Random thought on how Jackal lacks fangirls.

Jackal was so worked up today. Even though he wouldn't things like this show, this day was different. He missed the ball many times and his serve fumbled. He even tripped over his feet from time to time. After practice, everyone rushed to the clubhouse. All that was left however were the regulars.

Jackal dropped his shoes for the 100th time.

Sanada spoke up, "You were horrible at practice today. What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Jackal grunted.

"Ahem." Sanada coughed and looked at Jackal expectantly.

"..." Jackal quickly got his tennis bag and attempted to leave the room but Niou and Marui stopped him.


"Yeah." Marui nodded.

"Don't want to."

"I should consult Sadaharu if I could borrow his new juice..."

Jackal turned around. "Okay, Okay."

Everyone gathered to listen. Jackal took a deep breath, "I don't have any fangirls."

Everyone looked at him expectantly.


"'So?' This means I get no love!"


"You're just saying that because you have lots and lots of fangirls! You don't know what its like to be me!"

"Your point is?"

Jackal sighed. He picked up his bag to leave, but they all stopped him again.

"Just kidding, just kidding." Niou said patting Jackal's back.

"But what's so bad about not having fangirls?" Kirihara asked.

"...I get no love or no chocolates for Valentine's Day no presents for my birthday..."

"But Jackal." Sanada said. "Renji and I don't have fangirls and we get along fine."

"Actually Sanada..." Renji said looking at him, "We have quite a number of fans. Even outside this school."

"We do?"

"Who has the most?" Kirihara asked.

"...You." (I don't really know but he's a popular character).

Jackal wanted to cry.

"Don't worry. This isn't the end of the world."

"Niou!" Jackal said, "It IS! I also have an unappealing nickname and I'm BALD!"

"What's your nickname?" Marui asked blowing a bubble. "Chocolate?"

"No." Jackal said looked VERY miffed. "The Wall..."


Jackal continued. "Fukubuchou's known as The Emperor, Yagyuu is known as The Gentleman, Niou is known as The Trickster, Kirihara is known as Junior Ace, Renji is known as the Data Master, and Marui is known as the Volley Specialist. AND I'M THE WALL!"

"Jackal...calm down." Yagyuu said.

"But I want fangirls!" Jackal whined.

"Trust me. They're annoying as hell." Niou said rolling his eyes. "They STALK you, attack you if get close enough, ALWAYS ask you out and do a bunch of things you don't even want to know about."

"Yup, yup." Marui and Kirihara nodded.

"By the way Jackal...when did you whine?" Sanada asked.

"I don't whine." Jackal said avoiding eye contact.

Sanada sighed.

"Anyways. I'm going home." Niou said packing up.

"But you wanted to hear my story!"

"Until I found out that fangirls was the thing on your mind."

"B-But! Fangirls give you power!"

"No they don't. They just make your life harder."

"Anyways bye!" Marui said running out of the clubhouse with Kirihara at his heels.

"Don't leave me!"

Everyone rushed outside. And left poor Jackal in the clubhouse alone.

This fic was in no way to be bashing fangirls. If you however find it insulting feel free to leave a flame or three telling how stupid I am and I will fix it. :D