A/N: This is a one-shot and again the pairing that I'm somehow getting obsessed with! Anyhow, there's a longer piece in the pipeline if anyone would read it...

'Callum Stone?'

'It's just a drink, Nikki,' Diane answered dismissively, moving over to the mirror to comb through her hair.

Her sergeant leaned against a locker, her arms crossed in a sure symbol of annoyance. 'He's a bloke!'

'Now do I complain when you go home to your husband every night?' Ouch, even if she had to admit that was a low blow. But true though.

Nikki might've thought so, even if she didn't draw attention to it. 'So you are treating this like a date then?'

'I'm going out for a drink,' she replied, moving towards the locker and stowing the brush away. 'And I'm late.'

'Di, why are you doing this?'

She sighed. 'I want to go out and have a normal drink for once. You know, when you're in a pub or bar and not in a stuffy room with the curtains closed in case the neighbours see!'

'I thought you understood,' Nikki muttered.

'I do!' Conscious of where they were she lowered her voice. 'But you've gotta understand, I can't live in a box.'

'I'm not asking you to!'

'No,' she conceded. 'But you're making me want to.'

Nikki was quiet for a moment. 'Fine. Have fun.'

She twirled. 'How do I look?'

'Gorgeous,' Nikki replied.

They didn't usually sit together in the canteen. Nikki had an irrational fear of the gossips- though Diane was of the opinion that their relationship was too obscure to be assumed, but she usually acquiesced. Today, however, Nikki sat straight down, without even bothering to get her lunch first.

'How was it?' she asked quickly.

Sipping her coffee, she raised an eyebrow. 'How was what?'

Nikki didn't seem too happy with that. 'Are you trying to wind me up?'

'Is it working?'

'Yes,' answered Nikki simply.

Diane smiled and put down her cup. 'I've had more fun watching paint dry. He talked about nothing but himself and football; you'd have to pay me a million to be alone with him again. Happy?'

Surprisingly, Nikki didn't appear relieved. 'Is that the truth?'

'Course. Why?'

'Well, according to Smithy, he's putting it round the locker room that you did a bit more than have a drink. If you know what I mean.'

Instantly, she grew less than playful. 'You're not telling me you believe that?'

'Apparently his argument was pretty convincing.' The corner of Nikki's mouth twitched.

'You cow,' Diane murmured, smiling herself. 'I wouldn't touch him with Reg's bargepole.'

Nikki's face gradually became serious again. 'I don't expect you to stay at home all the time.'


'But,' she went on quickly. 'The thought of you going out, getting drunk and doing God knows what…'

'Oh, come on! I'm not! I wouldn't.'

'I know I'm a hypocrite,' Nikki carried on. 'But… I can't help it.'

'Have you finished?' Diane queried after a moment of silence. Nikki nodded apprehensively. 'If I wanted to go out, I'd go out. Truth is, I'd have been better off watching telly last night. I might as well have been at home because I didn't stop thinking about you. It…'

'Doesn't seem to matter where you are,' Nikki concluded for her. 'Yeah, I know the feeling.'

'So…' Diane said slowly. 'How about if I agree to stay home and mope, you agree to come round more often?'

Nikki had a soft twinkle in her eye. 'I'll think about it.'