Author's Notes:

Hey everyone! I've always been a Rugrat fan and after watching the All Growed Up Special I felt the urge to write a fanfic based on the Rugrats entering high school. I myself just got over being a freshman so I am familiar with all the stresses and simple weirdness that goes along with entering a new school and a new peer pool... Well, its a rainy day out and I have nothing else to do so I figured why not go ahead with my idea!

The relationships that will form in this fic are Kimmi/Phil, Chuckie/Angelica, and Tommy/Lil (I know some people prefer Tommy/Kimmi but I just don't see them going together, probably because Lil is by far my favorite ^_^). Please don't complain about my couplings, I hope that even if you disagree with my choices you will see that they work within my fic.

Thanks so much - please review - enjoy -

Homecoming Queen

By *Jasmine*

Chapter One: Here Comes High School

So its my first day of high school. Swarms of talking kids all drift into the large brick building and I hesitate for a moment. I've been waiting for this moment all summer and yet I still don't feel completely prepared. I'm not exactly scared, after all, I'm Tommy Pickles. I've never really been afraid of anything. But its so different, I know high school is going to change my life forever... and I'm not exactly sure if I want it to.

I might have turned around right then if it wasn't for my best friend and experienced sophomore, Charles Finister a.k.a. Chuckie, who stood by my side. The 15 year old boy had flaming red hair that was always wild and out-of-place and a pail face covered in freckles. Usually I was the one giving him encouragement but today it was the other way around. "Come on, Tommy, high school isn't so bad. But we better not be late and get detention on our first day," Chuckie said and he offered up a smile of consoleless at my fright, revealing his new metallic braces that lined his buck teeth grin.

I nodded my spiky black haired head, realizing what a baby I must look like, and replied, "Yea your right. Lets go." Hefting my black backpack up on my back, I followed Chuckie into the school and the main entrance way. The smell of freshly mopped linoleum mingled with a hundred muddy sneaker soles filled the air, just like in middle school, and calmed my nerves a bit. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all.

Glancing at the glass that separated the main office and a wrinkled, senile secretary answering the phones from the rest of the school's population, I checked my reflection over quickly. My new outfit of baggy dark denim jeans and a blue shirt that Angelica bought with me (Since she thinks she is so fashionably advanced then the rest of us common people) looked fine and just the right amount of style. I had dark black eyes and black hair that was spiked, I wasn't exactly the handsomest guy in school but not exactly a dweeb either, kinda average. Once I was satisfied, I turned to face my best friend.

"We better get to homeroom before the bell rings. The teachers are usually strict about tardiness here. Who's homeroom do you have?" Chuckie asked, towering a full two inches above me. He always worried about things like that.

I quickly recalled it from my memory and said, "Ms. McDouglas. You?"

"O rats! I have Mr. Bourbon. Well, go down this hallway and take a left and there is Ms. McDouglas' classroom. See you later, Tommy," the redheaded boy directed and then dashed off, his yellow backpack loaded full with all sorts of school supplies that he would probably never need sagging behind him.

I sighed and then headed down the hallway. People were walking and talking all around me; some familiar faces and other not-so-fimiliar faces. Suddenly I heard a loud voice call out, "Yo, Pickles! Long time, no see!"

I recognized the voice immediately and turned around to see my friend, Phil DeVille, pushing through a crowd of people. The brown haired, brown eyed freshman boy seemed not at all nervous for his first day but that was usually the case with this wise-guy.

"What are you talking about Phil?" I asked. "I just went over your house yesterday to play basketball, remember?"

Phil laughed, "O yea, but your image was kinda blurry with all those circles I was dribbling around you."

I chuckled and retorted, "Yea right, you just couldn't see right because I blinded you with my amazing basketball skills."

Both Phil and I received playful shoves and looked over to see a short Asian girl standing beside us. "You both are wrong. It was me who dazzled you all with my many baskets and beautiful smile!" Kimi chortled and flashed a grin.

"Hey Kimi," I said. After all this time she was still the same adventure-seeking tomboy we had first meet in Paris. The girl wore a light blue tanktop and worn jeans and her shoulder-length black hair was held up in a messy bun. Not exactly the best dresser in school but then again, no one really cared.

"Beautiful smile? I don't think I was that blind..." Phil said teasingly and was answered by a punch from Kimi.

Kimi, Chuckie's sister by marriage, glared at the DeVille boy and said, "O great, I can't believe I've got to share Mrs. Howard's homeroom with you for the rest of the year, Mr. Smart-Mouth!" Of course she was just kidding, Phil just had that way with girls that made them instantly both like him and hate him all in one.

"O then I guess you guys aren't in my homeroom with Ms. McDouglas," I groaned.

Phil shook his head and patted his friend on the back. "Nope, sorry. Looks like you won't be lucky enough to listen to my witty early morning comments this year, pal," he joked and then glanced up at a clock hanging on the hall wall. "O no! Its already 7:13! The bell rings in 2 minutes! Catch you later, Tommy!" he exclaimed and ran off.

"Yea bye Tommy," Kimi said and then chased after Phil.

I decided it was probably a good idea to start heading to my homeroom so I walked a little further down the hall until I came to a door with a sign over it that read 'Ms. McDouglas'. I took in a deep breath and entered the classroom just as the bell rang out.

A room full of eyes all stared at me and the petite old woman sitting at her desk peered out under thick coke-bottle glasses. "What is your name, young man?" she asked sharply.

I tried not to sound too intimidated since I had identified a few football players and upper classmen in the crowd of onlookers. "Tommy Pickles, ma'am," I responded.

"Well, sir Thomas Pickles, you were lucky today," the teacher said snidely, "But a warning to you and all the others, I don't accept tardiness in my classroom and the penalty for being late is sever. Now take your seat, Mr. Pickles."

I could feel my cheeks flush with color and I scanned the room to find somebody to sit by. There in the center row was Angelica, my older and snobby cousin. I quickly hurried over to an empty seat by her side and she glowered at me. Angelica was wearing a pink dress and platform sandals and her blonde hair brushed the tops of her shoulders. She'd often gone on about how popular she was in high school but I doubt any of that was true; she's too mean to be liked by very many except those who were snotty and fashion-obsessed.

I could hear one of her friends sitting beside her giggle and whisper, "Is that freshman related to you, Angelica?"

My cousin snorted, "As if! A freak like that could never be related to me."

The teacher went on about school protocol and rules and it put most students to sleep. Angelica turned to me and her heavily makeup caked face was distorted in a scowl. She hissed softly at me so no one else could hear, "Nice going dweeb. Just to let you know, don't ever sit near me again. The fashion-handicapped and people such as myself can never mingle, got it geek?"

I grumbled back, "Fine. Its not like I want to be your cousin anyway."

As the teacher droned on and on and Angelica continued to pout and make hissing noises similar to an angry cat, I realized this was going to be a very long year.


Lunch was even more crowded then I had expected. Teens all swarmed around talking, fighting over the scarce chairs, and chomping on greasy school food. I made my way through the crowd until I saw Chuckie sitting at a table with Phil and Kimmi. I grabbed a chair and sat down beside Chuckie.

"Hey guys," I greeted and took out a bag containing my lunch.

"Hi Tommy. How are you classes so far?" asked Kimmi as she picked at the oily school food sitting in front of her on a bright yellow tray.

I took out my sandwich and sighed, "OK I guess. None of the teachers have killed me yet if that's what you mean."

Phil snorted, "Lucky. I have Mr. Garrison next for Wood Shop and I just know I'm not gonna make it out of his class alive."

"Mr. Garrison? The scary bald guy who can chop threw a cinder block with his bare head? You don't have a prayer, not with your big mouth anyway," Kimmi giggled and the two went about playfully fighting again over their trays of school food.

I turned to my best friend Chuckie and asked, "So how are your classes, Chuckie?"

"OK I guess. There has not been one bully in all my classes so far," the Sophomore boy said proudly and bit into a carrot, causing one of his brackets to fling off. "O great, now I have to go back to the dentist to fix my braces. I hate it there, the drills scare me," he sighed.

I took a bite out of my sandwich and said, "I wish I could say the same about not having any bullies in any of my classes, but unfortunately I have Angelica in my homeroom. Talk about bad luck."

Chuckie looked up suddenly at the mention of Angelica's name and spluttered, "R-Really? Did she mention anything about me?"

I gave him a weird look and said, "... No, she didn't even want to talk to me and I can't say I was exactly thrilled to see her either... Why?"

The redheaded boy flushed the shade of his hair and pretended to be preoccupied with his lunch. "No reason at all, I was just wondering," he mumbled.

I shrugged and turned back to Phil and Kimmi, interrupting their quarreling, "So where's Lil? She won't have a chair if she waits much longer." There was only one seat left and it was near me (that wasn't on purpose, no not at all ^_^).

Phil and Kimmi both looked at me as if I was the Ninth Wonder Of The World and Kimmi said softly, "You don't know?"

I gave a confused expression and said, "What are you talking about? I don't know what?"

Phil looked sad as he grumbled, "Dude, look over there. It will explain everything," and pointed at the door to the cafeteria.

I turned my eyes towards the doorway to see Lil DeVille come strolling in. Actually, it didn't really even look like Lil except for the pink bow in her hair. She was wearing a short blue denim skirt and a pink tank top adorned with a flower print. Her just-past-the-shoulders light brown hair almost looked blonde in the cafeteria lights and her brown eyes shimmered. Lil wasn't the same little worm-eating tomboy I had remember... now she was beautiful!

Overcoming my initial shock, I called to her as she passed by, "Hey Lil, I saved you a seat!" I gestured at the chair by my side and smiled at her.

The girl turned her head to me and looked surprised to see me. "Uh Hi Tommy..." she began and then offered up a dazzling smile that looked a little fake. "... That's nice of you... but I was thinking of sitting at another table." Her voice was high pitched and sweet, just like I remembered. At least one thing had stayed the same.

I looked down and said, trying to hide the shock and hurt in my voice, "... O... OK. Well, see you later then."

She nodded and said, "Ya, I guess so. Bye Tommy." Then she turned around and sauntered off on her platform sandals over to Angelica's table. A bunch of cheerleaders all sat around giggling and when my bratty cousin saw Lil, she exclaimed shrilly, "Lillian! I absolutely adore your outfit!"

I turned away to face my friends, feeling like a complete idiot. "What happened to her?" I asked. It gave me the creeps to even think one of my best friends could possibly be another Angelica-in-the-making.

Phil sighed and shrugged. "All I know is that one morning during the summer she told me she wanted to go to cheerleading practice with Angelica and that's when I knew she had changed... for the worse."

"You are too dramatic Phil! Maybe she just wants to try a different scene for a while, ya know how it is starting at a new school," Kimmi said and smiled.

Phil shook his head and grumbled, "Ya well you try to be Mr. Sunshine when you have an Angelica Twin running around your house talking about clothes and boys all the time. I can't stand it anymore!"

Kimmi and I laughed at this and Chuckie said quietly, but not quit quiet enough, so that everyone at the table could still hear, "... I wouldn't mind it..."

Three faces turned to him with wide eyes and exclaimed, "...What!"

Chuckie turned a deep scarlet and looked down at the table, wishing he could melt into a puddle and slip away, "Did I say that out loud?"