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Chapter 1 - Resisting Temptation

Temperance Brennan never had sex on the first date.

It was a rule that had served her well over the years. In college, she had escaped becoming a notch on the bed-post of Alex Sanders, one of her fellow science students whose persistence rarely lasted beyond one date. In grad school, she had refused to sleep with James Hill after their first time out together, thereby avoiding the reputation gained by his next girlfriend as being "easy" and sexually promiscuous. In her adult life, she had realised that her policy gave her a better opportunity to get to know potential partners, rather than letting her relationships be based solely on mutual gratification.

However, as Seeley Booth's hand slid gently up her thigh and his lips moved hungrily down her neck, mutual gratification suddenly became incredibly appealing.

Not that this was really their "first date." They had technically been seeing each other for the two weeks since the arrest of the Dellato family. Unfortunately, that statement couldn't be taken literally, as they had barely set eyes on each other for those two weeks. The Dellato trial had taken up a lot of their time, with both of them required to make statements and act as witnesses to ensure that Marco, Sal and Gina were convicted for their part in Booth's kidnapping.

On top of that, Brennan had been forced to attend an independent inquiry regarding the evidence that she had handed over to be destroyed. It had taken five separate meetings, interventions by the Director of the Jeffersonian and the Deputy Director of the FBI, and the threat of losing all funding from the Cantilever group before the tribunal had agreed with Brennan's perfectly reasonable belief that Booth should not have been executed by mobsters for the sake of a jacket, a piece of paper and some duct tape, especially when she had saved all the evidence needed for a conviction.

While Brennan had been dealing with the consequences of her actions, Booth had been dealing with the consequences of the Dellatos' actions. He could now find his way around Washington Hospital Center blindfolded, having been there for stitches in his back, frequent X-rays for his broken ankle and, most recently, to return his hospital-issued crutches. Booth himself had hated using the crutches, and so had been relieved when they were happily commandeered by his son as the infrastructure to a small fort he was building in his bedroom.

Finding that his near-death experience had made Rebecca more amenable to him spending his free time with Parker, Booth had seized the opportunity gratefully and so had played a large role in the construction of the aforementioned fort, much to the delight of his son and the chagrin of his mother, whom Parker enthusiastically pelted with socks whenever she tried to enter.

However, when Brennan had been fully cleared by the board and Rebecca had taken the little boy to visit his grandparents in Maine, Booth and Brennan had finally got the chance to spend some time together and go on their first official date.

The evening had gone well, even by Brennan's socially awkward standards. The restaurant was beautiful, the food was delicious and the company was relaxing and enjoyable. Despite her protests about antiquated chivalry, Booth had even walked her back up to her apartment door and it was here that the calm, restrained fa├žade of the evening had slipped.

The goodnight kiss had started off as just that - a kiss. Booth had kissed her gently on the lips and, much like a snowball rolling down a hill, it had picked up considerably from there, to the extent that Temperance now had her back pressed against the door and her arms wrapped around her partner as he trailed teasingly light kisses just inside her collarbone.

She let out a small moan of pleasure as she felt Booth's hand slide up her shirt and his thumb brush gently over the lacy fabric of her bra cup. His lips moved back up to recapture hers as his other hand continued to move gradually up her thigh, sending a tingling sensation through her body when he reached the bare skin where her stockings ended.

Actively ignoring her "no sex on the first date" rule, Temperance decided to let the proverbial snowball run its course. Letting her head rest against the door as they kissed, she ran her hands slowly down Booth's chest, enjoying the feel of his muscles tensing under his shirt at her touch. As she reached his belt, her slim fingers traced the outline of his belt buckle, before hooking round the top of it and pulling Booth closer to her with a playful tug.

However, she underestimated her own strength. Caught off guard, Booth landed awkwardly on his broken ankle and gasped as the unexpected pain shot through his leg. Ordinarily, his wince would barely have been audible, but in the intimate silence of the corridor, it had the same de-arousing effect as being hit full in the face by the runaway snowball.

Hoping she hadn't realised what she'd done to him, Booth leaned in to kiss her again, but Brennan planted a hand firmly on his chest, shaking her head sadly, "We shouldn't do this. Not now."

"Bones..." Booth began, but she cut him off.

"It's not that I don't want to," she said softly, "But you're still hurt and I don't want to do any more damage."

He gave her a small smile and cupped her face with one hand, "I'm fine, Bones. You're really not going to 'damage' me by doing this."

Moving in closer, his lips met hers and Temperance felt herself relaxing in his embrace again. Wrapping her arm around his neck, she pulled her body towards him, letting his hands settle easily on her hips. Her other arm snaked around his upper torso until her hand rested just below his shoulder blades. Mentally apologising for what she was about to do, she proceeded to pull herself even closer, pressing hard on his back as she did so.

This time, Booth's yelp was definitely audible. They broke apart reluctantly and Brennan eyed her partner, her expression both smug and apologetic, "I'm sorry, but I think I made my point." Unconsciously repeating his previous gesture, she reached out to touch his cheek. "Some of your injuries are still healing and if we're going to do this..."

She trailed off and Booth finished with an understanding smile, "We should both enjoy it." Brennan simply returned the smile and he sighed good-naturedly, "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I'll see you tomorrow," she confirmed, almost regretting her decision to send him away, wounded or not.

Booth rested his hands comfortably on her waist as he met her eyes, "So, I guess this is goodnight." Not waiting for a reply, he brought his lips to hers and Temperance returned the kiss with equal tenderness. When they finally broke away from each other, foreheads resting together and slightly out of breath, Booth whispered, partly to himself, "God, I wish I was a masochist..."

Smiling at his comment, she took a step back, saying firmly, "Goodnight, Booth."

"Goodnight, Bones," he replied, not without a hint of reluctance, before heading down the corridor to the elevator.

Temperance watched him go before turning to the door to let herself in. Once inside, she hung her coat up and, slipping off her high heels, padded tiredly to the bedroom in her stockinged feet, noting that the first date rule had indeed been upheld, and wishing fervently that it hadn't. Yawning, she clicked the bedroom light on as she entered and moved towards the dresser, her mind still debating the wisdom of sending Booth away.

Deep in thought, she didn't notice the man lurking behind her door until he had grabbed her tightly from behind, his arm wrapped round her throat and the barrel of his pistol pressing unflinchingly against her temple.

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