"For the last time, Daniel, you can't use words from foreign languages!" Cameron bellowed.

"But it doesn't say anything about that in the rule book!" Daniel argued.

"That's because we don't have a freakin' rule book with us!' Cam exclaimed.

"You are such a spoil sport," Daniel muttered, taking back his tiles from the Scrabble board. On his lap, Vala suppressed a large fake yawn.

"Do you have any idea what time it is, Daniel?" she asked, non-successfully hiding a grin.

"Not like the two of you'd actually be going to sleep," Cam mumbled under his breath.

"All the same, I think we've been playing Scrabble long enough, Mitchell," Daniel said, standing up after Vala slid off his lap.

"You're just mad I won't let you use—"

"He has a point, Cam," Sam interrupted, glancing at her watch. "We've been playing for…over two hours now."

Cameron sighed, resigned. "Fine. T, what's the final score?"

Teal'c smiled slightly. "I believe Dr. Jackson and Vala Mal Doran won."

"Yeah, well, that much was obvious," Vala commented good-naturedly. "How bad did Cam lose?"

"Hey!" Cam protested. "You don't know that I lost! For all you know, I could've gotten second place!"

"Colonel Carter has second place, followed closely by me," Teal'c interrupted, smiling at Cameron's crest-fallen expression. "Colonel Mitchell is behind by forty-seven points."

"I hate playing Scrabble with geeks," Cam muttered.

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