Tonks stomped into the bedroom, slammed the door behind her and sat down in a huff, muttering curses under her breath.

"What's wrong, Tonks?" inquired Ginny, looking up from her book.

"It's that blasted ... werewolf," said Tonks, glaring at the door which she'd just slammed shut. "He's driving me absolutely batty!"

"Oh," said Ginny, "sorry."

Tonks went on, "I swear, men can be such idiots ... I don't know why I bother."

"I do," murmured Ginny, with a bit of a smile. Tonks looked round at her, and a trace of a grin crept onto her own face.

"Yeah, they're worth it, but ... why do they have to be so bloody noble and self-sacrificing all the time? Half the time he can't even tell I exist, and the rest of the time it's obvious he likes me back, but he insists it'd be 'better for both of us' if we kept it platonic!"

"I know what you mean," said Ginny, going over and sitting down beside Tonks.

"What's his problem? He thinks I'm a silly little girl who doesn't know any better ... as if he knows better than I do what I really want for myself. Merlin's beard, Ginny, I know he's got a problem, but I still want him to go out with me. He just refuses. Stone cold! He told me it'd just end with me getting hurt.

"Bugger him. I'm a blasted Auror, I'm not as dumb as I look, and he's not dangerous at all twenty-nine days out of thirty."

Ginny listened patiently. She didn't have to say anything, Tonks simply needed somebody to gripe to.

"I don't get it," Tonks said finally, shaking her head. "He's making both of us miserable, but he honestly seems to think it's better this way. Stupid git. He's his own worst enemy, I think. I just wish I hadn't fallen for him, because he's completely single but he's made himself completely unavailable."

"Some men can be like that," said Ginny, a trifle sadly. "Believe me, I understand that type very well."

Tonks glanced at her. "Oh, yeah ... you and Harry, eh? Don't give up on him, Ginny. I just know he'll notice you one day."

"That's what Hermione said," answered Ginny, "but he'll probably start dating me about the same time Remus Lupin starts dating you."

"In other words, when Snape starts washing his hair," laughed Tonks, ruefully.

She put an arm around Ginny, and Ginny leaned into her shoulder. They sat together, side by side, sharing their troubles in silence.