A.I.: Supertoy Blood

A.I. : Supertoy Blood


One single light lighted the small hallway. It's aged walls were plastered with posters, pictures of a time long forgotten by man. The bare concrete floor was slowly being consumed by the water that had already taken over the first three floors to a old apartment complex in New York city.

To Accele and Tanner this place was their office. They always take their captures there until the deal was settled and they got their pay.

Accele lent over for a closer look at their latest capture. Who's tiny body was laying on the floor with it's hands and feet bound together.

Is this the right one?' He asked Tanner.

Tanner was in the process of cleaning a gun. That he had ripped off the mecha they killed just a few days earlier.

How should I know?'

What if this isn't THE one?'

Tanner looked up and pointed the gun at Accele's head.

Do you know how many of these "dolls" Cybertronics puts out? Mr. Moneybags didn't say which one he wanted dead. He said "Kill David." That's it. So let's just blow this little robo bastard's brain box out and get our pay.'

After a slight hesitation, Accele nodded and backed away from the child. As Tanner slowly moved over to David, The little mecha child began to stir around and open his soft blue eyes. He had been out cold for several hours. He had no idea what had happened to him. He looked around, trying to find the answer. He noticed a tall slender man setting across from him. But it was too dark for David to sort out his features.

He suddenly felt something metal and cold against his artificial skin, just to the side and above his left eye. He looked up into the gunman's psychotic eyes. He had found his answer.

Accele silently watched as Tanner slowly pulled the trigger back. David released a horror filled scream into the dark as the gun went off.

Blood spewed out. The crimson liquid splattered over the walls, the floor, and the two bounty hunters.

Tanner simply looked to his partner. are these mechas suppose to bleed?'