For Love of the Sea

Category: Pirates of the Caribbean

Rating: T

Pairings: WillOC

Warnings: Post AWE so lots of spoilers. No Elizabeth bashing.

Summary: A lieutenant in the navy is dies at sea and finds herself aboard the infamous Flying Dutchman. She struggles to come to terms with her death and finds a companion in the grieving captain of the vessel.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my character. PotC belongs to Disney. And, sadly, so does Will.


My name is LT Maribel Knowles. I have been in the navy for about 5 years now. I have reason to believe that my service with the navy is at its end. Earlier today, while leading a dive reconnaissance mission off the coast of Maui, Hawaii, I think I died. The cave we meant to recon for future possible use collapsed. Most of my team was still outside so I believe they survived. Of the small detail who entered the cave, 3 out of our 5 ended up here, aboard the notorious Flying Dutchman.

After the cave in, I knew of nothing until I felt the sun on my face and opened my eyes to meet a pair of deep brown ones. "LT Maribel Knowles, do you fear death?"