'' Sassy.I'm surprise at you!...anyway opposites attrach look at you and Chance..'' He smiled

''I don't think he loves me'' Sassy said as she slipped away from Shadow's watchful eye.

''He does don't dout it..'' Shadow assured her Sassy felt herself roll her eyes.

The next morning things got weird.

''WHAT THE?'' sassy asked as she looked around and saw that she was much bigger then she remembered and even though cats don't wear cloths she suddenly felt naked.

''Sassy..over here'' Shadow said he was infront of her holding the nessasary clothing items.

''Where did you get those?'' She asked him

''uh...I found them..'' He admitted

''they were going to be thrown out..go change in here'' He told her pointing to the bathroom.

''what happened'' she asked him from the bathroom for some reason she could understand him even though he was still a dog.

''Chance is like this too..I sugest you leave because ..what will our owners think?'' He asked her

''good plan..does Chance know that I have this problem too?'' She asked

''Yeah he's outside waiting ..Diliah insisted that she go with him..but I told her that you would be back..so..she would have to stay here anyway'' He explained

''alright so..that's when you two are going to talk then?'' She asked him

''yup and so will you..'' He told her

''alright I'm ready..what do you think?'' She asked as she came out of the bathroom.

''wonderful..just hurry up..their coming go out the window quick!'' he screamed and then she did just what he told her to. She opened the window and stepped out finding Chance waiting in the bushes, but she wasn't sure it was him.

''Chance?'' she asked

''Sassy?'' He asked and then they knew and Sassy fell into his arms.

''UH Sassy?'' He asked

''yeah?'' She aked him

''what are you doing?'' He asked her

''oh..nothing'' she said reliecing herself from his grasp.

''sorry'' she whispered

''no it's fine I was looking for the perfect thing to tease you with and now I have it Sassy was afraid.of being a human and laugh at it forever'' He smiled and Sassy's heart almost melted. As a human he was completely irisitable. She thought to herself.

''Sassy look whos coming come on onto the sidewalk under my arm'' He ordered her As a human she is really beautiful He thought as he escorted her down the sidewalk.

Then they turned a corner and found themselves on a buisness type street.

''Oooh look there FISH!'' She exclaimed

'' and look there burgers lets chow down!'' He offered

''let's do..were humans though got any money in those jeans?'' She asked him

''as a matter of fact'' Chance said as he searched his pocket

''here is ten dollors.lets go eat!'' He exclaimed and Sassy smiled. Then they found themselves sitting at a round table outside eating casually.

''Diliah..come over here!'' Shadow almost ordered

''what?'' Diliah said a little annoyed

''why don't you let Chance be free?'' He asked her

''you asked me that before..because I love him and I can't let go!'' She almost shouted her barks were very loud.

''no you don't Sassy does..you love someone else'' He told her

''who then?'' She asked searching his eyes.

''me'' He stated

''what?'' She shouted again

''you heard me...I was there when you didn't know what to do about Chance and you let him go...

'' Shadow explained

''I don't love you'' She said her voice shaking

''oh yes you do and I love you too'' Shadow said his face lowering to hers and his tounge tickling the side of her cheeck. It took her about a second to do the same.

'' Hey look Sassy doesn't that cat look miserable!'' Chance laughed

''no she looks extremely comfortable she's away from any dogs'' Sassy snapped

''come on you don't mind it all that much'' He said Sassy felt her head slip into his and she watched as Chance jumped a little. He didn't understand..but he didn't let go.

''well maybe not that much'' She said pointing with her other hand at a dog chasing a cat.

''didn't think so'' Chance smiled Sassy closed her eyes when she heard those words. For some reason she thought they were almost beautifu.

''ow!'' Sassy yelped as suddenly she tripped and fell down a ditch at the side of the road that ended in water.

''not again!'' Chance whispered as he knelt down and offered his hand to her. She looked up at him

a little simer in her eye. It was strange because this time at the touch of her fingure tips Chance felt a shiver up his spine. He let go as an unconcious reaction and Sassy fell deep into the woods because at the bottom there was a little edge of earth beside the water which she hadn't been ready for. Chance came tumbling after her all the while screaming her name.

"Sassy where are you?'' He asked her

''down here you''ll catch up'' she shouted back

''I'm surprise that you didn't have a remark about the ride like you did last time!'' He shouted back at her falling faster now as he felt the hard ground beneath him.

''you alright?'' She asked him

''sure am..you?'' He asked

''yeah...'' She whispered

Then the two started walking along side the water.

''So what kind of a realationship do you have with Diliah?'' Sassy asked

''you know honestly ..I thought I would miss her the moment I left the moment her face left my head'' He calmly told her.

''you don't miss her do you?'' Sassy asked

''no..I don't isn't that weird?'' He asked her

''yeah sure is..'' Sassy said her voice trailing off

'' I think we should go back to the house I want to see how she's doing anyway'' He said

''alright'' Sassy said

''I won't go if that's alright I think I'll walk around'' She informed him

Chance looked in the window and was shocked at what he saw he saw his girl and Shadow licking.

They saw him through the window and looked at him simpatheticly. He barged in.

''What are you doing?'' He asked Shadow

I could kill you right now you know that right?'' Chance asked

'' you wouldn't Chance '' Shadow stated

''yeah you're right , but what's going on?'' He asked

''I don't love you and you don't love me..Chance'' She stated

''you've done this before..'' He stated

''yeah well this one is for real'' She said as she and Shadow stalked away from him. Chance walked toward the window sadly, but then the image of Sassy was in his head. He made his way out of the window and was surprised at what he saw.

''Sassy ?'' he asked She nodded and he couldn't wait a moment longer. He ran to her and shoved

her into the bush he pressed himself against her ,he felt her tremble he placed one hand on her face and one of her waist. The he pushed his mouth into her's. Then he pulled her deeper into his arms. If she had wanted to get away she couldn't have..but that didn't matter to Chance. His lips pushed and pulled on hers and to his surprise and delight her lips tugged and gently caressed his as well. They were tingling in places they didn't know existed and there hearts were beating in rhym. As their lips tugged and pulled a little more Sassy pushed him down. He was on the ground and he didn't want to get up. He had just gone to heaven he didn't want..leave it just yet.

''Oh I'm sorry..Chance..'' Sassy said as she leaned down and offered her hand. He took her hand then started to walk away angrilly.

'Chance WAIT!'' She yelled after him

''WHAT?'' He turned around to look at his his face full of rage. She approached him.

''Chance I love you..'' She whispered and then she leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on his mouth only he seized her and wouldn't let her escape his embrace. He invaded her mouth with his and she did the same. They took a break,

''I love you too Sassy the sarcastic kitty'' He admitted smiling brilliantly. Then just like God had spoken Sassy and Chance had turned back into there normal forms and headed for home.