai's emotion and send her in a blind rage against Anko who finds it impossible to fight back against the one she loves. A simple kiss restores Kurenai to herself and the two without a word devise a plan that catches their opponent in an illusion and Musouka is killed.

Anko and Kurenai proceed to fight Kaizo together this time and this time he proves powerless even with his curse seal, against the two opponents. In a move of desperation, Kaizo opts to use an experimental elixir to transform himself into a deadly monster. It seems hopeless at first, but determined to get through this together Anko and Kurenai pull of a plan and mange to eliminate their enemy for good. The story ends on a hopeful note as Anko and Kurenai realize it was their love that let them come out victorious.

---End Summary---

It was calm and quiet as the two women found their way before the Hokage. It was morning. They had made their return during the previous night. Anko Mitarashi smiled as the women next to her delivered their report.

As Kurenai Yuhi concluded accounting what had occurred on the mission, a smug look crept across the fifth Hokage's face. In a light, informal tone Tsunade spoke, "Protecting the village, stopping the outbreak, and eliminating a top ranked criminal. Looks like I really got my moneys worth with you guys."

"That's right! But I guess you have to expect great results from someone of my talent." Anko gloated.

Kurenai gave a soft laugh and then a sigh. With obvious sarcasm she spoke, "Yes, lord Hokage, with someone as incredible as Anko on the team missions like this are easy." She let out another chuckle before continuing while shaking her head, "As I see it, with Anko's help we could have defeated an entire army of enemy ninja's."

Anko shot her a scowl and Tsunade gave a brief laugh. The Hokage smiled as she said in a warm voice, "Well, it look's like you two are the same as ever. Glad to see that facing such danger didn't change you too much."

"Well it did change one thing…" Anko said smiling brightly as she glanced in Kurenai's direction.

"Oh? And what would that be?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"Our love lives." Kurenai shot her own cool smile as she spoke in a crisp voice.

"Really? How so?" Tsunade seemed even more eager to pry.

"We now have one." Anko nodded as she spoke. After a slight pause she added in a suggestive tone, "With each other."

Tsunade immediately turned to Kurenai who met her with a shrug and a reluctant nod. Convinced, the blonde woman laughed slightly before speaking in a cool voice, "Well, that certainly is something, uh, different. Good luck, I guess."

"Thanks. I'm sure, with Anko I'll need all the luck I can get." Kurenai replied in a light tone, giving a short laugh at the end.

"You're really awful. You know that?" Anko said glaringly.

There was a moment of laughter before the Hokage started back up in a reluctant sigh, "Anyways, due to how that mission turned out and the danger you faced, the two of you will be free from any further missions for some time. Enjoy."

The other two nodded and turned to leave the audience chamber. As they found themselves outside Anko spoke once more, enthusiastically, "So now this whole thing's officially behind us."

"So it would seem." Kurenai replied smugly.

"So what do we do now, Kurenai?" Anko asked intently, as they continued to walk.

"We should probably work at packing your things, my love." Kurenai suggested in a simple manner.

"Why am I the one moving?" Anko voiced another question, this time slightly irritated.

"Because your place is small and ugly." Kurenai answered bluntly.

"It's not that bad…" Anko quietly attempted to defend her small, run down apartment, but looking at Kurenai's face and remembering the times she had seen the other woman's home, a comparatively higher grade home, knew it was hopeless.

The two lovers continued to walk the streets of Konoha in the direction of Anko's apartment. They soon caught sight of friendly faces along the way. Kakashi Hatake leaned up against a pole, book in hand. Offering conversation and smoking a cigarette, Asuma Sarutobi stood nearby.

"Oh hey guys! How's it going?" Anko burst out with energy as she approached the two men.

"Oh, hey, Anko, Kurenai." Kakashi said nonchalantly without looking up from his book.

"Hey. Heard from Iruka that mission they sent you on turned out to be real trouble. Glad to see you back safe." Asuma said gruffly, looking in Kurenai's direction.

"It wasn't so bad. Even the most hardened criminal ninja are no match for me." Anko made the reply, doing so with particularly cocky mannerisms.

Asuma seemed to ignore the younger woman though continuing instead in a reflective tone as he lit a new cigarette, "I shoulda known that one would have been something. I'd have signed up for it myself instead of leaving it to you girls…"

"Me and Anko were perfectly capable of completing things on our own, thank you." Kurenai spoke somewhat harshly.

Asuma cringed slightly at the toxicity of Kurenai's tone. Apologetically he started, "Listen, Kurenai. Maybe this weekend we could-"

"I'm busy." Kurenai cut him off forcefully.

"Well then when are you free?" The man asked showing slight irritation.

"I don't know. Probably never." Kurenai said in a cool yet bitter voice.

"What?! Why?!" Asuma asked indignantly.

"I've moved on to something new." Kurenai said coldly, without second thought.

"But…" Asuma started but couldn't come up with a further protest.

Kurenai then grabbed Anko by the hand and pulled her along as she walked away, talking in a clear voice as she did so, "Now let's hurry love, we need to work at getting you moved in with me."

Quickly Kurenai exited the scene with Anko, leaving a mixture of anger and disbelief on Asuma's face as she did. Kakashi continued to quietly mind his business.

"Well, that was pretty harsh, don't you think?" Anko said, impressed and maybe a little disturbed, as the two approached her former home.

"It needed to be done. As I see it he just picked a really unfortunate time to argue with me." Kurenai said with a sigh.

"Well even if you and him had been on good terms, I'm sure you still wouldn't have been able to resist me back there." Anko said with a cocky sureness.

"Sure. If it makes you feel good, go ahead and keep telling yourself that…" Kurenai said under her breath.

"But you love me, right?" Anko said, upset.

"Yes. Of course I do." Kurenai used a sugar-coated tone that seemed somewhat patronizing. She added in a more serious manner, "I only meant that I probably never would have went on that mission had we not been having… issues."

"Then I guess it was all luck it turned out this way." Anko said in a carefree, happy manner as the two found their way inside her apartment.

The two lovers spent the rest of the day packing up and moving Anko's stuff. As it got late, Kurenai eventually left to return home while Anko finished up. After double checking that she had everything she wanted Anko decided it was time to join her beloved.

The kunoichi exited her old place and began to walk in the direction of what would be her new home. As she walked she began to feel pain. It was a familiar pain. It was one that had really never left her completely since she awoke after her first battle with Kaizo Karyuudomi.

Anko clenched at her neck. It was getting more intense. It was much worse than usual. Could Orochimaru be near? No that was impossible. But someone was causing her body to react this way, someone powerful, someone nearby. She turned around.

A fierce kick was delivered at incredible speed in Anko's direction. She was caught off guard yet the special-jounin stilled pulled of a miraculous evasion maneuver, missing the attack by just seconds. She was amazed to see the ground split wide open under the impact of the kick.

Anko didn't have long to be amazed though, as before she could even look up and catch a glimpse of her opponent she found herself facing another attack from the rear, this time a high speed punch. It took every fiber of her will to avoid the blow.

Finally Anko caught a glimpse of her attacker. The woman standing before her was roughly her same age; she was tall, had a very shapely figure, and had mid-cut pale white hair. She was dressed in a simple brown robe that looked to have seen a lot of wear. Most peculiarly she wore dark bandages around both her eyes.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Anko shouted fiercely.

"I'm just someone curious as to your power." The woman said aloofly, loosening her fists.

"And why is that?" Anko asked with dead seriousness.

"I just wan to confirm it. The strength you and Kurenai Yuhi possess." The mysterious assailant spoke in a somewhat disinterested way.

"What the hell are you talking about/?" Anko shouted brutally, now knowing it was personal.

"Just fight me, Anko." The strange woman said in a tone of familiarity.

"Alright. I don't know who you are or how you got into this village without permission, but if it's a fight you want I'll be happy to give it to you." Anko declared, putting on a strong front though she was honestly very worried about what was to unfold.

Anko's opponent charged forward with a new strike which proved just as hard to avoid despite the fact Anko saw it coming this time. Many subsequent attack followed and though she was remaining ahead Anko soon found herself becoming exhausted, her attacker however showed no signs of stopping.

As a new attack was launched, Anko found she was unable to completely avoid her opponent's fist as it came crashing into her stomach. Intense pain coursed through her at this pressure as she fell hard to the floor spitting out a small pool of blood on the nearby ground. Her attacker soon followed this up by delivering a kick to the side while Anko still lie motionless. She flew several feet until she crashed into a nearby wall and coughed up even more blood.

The pain from these injuries was incredible. Her insides felt like they had been smashed, she could tell there were fractures to many of her bones. Anko could only hope nothing was broken. This pain was intense, yet another pain Anko was feeling far exceeded it.

The small mark on her neck felt as if it was burning, as if it was desperate for release, as if it demanded it. For the first time Anko felt something inside herself, she could feel a great latent power welling up. She needed that power. If she could just open the window and free it then she could see Kurenai.

"Is that it? Are you really this weak?" The white haired woman said in a very disappointed fashion as she turned away from Anko's bruised, motionless frame.

A wicked smirk crept across Anko's face as she found her way to her feet. It was as if an enormous chakra had bubbled up inside her, filling her, soothing her injuries, giving her the strength she needed. The distortions of the curse mark were a small price to pay.

Anko's first attack was strong and it was true. Her fist found its target in the other woman's face and sent her to the floor hard. She struggled to get up only to be knocked further back by Anko's strength.

The mysterious woman smiled as she found her feet once more, she spoke showing excitement for the first time, "Now this is a strength I can appreciate."

Anko launched another punch. This time it wasn't a clear strike, her attacker evading and making a counter-attack. Soon both women were in full stride, rapidly and effortlessly dodging one another's incessant attacks.

Then in an instant it all stopped. The mysterious assailant came to a complete halt, turning away and walking a few steps in the opposite direction. In a steady, confident voice she said, "I think I have learned what I came here to learn."

The woman walked a few more steps before being pummeled flat to the ground by a hard fist to the face. She clenched the pained area as she struggled to regain her footing.

Anko laughed viciously as she tightened her fists. In a dark tone she asked, "You think I'm just going to let you run away after all that?"

The other gave a smile, turning away once more she replied, "You are very strong Anko Mitarashi, but you have only seen half of what I can do." She gave her own taunting laugh before adding, 'You should just count yourself lucky, I didn't come here to kill you today."

"This fight is not over!" Anko shouted angrily as she charged the woman once more, whis time her attack being evaded.

"You're quite right Anko, It's not over. I'm sure we'll meet again." The woman said cryptically as se continued to walk slowly in the opposite direction.

Anko snarled hatefully at the other as she moved farther from her. She was burning with desire to destroy this other woman; she wanted to make another attack. She reached for a kunai. As she grabbed the knife in hand she felt herself lose resolve. Anko was slowly beginning to regain her normal self.

Finding herself throwing words instead of the kunai, Anko shouted to her now distant opponent, "Tell me who you are!"

"I am called Masuyo Karyuudomi" The woman said indifferently with a smug laugh, and then in an instant she was gone

Anko felt a pain clinch her body as she fell to her knees. The distortions of the mark soon subsided and she was left with only questions.

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