She watched as the stars raced across the horizon, each brilliant twinkle blinking out just before it hit ground. One in particular, brighter than the rest caught her eye as it flew in her general direction. She watched as it raced, the light bright but not blinding. It filled her with warmth as it passed to a location lower than her current perch. She watched with wide eyes as Leon, their leader, reached out his hand and captured the falling light. Her lips spread wide in a smile as the glow dimmed and revealed its true shape. A feather. Leon's fingertips traced the edges reverently and it opened to become a letter. She couldn't make out the words, but she saw the spot darken where a tear fell on the glossy material. He looked up, eyes meeting hers in a smile as the letter changed again, into a miniature of angel wings and floated right past her back to the heavens. She looked back down to his face. His eyes were closed and the tear path remained on his cheek. Her eyes strained to see as his lips formed a word. Rinoa