What utter nonsense is this? disclaimer:own nothing

''Chance you low life ...slubbering idiot!'' sassy meowed mockingly as she watched her poor

friend .. suffer. The cake was right there if he had just waited ofr a second..while the people turned he could've gotten away with it not that Sassy wanted him to get away with it or anything.

''chill out Kitty I'll get some cake for you next time'' He teased

''as if I'd want any..fish is the stuff of heaven..not...CAKE'' she hissed

''ooohh sorry ...deary..Diliah wanted some anyway so why would I give it to you?'' He asked

''I don't know where is she anyway?'' Sassy asked this time a little more curtious.

''oh she's out with Shadow and Petter catching a baseball'' He barked

''that's nice so I supose you'll go out and join them then won't you?'' She asked him almost pleadingly

''Yeah..jealous are we you want to join the dogs?'' He asked Sassy was a bit taken aback she almost stuttered when she spoke next just taken by surprise that's all she reasoned