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House found the moaning and groaning among the hopeless humans fascinating, amusing even. His lips quirking into an all knowing smile. Little did they know, he'd joke about them, gambling on whether they live or die, making smart remarks here and there to hide what really was.


He never admitted it, nor would he even think about admitting it to someone, not even Wilson. But each and every single one of his patients, he cared about whether it be for 2 seconds or a scotch and piano session.

Passing the glass windows of sealed rooms in which sick people lay on their beds, he looked on as he walked through the long hallways of PPTH. Stopping short of the familiar door reading "Diagnostics", he took out his small bottle, dumped 2 pills in his hand and threw them into the air catching them in his mouth simultaniously more out of habit then from pain before pushing past the door.

"Good morning my ducklings" he said cheekily.

"Morning" they said in unison, their voices flat with a mix of boredom and dullness.

"What do we have" he said, limping over to the white board and opening the marker ready to write. He saw Cameron get up and make her self a cup of coffee. She was more beautiful then he anticipated for the day. House's stomach went uneasy for 2 seconds when she looked at him.


House spun around, giving them a look of mock horror. "No sick people today?"

"Nope" Chase stated bluntly, darting his tongue out for concentration. House recapped the marker and sat down, placing his hands on either side of his face, holding a wide smile.

"What are you doing there Chase?"

Chase was taken aback by the interest in House. "Ummm...it's a..." he stuttered, flipping the newspaper revealing a white and black semi-checkered box, "Cross word puzzle...why?"

"Oh!" he said his voice dripping with sarcasm, "by the way that you stuck your tongue out, I could have sworn that you were thinking of Foreman" he said getting up and heading to his office. House looked back for a few seconds, but when he didn't get the retort, he pushed the door open and headed inside setting up his IPod for a music session.

Plopping down he lifted his feet up and put his arms behind his head closing his eyes. After 10 minutes of tunes, House opened his eyes again, finding Cameron alone scribbling something on a piece of paper. She seemed content and got up just as House closed his eyes again and pretended not to notice.

"Here" he heard her say, finding her hand extended in front of him the white piece of paper clutching in her grasp, "I have to go do clinic duty...have fun" She gave him a final wink, as he reached for it, and left.

He continued to stare at the door. She had an effect on him. The way that she walked, the way that she looked at him...her in general. She had an effect on him. And he didn't know what to make of it sometimes...

He ripped his gaze from the door and stared at the menacing piece of paper. Grabbing it and unfolding it he began to read it:

My words will sound like promises when whispered in your ear
If I guaranteed you ecstasy tell me can you wait a year?
Or give or take a couple of months cuz I don't know for sure
When the time will come and I'm released standing outside your door

House couldn't think. He looked around as only the people passing in the hallways gave him a sense of reality. Blinking and furrowing his brow, he started to write.

"Alright you say that your stomach hurts..." she glanced at the chart "Billy?"

The little boy nodded with a sad expression, his lower lip pouty, and eyes filled with soon to be tears.

Cameron looked at the mother, "It's just a bad case of-" before she could finish her sentence, House came bursting in like a rookie cop on his first bust.

"Hi! I'm Gregory House, i'll be looking at your brat tod-oh! Why Dr.Cameron! I didnt know that you would be in here! Well since i'm here why don't you go ahead and do a breast exam in room 3...I would but..." he sighed dramatically for effect," I don't want another sexual harassment suit against me" he said cheekily.

Cameron tried to suppress a smile. "Sorry Mrs. Petersen. I have to be going now"

She made her way to the door but House got near and bumped her, "Sorry, clumsy me". She smiled and got out, closing the door with an audibly sigh. She made her way toward room 3.

"Hi i'm Dr. Cam-" she said to no one. Quickly she looked around, checking behind the door and squinting in confusion. What the? Something clicked. Making her mouth into a perfect O, she started to pat her pockets. A lump protruded from her coat pocket and sighed with much relief as she opened it.

Awhile back I asked you to think of me at night before you slept
I hope you kept your word to me and the promise to me was kept

Short, concise and actually sweet, that was House, minus the sweet part.

Gripping the paper in her hand she smiled of joy. House had in fact asked her to think of him, and she kept her promise. So every night whether snuggled in his arms, or cleaning some sort of body fluid from her coat, she would think of House. Taking the elevator to the Diagnostics room, she hoped that he wasn't in his office. Quickly inventorying the room, the coast was clear. She took out a pen from her pocket, sat down and began to think of her response.

"It's cancer I just know it!!"

House slapped a hand to his face rubbing it with much annoyance. He hated clinic duty. Everyone knew it. Especially Cuddy, yet she would still assign it to him. The paper work, the patients, especially these patients. The patients that thought they knew more about their "disease" then the doctor. House sighed and casted his eyes toward the ceiling.

"...have I really been this bad to deserve such punishment?"

"Maybe" came a voice from behind him.

House scrunched up his eyebrows and turned around. A smile started to spread slowly across his face. He knew what she was here for; she knew what she was there for.

"I'll take it from here...Greg" First name basis at work, bold and...daring. House got up and extended his arm out, "Stool for the madam?"

"Here". She cocked her wrist out, a piece of paper in between her fingers, "you forgot something"

House looked at it then to Cameron. "I was wondering where I left this at" House turned to the patient. "It's my pregnancy test, I hope I am... Wilson would be sooooo proud". The patient's tiny eyes bulged as far as they would go.

House turned the knob for the door as he smirked. The patient had finally formed words.

"Is he kidding?"

House laughed hard shaking his head as he exited.

Wilson observed with questioning eyes. Watching House leave with a piece of paper in his hand and if he wasn't mistaken...a smile? Wilson began to walk, no rush, toward Cuddy's office nearly tripping over himself. He opened the door to reveal Cuddy bending down picking up what looked like a piece paper that had fallen from a file.

He wolf whistled. "You tryna' kill me? Please...not here"

Cuddy cocked her head, "Why not? We're at a hospital" she winked at him.

Wilson grinned. "You'll never believe what I just saw?"

"What House smiling because he's doing clinic duty?" she said placing a book in the right place. Wilson noticed this about her. Everything had to be placed in its original position. So he just shoved his hands in his pocket and let his silence respond for him.

Cuddy whipped around, her eyes bulging from her head. "You have got to be kidding me?!"

All Wilson could do was shake his head in amusement.

"Did anyone go in?"

Wilson nodded with a smile.


He shook his head in a 'you gotta guess' form. Cuddy placed one hand on her hip and the other on her mouth, fingers spread while thinking about it. She began to tap her lip.


Wilson nodded.


Wilson nodded, wiggling his eyes brows.


He stopped and stared at her. "You see, if I answer that...I won't benefit from it"

"Good answer"

'Cameron' he mouthed.

Cuddy's face contorted in confusion but had a small inkling at to what Wilson was trying to say. "Are they...?"

Wilson shrugged. "I don't know, he hasn't told me anything"

Cuddy scowled. "You guys are inseparable! You're like...Batman and Robin!"

"Why am I always the sidekick..." he muttered looking up at the ceiling.

She smiled at him. "Sorry". Cuddy walked over and placed a hand on Wilson's cheek, "You're my cute sidekick"

"Oooh". Wilson laughed, "I like the way that sounds"

I can't control what happens now
But patiently I wait
You to send your heart to me
Inside these Hospital gates

House glanced at the clock. 2:47 pm. 2 hours and 13 more minutes of sheer torture. He absently began to shake his leg, his slender fingers tapping the table in perfect rhythm. Cameron was pushing his buttons hard. Literally, well more like his fly. They felt tight every time she came in the room. And the fact that she could be such of an affect on him made his teeth grit and veins pop from his white knuckled hand.

Chase came in suddenly.

"House" he called.

House continued to stare at the piece of paper.

"House" Chase called again, louder.

House could definitely hear him; he just didn't care what he had to say. Cameron was on his mind, Cameron was always on his mind...

"HOUSE!" Chase screamed, his hands coming down on his desk managing to grab the attention of many outsiders. They looked in to see what was happening.

"What do you want Brit?" House said his voice calm.

Chase rolled his eyes. "For the last time i'm Australian"

"No, I was referring to Britney Spears, you know...short blonde hair, nagging for attention?"

Chase rolled his eyes again. "Sara and her treatment are doing well. She's responding to everything"

"Has anyone told Cameron?" House interrupted.


"Technically you just answered me with a question"

"No, no one has told Cameron. I think?"

"I'll go" he tried to hide his excitement. He was going to see Cameron. He felt like a school boy going to see his crush passing down a hallway.


"Stop answering my questions with questions! Then were going to have this big pile of questions with no answers!" he managed to say walking out of his office.

Chase stood in his office thinking of ways to decipher what House had just said. He just shook his head and walked out.

Just as he thought. Her oasis. He could see her clearly through the glass windows of the lab, looking down a microscope. Cameron's neck exposed to him, lips parted, caring about nothing other then the task at hand. She moved away to write something down then looked back down the scope again. House let go of a breath that he didn't know he'd been holding. Lifting his cane he opened the door. Cameron didn't bother to look as the rubber-to-floor made it way too familiar for her to think of some one else.

"Good comebacks" he said leaning against his cane. He saw her smirk, continuing to look down the scope.

"Is that all you wanted to say?"


House looked around from left to right before continuing,

Let me be your little secret
no one else can know
Im sending you a piece of me
hold on and don't let go...

Cameron quirked an eyebrow thinking about what he had just said. House began to turn around to leave.


He smiled. Had she finally give in? He turned around.

"Yes?" he said innocently.

She hopped off the stool and walked directly in front of him, placing a hand behind his head, bringing him close, her lips so close to his but not touching, torturing.

Suspense is what makes things worthwhile
brings depths to fantasies
madness from the lack of contact

Moving from his lips to his ear she whispered "Breeds insanity". Content with herself, she smiled and left House standing in the middle of the room with his jaw against the floor. She was better at this then he thought. House thought she would be the one licking from the palm of his hand, well that part had double meaning to it, but he was the one finding it very hard to control himself. All he could do was smirk, the years that she stood by him was just years of learning how to play his own game. At this point, he was the one losing it.

He looked after her, the way that she swung her hips purposely only to look over her shoulder and smile before disappearing around the corner.

"What you do to me Cam" he muttered with a smile.

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