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This was a random brainfart I had when I was supposed to be sleeping. I hope you like it! Your welcome to flame me if it sucks.

"Inoue did something similar last week!" the editor-in-chief yelled slamming the papers down, "We don't need repeats!"

"B-But! This was in a different light!" a girl said.

"No it isn't! If we print this, our sales will pummel into the ground!"

"But this is true!"

"Trying to prove that the young up-coming tennis players of Japan are gay is pointless!"

"No it isn't!"

The editor-in-chief rubbed his temples, "Look. Just because your interested in...boy-love doesn't mean the rest of Japan is!"


"Good day Ishiwara!" he said showing her the door. She grudgingly took her leave.

Ishiwara Ayu of Pro Tennis Weekly wasn't having a good day. Having yet another report booted, there wasn't really a reason to be happy anyways. She was often called "The Failure" by her fellow coworkers and was often told that she was worse Shiba. Which was pretty low. She walked to her desk and flopped down onto her chair. Sighing, she lazily picked up the report that was rejected. She stood up..

She quickly grabbed her camera and her recorder. She felt that she had to at least do this.


"Have I ever kissed anyone?" Shishido was looking at Ayu as if she was a chicken flying without a head. "Yes. Why?"

"Who?" she asked ignoring the question.

"Ummm..." Shishido turned a slight pink. "Well...you see..."

"Here! Say it into the recorder nice and loud!" she thrusted the recorder into Shishido's face narrowly missing nose.

"Why do I have to do this?"

"It's something that's really important!" she announced. If she could she would have birds fly around her. "It's going to change tennis!"

"In a good way or a bad why?" Gakuto asked popping out of nowhere.

She thought. "A good way?" she tried.

"Okay!" Gakuto patted Shishido on the back. "Tell!"

"Hell no!" Shishido said batting away Gakuto's hand. "That's just embarrassing!"


"It's my private life as to who I kissed! It's not for Japan to know!"

"Oh please. It's not a secret. Everyone knows that make out with Ohtori in the clubhouse when everyone's gone!"




Ayu sniffed, Yaoi was the best ever...thankfully her recorder managed to catch all this. She quickly rushed over to Atobe who was currently giving his speech to the first years over his awesomeness.

"Excuse me. Atobe-kun?"

"Ah. A fan." Atobe brushed aside his hair letting sparklies show. "Just a moment first years."

"I'm from Pro Tennis Weekly. Ishiwara Ayu. I just wanted to ask you a few questions."



Atobe sighed. "Okay okay, Ore-sama admits it. He did go out with Sanada Genichirou of Rikkai."

She almost dropped her recorder. "YOU WHAT?!"

"...Go out with Sanada Genichirou..." Atobe was starting to get freaked out by this crazy woman.

She spazzed. Her dream was coming true! There WAS boy love in tennis! It took her a moment to get her breath.

"Excuse me?" Atobe said starting to look offended.

"Sorry. Sorry. Just that I managed to prove something..."

"So your not a fan?"


"...Who are you again?"

"...Ishiwara Ayu of Pro Tennis Weekly..."

"So you're a fan."


Atobe looked confused. "Your not a fan?"

"No." she was starting to get annoyed.

"You look young though...unless..."Atobe lookedhorrified. "You use Botox!"

"No..." she said twitching. "I'm 18..."

"..." Atobe contemplated this.

She took this as an opportunity to leave. For St. Rudolph.

And here was the first chapter. I think I'm losing my touch more than I imagined. This is bad...::runs around like a maniac screaming::