As Ryan Evans walked through the doors of East High, he felt more confident then ever before. It was the fisrt day of his senior year, the last year of his high school career. And it felt good. Ryan had had many good years in high school. Staring in the school's musicals, singing and dancing his heart out in talent shows, and just being an all around friendly guy to everyone. But he hoped something unexpected would happen to him this year. Something that would make a difference when he finally leaves East High. Little did he know, the unexpected something would happen to him sooner then he thought.

After helping Miss Darbus, the drama and homeroom teacher, with some drama club related business, she scooted Ryan off in the direction of homeroom so he wouldn't be late and recieve a detention from her. He strolled down the halls, everyone already inside their respected classrooms, with a smile on his face.

"Hey Evans."

That familiar voice caused his signature smile to vanish immediately. He turned slowing around to meet the voice head on. And what if found, as expected, was Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth, and a couple other members of the basketball team. Troy was the premo God of East High. Every guy bowed down to him while every girl wanted to hang off his arm. But not Ryan. That's why Troy and his crew took such pleasure in harassing Ryan.

"What'd you want Troy?"

"Me? Nothing. I'm just wondering how you want your senior year to be this year. You see, you can simply do as I say just like the rest of the school or, well, you really don't want to hear the other option."

"Leave me alone Troy."

As Ryan began to walk away, he distinctly heard Troy say something like "You are so going to regret that Evans", and he hit the ground then all went black.

However long later, Ryan began to slowly open his eyes. Troy and his crew must have tossed him around like they always do and left him here. Hid eyes were adjusting to the light when he saw what he thought was a dream. She was so beautiful as she kneeled over him. She had long curly chocolate brown tresses that he saw rained down her back and shoulders, smooth sunkissed skin, and warm brown eyes that stared down at him with concern.

"Are you an angel?"

She laughed softly at him before she replyed.

"No. Are you alright?"

"Oh. Yeah yeah, I'm, fine."

He tried to stand but was still a bit woozy so he was having difficulty. Until he felt her grab his hand to steady him. Instant electricity flowed through him the moment she touched his skin. She helped him to his feey before bending down again to pick up his spilled bookbag.

"Oh I can get that."

He said beanding down to to pick up his books.

"Oh I don't mind."

She lifted her head in that second and their eyes met.

More electricity, Ryan thought.

After they gathered all his book back into his bag, they both stood to their feet. As Ryan brushed the dirt away from his dark blue pants, he saw a blue and white messenger hat (Is that what they're called? I don't know hats. I can picture them but don't know their names. But this hat is like the one in HSM 1 where Ryan tries to spell out Go Drama Club! except different colors) come into view. He then saw her holding it out to him.

"Is this your's too?" She asked so sweetly. Ryan sighing innerly.

"Yeah. Thank you." He was surprised when she set the hat back on his head, turning it ever so slightly to the side. He loved her being this close to her. He could smell the sweet scent of her hair.

"I'll have to ask her what shampoo she uses." He thought.

"There. Perfect."

"Thanks. And thanks for helping me with my books. And for helping me off the floor. And for being concerned at all."

"It was no troulble. I'm just surprised someone didn't help you sooner.What happened to you anyway?"

"Oh, just the basketball team trying to be superior to me."

"That's awful. I hope you're okay."

"Yeah. Thanks to you. I'm Ryan Evans by the way."

"Gabriella Montez."

Gabriella, such a beautiful name.

"I'm sure I've never seen you here before. Cause if I did, I would definitely remember."

"I'm new. Just moved here."

"Well then in that case, welcome to East High where the jocks are supremos to all who they reign over."

"Thanks for the tip. But I already don't like them after seeing what they did to you. But, on another note, do you think you could show me to Miss Darbus's homeroom?"

Thank you God.

"Actually yeah, I'm in that class too. So, shall we?"

He held out hs arm to her, escort like, and she smiled and took his arm. They proceeded down the still empty hallway together.

"I'm glad I met you Ryan."

"And why's that? You like people who are unconscious when you first meet them?"

"No," she said with a laugh, "Because you seem like a great person. And I wouldn't want anything less in a new friend."


"I hope so."


As he held open the door for her to homeroom, he couldn't help but think of her as his guardian angel.

A/N: Not sure when a I'll update again, it depends on my homework. But most likely this weekend sometime. I hope you guys like this so far. My first multi-chaptered story. And sorry Troy lovers but I had to make Troy a jerk, it'll work into the story down the road. We haven't seen the last of Troy. Also, Sharpay is still Ryan's sister but she's not evil. Kelsi will make an appearance eventually. And Zeke and Sharpay are dating, Zeke is on the basketball team but doesn't hang with them and is really good friends with Ryan. Okay. Now that everything's clear, I hope you continue to read!