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Chapter One

"Thank you for coming with me," Ginny Weasley said. "I just didn't feel like saying goodbye to you at the castle."

    Draco Malfoy smirked and looked around. They were standing near the Hogwarts Express, and the platform was full of students returning home for the two-week vacation they'd been granted for the defeat of Lord Voldemort. "So you wanted me to come and say goodbye to you in front of everyone?"

    Ginny bit her lip and searched the platform. "Over there," she said, pointing towards the bathrooms. "We can say goodbye there – no one will see us."

    Draco allowed her to lead him over. They'd been meeting secretly the past few days, not wanting the whole school to know about their relationship. He secretly believed they'd never be able to keep it a secret for too long. News traveled fast in Hogwarts – all it took was one sighting of them together and everyone would know.

    It had been Ginny's idea, though, for them not to let their feelings for each other known. Her brother, Ron, already knew, but she wasn't keen on the idea of her whole family knowing.

    "Not until I'm ready to tell them," she'd promised.

    They found a nook in the wall that hid them from most people, but it was a little small. That wasn't a bad thing – Draco loved being close to Ginny.

    "Tell me again why you can't come home with me," Ginny said as soon as they were hidden, sliding her arms around Draco's neck.

    "Because." Draco pretended to be annoyed. The only reason he was annoyed was because he just wanted to kiss her for the longest time, not talk.

    He knew they wouldn't be seeing each other for another two weeks and he wasn't quite sure how he'd be able to cope with her not being in the same building as him. And not seeing her everyday. And not knowing when they would be together again and when her lips would be back on his, where they belonged.

    He put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. "My mother wants me to come home," he said in a more gentle tone. "I've told you a million times."

    Ginny's warm, dark brown eyes saddened. "I really want you to come with me," she whispered.

    "I'm not so sure," Draco said skeptically, smirking. "Aren't you the one who doesn't want to tell your family about us? How well do you reckon they'll take the sight of me coming home with you?"

    "I don't care about that right now," Ginny said, pressing her face into his neck. He loved it when she did that. "I know I must be sounding like a dope, but I really don't know how I'm going to live without you for the next two weeks."

    "God, Gin, we've only been together three days," Draco said, exasperated.

    She lifted her head and looked at him. "I know," she replied softly. "I'm going to miss you."

    He couldn't tell her how much he'd miss her, too. Instead, he smoothed down her wavy, fiery red hair and then lifted her chin so her mouth would touch his.

    Kissing Ginny was always like the first time. A rush of emotions always ran through him. Sometimes he felt scared by his feelings – he'd never really cared for anyone before. Not even his mother. But something inside told him that if anything ever happened to Ginny, if she was ever taken from him, he would absolutely lose it.

    They kissed for a long time. Draco would've kissed her longer if she hadn't pulled away.

    "I might miss the train," she said, a little breathless.

    He didn't reply, just stepped out of the way so she could pass by him. Then he followed her back onto the platform, which had cleared since most were already on the scarlet train.

    "So your mother's coming tomorrow to pick you up?" Ginny confirmed. She stopped and turned to him before going on.

    Draco nodded.

    "Write me as soon as you get home," Ginny said, and leaned her head a little forward as if she wanted to kiss him again. But then she seemed to realize anyone could be watching and pulled her head back. She gave him one final, sad, beautiful smile that Draco loved so much and then turned to go on the train.

    Draco stepped back from the Hogwarts Express. He stayed on the platform until it left. As it disappeared into the distance, he couldn't help but feel very empty inside, knowing that being separated from Ginny was the reason.

Ginny did not want to sit in the compartment with her brother, Ron, and his two best friends, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. Ron and Hermione had finally discovered their love for each other and had been wrapped up in themselves for the past few days, not really noticing anyone or anything around them. And Harry . . . well, Ginny did not feel comfortable around him anymore.

    She'd performed a Life Spell on him, and therefore, he was now obsessed with her.

    So she sat with her "friends", Melanie, Rachel, Sarah, and Laura. Even though she felt out of place with them now, she figured they were really her best choice of companions at the moment.

    They obviously didn't want her sitting with them, though, so at first they were all kind of quiet. Ginny pretended not to notice and looked out the window, keeping her eyes glued on Draco. It might've been because of the distance, but she could've sworn he looked almost sad.

    Draco is never sad, Ginny thought, leaning back in her seat. And if he were he'd rather die than show it in his face.

    That was the one thing that bothered Ginny. The way he never seemed to show his feelings. She couldn't help but make her feelings known to him – sometimes, afterwards, she felt like an idiot saying so much when he just stood there, looking uncomfortable. She tried to tell herself that's the way Draco Malfoy was: secretive. Sometimes she was amazed he even bothered with her.

    But the past few days had been some of the best in her life. It seemed like the only person she could depend on was Draco. She didn't even like to hang around Hermione anymore, when Hermione used to be the only one in which she felt comfortable in her presence. Now, she always felt weird and uncertain around everyone – except those times when she was with Draco. Even when she made a retard of herself she only felt sad, not really uncomfortable, around him.

    In a way, Ginny was looking forward to going home. They'd only been in school about two and a half weeks, and she'd missed most of those days due to being "absent". But for some reason she felt more relaxed knowing she wouldn't have to worry about anything for the next fourteen days.

    Ginny slept most of the train ride to King's Cross station. When they arrived, her parents were waiting for her on the platform.

    Ron had invited Hermione and Harry to stay with them for the two-week vacation. Since none of Ginny's other brothers were going to be home, they definitely had the room. But Ginny didn't like the idea of waking up each morning to see Harry at the kitchen table.

    The thing was, Ginny suddenly didn't not like Harry anymore just because he had a gigantic rush of feelings for her. It was the exact opposite, actually. She was afraid she'd lose all control around him. She still liked him, deep down, a lot, even though she liked Draco more. And the part of her that still loved Harry, deep inside her, was flattered and almost happy that Harry now couldn't stop thinking about her – he'd finally realize what she'd been going through since she was ten years old.

    When they arrived at the Burrow, Ginny found Fred and George, her two older twin brothers, in the kitchen. She was surprised that they were home – now that they were old enough to live on their own, they rarely ever came back to the house.

    What was even more surprising was that they were cooking.

    "Mum, do you really trust them to make our food?" Ron demanded.

    "You don't know what you're talking about," Fred exclaimed, poking him in the side with his wand. "We've become excellent chefs."

    "They aren't bad," Mrs. Weasley relented.

    "Anyway, you shouldn't be picking on us," George added to Ron as everyone but Mr. and Mrs. Weasley took a seat at the kitchen table. "We should be picking on you. Seventeen and with your first girlfriend!"

    Ginny laughed into her hand as the tip of Ron's ears went red. Hermione smiled with embarrassment.

    "That's enough," Mr. Weasley said before disappearing up the stairs.

    "We haven't even started," Fred whined. "How can that be enough?"

    Mrs. Weasley, taking pity on the way Hermione was squirming in her seat, quickly changed the subject.

    "What are you making for dinner?" she asked lightly.

    "It's a surprise," Fred said with a grin.

    Ginny frowned. They'd probably put a sauce in it that turned the person who ate it into a goldfish. That was Fred and George's idea of a surprise.

    But she enjoyed being with her family again, almost relieved that her two brothers were home. They took her mind off Draco.

    During the course of dinner (no one had suddenly sprouted fins yet) Fred and George began to pick on Ron again.

    "At this rate you'll probably be married by the time your forty," George said breezily.

    "Most people start dating when they're fourteen," Fred added.

    "That's not true," Mrs. Weasley said sharply. "I wasn't allowed to date until I was twenty."

    The twins snorted into their mashed potatoes.

    "Must we be on the subject of dating?" Ron sighed.

    "In your instance, Mum, it worked out pretty good," Fred told his mother with a grin. "You produced four perfectly wonderful sons. That's more than half."

    "I'm taking it that you are two of the four," Ginny said darkly.

    "Worked out pretty well," Mr. Weasley corrected.

    "Bill and Charlie are the other two," George announced.

    "Ron and Percy are the rejects," Fred put in.

    "And me?" Ginny asked.

    "Well, you're the unfortunate little sister."

    "Thanks a lot."

    "Anyway, Ron, what we're trying to say is that . . . well, we're actually proud of you," Fred told him.


    "Yeah. We thought you'd die of old age before dating a single person."

    Hermione looked like she wanted nothing more than to jump from the table and run away. Harry was trying not to laugh behind his napkin. After Ron shot him an angry glare, he said loudly, "I'm not the only one here with a first relationship."

    "Harry's gone out with someone before," Fred said simply.

    Ginny stared icily at Ron, but he didn't seem to see her. He was so steamed he blurted, "I'm talking about Ginny, you idiot."

    All eyes were on her.

    She wanted to hide under the table.

    Thanks a lot, Ron, she thought furiously.

    "Ginny has a girlfriend, too?" George gasped.

    "Ginny, how long has this been going on?" Mrs. Weasley asked happily, positively beaming. "And with who? You should've invited him over for the holiday."

    "Our little Ginny is growing up," Fred sniffed, wiping a fake tear away.

    "Yeah, Gin, who's the lucky guy?" Mr. Weasley asked.

    Ginny knew she must've been bright red. Ron was looking at his plate, realizing the mistake he'd made. Hermione was still fidgeting, and after a moment excused herself to the bathroom. Harry was staring at his fork as if it were the most interesting thing he'd ever seen.

    "Um," Ginny began. "I . . . really, you wouldn't know him. . . ."

    "Ha!" Ron said loudly. He returned his gaze back at his plate after Ginny gave him a death look.

    "We'd still like to know his name," Mr. Weasley said warmly.

    No you wouldn't, she thought, biting her lower lip. You hate the Malfoys. Everyone at this table does except me.

    Should she tell them? She couldn't lie . . . that would be stupid. And she promised Draco she'd let her family know about their relationship. So what if they disapproved? They'd learn to live with it. It was her life, not theirs.

    Still, her throat felt very tight as she said quietly and quickly, "Draco Malfoy."

    Fred laughed shortly.

    "I'm hearing things," George said. "I actually thought you said Draco Malfoy."

    Ginny didn't know what to say. Her parents were staring at her with a look of shock and confusion, their mouths slightly open. They'd heard her loud and clear.

    Hermione returned to her seat, noticing the tension in the air. She threw Ginny a sympathetic look, obviously realizing what had happened, but looked relieved the spotlight was off her.

    "Well," Mrs. Weasley said finally, cutting her meat with a bit too violently, "wasn't he the one with you in New York?"

    "Yes," Ginny mumbled.

    "Hold on a second," George said. "Did I miss something? She really said Malfoy?"

    "She's got to be joking," Fred said faintly.

    George forced a laugh. "Good one, Ginny. Really, who is it?"

    Ginny sighed and stood up so quickly the chair tipped backwards. She left the kitchen without a word and ran up to her room, taking out her wand and fixing her door with a Sticking Hex so no one could get in.

    It was good to be back in her room, as small as it was. There was barely enough room for her twin bed, her collection of stuffed animals in the corner, her desk, dresser, and the vanity table covered in makeup she never used. She threw herself into the chair at her desk and dropped her head into her folded arms on top of it.

    Well, she thought, there is a good sign to this. They didn't explode and start yelling, which I thought they would do.

    Before she'd even finished her thought, there was a loud noise from downstairs. Her bedroom was just above the family room, which connected to the kitchen, and she heard her father shouting. She couldn't hear the words too clearly, but she caught, "Malfoy – Ginny – together – my little girl – why did you let this happen, Ron? –"

    She almost laughed. Like it was all Ron's fault she was snogging Draco.

    Ginny stood up and began pacing. Why was she snogging Draco? Before, in the past few years, he'd always been with a different girl, it seemed, every week. Even though he always seemed to come back to Pansy Parksinson, the ugliest girl Ginny had really ever seen in her life. It was obvious he didn't like her, though. The point was, Draco never really stayed with one girl for more than two weeks. What made Ginny think she'd be different?

    Well, for one, the way he kissed her. The way when his lips were on hers it seemed as if he'd protect her forever.

    But he could kiss everyone like that, she thought, her heart wrenching at the thought of Draco kissing someone else.

    And they'd been through a lot. He'd managed to save her life a few times. He didn't do that with every girl, did he?

    Ginny refused to think Draco was just using her like he'd done with his previous girlfriends. She wasn't sure how she'd come to care about him so much. The way he acted around her . . . so cold and distant . . . she shouldn't be feeling the way she was. She should be fearing that he'd break up with her in a note. But for some reason, she wasn't afraid of that.

    If he breaks up with me, he'll at least do it to my face.

    Though she didn't want that, either.

    The thing was, Ginny sometimes caught glimpses of emotion in Draco's gray eyes. Sometimes she'd catch him staring at her with a wistful look, and a small smile. But he'd always turn it into a smirk and say, "There's an ink smudge on your chin" or "I think you're starting to get a pimple on your nose".

    And when they pulled away after kissing, she'd feel so comfortable and light the way he stared down at her. He always looked a little amazed afterwards, as if he couldn't believe it was really her, that she was really his.

    Unfortunately, those moments rarely lasted long though they did occur frequently.

    I've got to stop thinking about this, she thought, staring out the window at the sinking sun in the sky. It's depressing me. And it's making me remember I won't see Draco for two weeks.

    She decided she'd write him a letter about breaking the news to her parents. Below, she could still hear her dad and mother shouting about her relationship with Draco. Trying to ignore it, she began to write.

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