Minnie felt all of the tension leak out of her the second she saw the familiar silhouette appear behind the gauzy curtains. He was back. She was oblivious as Daisy ran down the carpet and embraced the King's magician. His eyes shone with more strength than he had left with. He bowed to her from behind the curtain and she returned with a curtsy, still reeling. One of her hands nervously traced the outline of a giant ear as he took the first step towards her. Realizing somewhere in the back of her mind that their subjects were watching and a true celebration had to be put off until later, she mirrored the move; the two of them walking in stately harmony to meet in front of the throne. They met with the practiced kiss used before for sculptors, photographers, and even their wedding so long ago. Her head reeled when he suddenly deepened the kiss, turning crimson as cheers broke out from the small crowd he had returned with. She didn't know where this new enthusiasm had come from, but suspected she owed the boy key blade wielder another favor.