Disclaimer and Authors Note: Super Robot Wars series belong to the wonderful people at Banpresto, and all the people involved in it. ANd this is my first attempt at writing a SUper Robot Wars fic, so please bear with me if I make any mistakes along the way. The history note is taken from a walkthrough made by MNeidengard from so this part of the fic is dedicated to his hard work. The original character, Adam Hammond is my creation and is the fictional younger brother of the Mobile suit Gundam villainess, Crawley Hammond, who was the lover of Ramba Ral.

A Brief History Note:

In the past, the Earth Sphere was divided into two great powers: the Earth Federation government and the group of Space Colonies floating in the heavens. The colonies were originally under the dominion of the Federation, but as time passed and the colonies increased in number, those living inspace began to see themselves as a people apart. In year 179 of the New Western Calendar, the colonies most distant from earth (Side 3) named themselves the "Jion Dukedom" and instigated a revolutionary war against the Federation. The pilots of the humanoid combat machines of the Jion side started out strong, but the conflict quickly grew into a stalemate. However,at the moment the Federation's final "Star #1 Operation" was initiated, a gigantic object appeared out of nowhere in the L5 quadrant, smashing the greater half of both sides' forces and falling to Earth on South Atalia Island. Both sides, whose forces were greatly depleted, took the incident as their cue to sign a cease-fire, ending what would later be called the One-Year War.

After the war, an investigative team (EOTI) headed up by Dr. Vian Zoldark examined the object fallen to South Atalia Island and concluded that it was an ultra-largescale space battleship created by some undiscovered culture. This discovery implied the existence of another intelligent lifeform besides humanity, and that some sort of large-scale war was being waged somewhere outside the solar system. However, the leaders of the Earth Federation refused to accept this, and planned to increase the Federation's military strength solely for the maintenance of their own power. Amidst this, Vian Zoldark foretold that sooner or later the Earth would become embroiled in the struggle, stating that "Humanity no longer has anywhere to run ." He then founded an organization (the "Divine Crusaders", "DC") to manufacture war machines to counter the alien threat, based around the Extra Over-Technology (EOT). At the same time, the Federation Special Space Force (SDF) was established, based around the ultra-largescale space battleship.

However, doing so required enormous amounts of resources, resulting in economic downturn throughout the Federation.

Most of the citizens were never informed of the existence of other intelligent life, and various factions began to resent the pressure brought to bear by the Federation government, especially those native to space (the "Spacenoids").This lead to a series of anti-Federation movements springing up. And asthough summoned by the chaos on Earth, the Jion Dukedom army which had fled to the asteroid Axis were reborn as the "Neo-Jion Army" and began conducting operations. In response, the higher Federation brass established the "Titans" Special Weapons and "Oz" Special Forces units. They began acting to suppress the remnants of Jion and the anti-Federation activities of the Spacenoids.

At the same time, the "Kyouryuu Empire" and "Youma Empire" appeared on the Earth and began assaults throughout the land, although they were smashed by

the revival of "Mazinger Z", "Getter Robo", and "Reideen". Dr. Hell, a collaborator of the Kyouryuu Empire, and the Youma Empire's Prince Sharman

began to accumulate military strength in preparation to reestablish their kingdoms.

And in the New Western Calendar year 187, the Earth was surrounded by an atmosphere of intrigue as the plots of the various organizations swirled around...

Back to the story...

Prologue: Defector from the Enemy.

Machine gun fire whizzed past him as Adam Hammond shifted the control yoke of his personal Gouf Custom, that was painted in a yellow and black color scheme. He was a son of Zeon, loyal from the formation of the Jion Dukedom, when he was a mere 16 years old. But many events had changed his mind about the current Neo-Jion army. First, the original founder of the Jion Dukedom, Jion Deikum was assasinated, and Gihren Zabi took over the reins. He wanted to quit right then, but his sister, then still single, discouraged him from doing so, due to the presence of Jion's son, Casvar Rem Deikun, better known as Char Aznable, or the 'Red Comet'.

He stayed on, though secretly disapproving of Gihren Zabi's rather dictatorial way of ruling. which reminds him of Adolf Hitler from ancient Earth. Then came the news that Char, the son of Jion Deikum had been declared MIA, which struck a blow of confidence in the rest of the Zeonists. Char was the only bright light that most of the Jion loyalists had, the only link with the old Jion Deikum. He did not mind his sister's current relations to Ramba Ral, though, knowing that the man was one he respected, and he wouldn't have any other for his sister. But the fact remains that he could not stay in Jion any longer, not with the Zabis in control. Dozle was the only decent one of the Zabis, though Garma was in a way... nice as well. He was somewhat an ace pilot of Jion too, dubbed the 'Killer Bee' due to his unique color scheme.

Annoyed and frustrated by the current mess in the leadership, he decided to defect, even though he knew that the next time he saw his sister or Ramba Ral, it would be as enemies. Brought back to the present, he turned around and aimed his shield mounted rifle and sprayed a hail of bullets against the pursuing forces, which was comprised of a mix of Zaku F2s and the odd Dom.

He made sure not to aim at the cockpits, but at key areas such as servos, and arm joints, disabling and disarming most of his pursuers before kicking into throttle and headed for a small outcrop, where he hid a small transport vessel, big enough to hold his Gouf inside the ship's hangar bay. He quickly docked the Gouf inside the hangar bay and then ran into the cockpit, where he scanned the location of the nearest Federation base. Satisfied that the nearest would be the Far East base, he activated the autopilot, as the transport ship rose to the air, and he activated maximum thrusters, his destination the Federation Far East Base.

As soon as he figured he entered Eart Federation territory, he opened radio communications. " Attention, attention. This transmission goes out to Earth Federation forces. Please set your IFF transponders to friendly at the approach of this vessel. I repeat, all Earth Federation forces, do not fire. I come in peace."

He was treated with silence for some time, before the radio crackled back to like. " This is Commander Oka of the Earth Federation Far East Base. May I know who I am speaking to ? "

" My name is Adam Hammond, rank Lieutenant, formerly of the Jion Dukedom. I request for amnesty and integration into the defense force that is protecting your base."

Oka was stunned when he heard the name for it is very well known. Amongst the Jion faction, there are many people that are famous, the most being the 'Red Comet'm Char Aznable, but he was missing. Next was the 'Blue Giant', Ramba Ral and 'Nightmare of Solomon', Anavel Gato. If what he said is true, the man speaking on the radio is none other than the 'Killer Bee' himself, and it was well known that this man is the younger brother of Crawley Hammond, Ramba Ral's lover.

" Forgive me,... " He finally replied. " But are you really the... "

He was cut off by an impatient retort. " I am who I say I am, Commander. Please let me land my transport and you can take me and my mobile suit into custody. I promise to answer your questions as honestly as I can."

" Very well... I shall make preparations." Oka replied crisply.

"Roger... " Adam said as he cut the phone and set the coordinates for the Far East base, after obtaining it by tracing the reply back to its source. Below, he could see that the base was well guarded, with several RGM-89 Jegans on patrol. A large landing space was already cleared for him at the back of the base, and he set course there and with expertise, landed his vessel on the tarmac.

He soon stepped out of the transport, and was flanked by two Federation soldiers. " We are here to take you into custody, Lieutenant Hammond. Please follow us to the briefing room. Commander Oka wishes to speak with you."

He nodded as he followed them inside the base. Some of the Federation soldiers glared at him with hatred, and some with fear. Its to be expected of course, its not everyday that the 'Killer Bee' shows up in custody inside a Federation base. He was then escorted into a plain briefing room, where a portly man with moustache with a commander's insignia sat on one of the chairs there.

" Ahh, you must be the 'Killer Bee', Alex Hammond, if that is who you claim you are ? What are you doing here, and forgive me for doubting you, but what made you decide to surrender and defect to us ? Not that we aren't grateful... but we must be certain of your loyalties." Commander Oka said crisply.

" You are a direct person, Commander... I like that. I am who I say I am, you may run a background check on me if you still don't trust me. But that mobile suit I brought, and the paint scheme should confirm my identity. Now as to why I am here... it is a long story." Adam replied as he began to tell his story from the beginning up to his defection and arrival at this base.

Oka nodded. " I see... well, I am afraid I must hold you here for a while, to see if your story checks out... meanwhile, you will be treated as a guest here in the facility. You understand, we can't just trust... " He was about to complete his words, before the alarms started blaring and a soldier ran in.

Oka then said. " Report ! What is going on ? "

"Mechabeasts spotted at the outskirts of Hokkaido, Commander! And the plane carrying the test machine from DC has crashed near a school there"

Commander Oka nodded and said. " Very well, I will send someone immediately to assist." He then turned to Adam. " Well, Lt. Hammond... it seems that you have a chance to prove yourself. I can't allow you to use your own mobile suit for this mission, but we will maintain and repair it for you. Instead, you will be temporarily assigned a R-79N GM Custom, but it will be painted in your color scheme soon. For now, I suggest you sortie... "

He then saluted and exited the room, still escorted by the guards to the hangar, where he boarded a simple GM Custom. He did a quick system check, including the weapons. "Hmmm... pretty basic weapons here... head mounted vulcans... beam saber on back... GM rifle, and a shield. Looks allright to me.. at least for now."

He then led his GM into a military transport plane, similar in size to the one he brought back here. Once boarded, the plane took off towards the Saotome Laboratory. In the cockpit, he mused to himself. DC... the Divine Crusaders. An organization created by Vian Zoldark to counter the imminent alien threat that is threathening the Earth. Now would a mecha belonging to them be found there ? And where is it destinations. Questions and more questions... I suppose I will find my answer when I arrive

He closed his eyes as he centered himself, always performing this mini meditation routine before and on route to a misson. ' This is my first mission as a part of the Earth Federation. Let's hope that everything will turn out well... and I emerge victorious in this. I have a lot to prove that I am no spy for Jion... even if that is what they think I am."

He then entered a trance, blocking out everything as he waited for the pilot of the vessel to inform him that they are approaching their destination.

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