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Dumbledore sighed as he carefully rubbed his burned and blackened hand. It had begun to ache, a sure sign that at last the curse was beginning to spread. It wouldn't be long now until it was all over, one way or the other.

The shadow of his own impending doom no longer frightened Albus as much as it had in the previous years, not even as much as it had merely days ago. Sometimes the old fear gripped him and prayed on his mind, but now that he knew for certain that the curse was beginning to spread, he didn't have to dread it anymore. It was here, and he didn't have to fight any longer. Soon he would have peace, from all the war, the grief, the pain… He was slightly comforted by the fact that all three Deathly Hallows were either safe in his possession or under his protection, at least for the moment. The Resurrection Stone was carefully locked away, the Elder Wand was resting in his robe pocket, and Harry had the Invisibility Cloak on his person at this very moment.

Speaking of Harry……

Dumbledore stepped over to his Pensieve, where he normally kept his memories. It was empty at the moment, and with a slight flick from the Elder Wand, water poured into the stone bowl and filled it straight to the top. Dumbledore leaned over the glimmering mirror of water and muttered, "Conspicio electus!" Instantly, the water rippled and then showed Harry's face on the surface of the water. The look on the boy's face was something that Dumbledore had never seen before. The closest he had ever come was the time when Dumbledore had found him gazing into the Mirror of Erised and seeing his parents for the first time. Instead of Harry's usual looks of either grim determination or his desperate "I'm-trying-to-hide-my-emotions" face, his eyes were soft and glowing. A confiding smile was on his lips, and he was looking down at something beside him with great gentleness and….what was that? Surprise? Wonder?

A frown creased Albus' forehead. Not that he was unhappy about Harry looking so relaxed and at peace….but what could have brought about this change? He could only see so much in the Pensieve. Finally, Dumbledore realized that Harry was down by the lake. Forsaking his Pensieve, the Headmaster strode over to his window and looked over the edge, which gave him an excellent view of the lake. It only took a moment to spot his young student….and it only took a fraction of a second longer for Dumbledore's heart to be wrenched with both joy….and deep sorrow.

Harry Potter was walking around the lake, but he wasn't alone. His arm was wrapped around the waist of a girl that Dumbledore instantly recognized to be Ginny Weasley by her red hair. Poor Ginevra…she had waited a long time for this day. Personally, Dumbledore thought that it would never come. You would have to be completely stupid (which Dumbledore rather thought Harry had been) to not see Ginny's complete and total devotion to Harry. It wasn't just the deep devotion of a fan, however. Ginny truly seemed to be able to see Harry as more than "The Boy Who Lived." To her, he was simply Harry: a boy that was conflicted and had faced torments, but still managed to have a deep inner goodness. She had known long before many other people that Harry was a genuinely kind and courageous young man…Dumbledore already knew who the better man between himself and Harry was. Ginny saw past the famous name and instead saw the man that Harry truly was, deep inside himself. She saw the love that had conquered Voldemort, and had saved him from possession the year before.

The girl's flaming hair flashed in the early summer sunlight, and her face was lifted towards Harry in an attitude of complete admiration and total happiness. Dumbledore's heart was wrenched again as he realized how deeply Ginny already loved Harry. The sparkle in her eyes confirmed it.

And as for Harry….that just made it worse. Dumbledore had never felt more conflicted in his life. Only he knew that….that inside Harry was something deeply and inherently evil, something that had to be destroyed, most likely at the cost of Harry's life. The boy didn't have a future, any more that Dumbledore himself had. Yes, there was that one small hope that the blood that Voldemort had taken from Harry would be enough to save him in the end…but it was such an imprecise magic that Dumbledore could not possibly predict the outcome. And here the boy was, with no knowledge of the doom that hung over his head, and his heart had already been given away. Dumbledore had seen that look before, and he knew what it meant. If only he could warn Harry, could tell him not to try and start any relationships with Ginny….but it was already too late. There was nothing he could do to save either of those two lovely young people down there from the pain that rested in their futures. If only Dumbledore could see Harry as just the key for ending Voldemort's reign! If only he could see Ginny as just a young girl that would get over this meaningless crush! But he couldn't. Once again, he cared too much. He also cared too much about the boy's present happiness than he did about the future. Harry didn't have very long; should he not experience as much happiness now as he could? Before it was too late for sorrow, too late for love?

The Headmaster stepped away from the window, in too much pain to look any longer on what he was seeing.


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