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House sat back and watched General Hospital, his fingers entangled with each other making a self made pillow. He shifted as he heard the door click and shut slowly. For one the door swung somewhat hard and fast, and House had a bruise to show for it too, and secondly anyone who would have opened it and shut it like that meant pure business. Who else would even dare to bug him while watching TV? Any second now Wilson would pipe up.


And hey! There it was. "Yea" House said.

"We need to talk" Wilson said emphasizing the need, holding the pair of 'ee's' a little too long for House's comfort.

"Bout?" he continued to eat the animal crackers from its box then nearly jumped up and screeched out, "SHE'S A BITCH!!" throwing a animal cracker toward the direction of the TV.

Wilson scrubbed his face, masking a visible smirk. "You know" he said tenderly.

"No, I don't know, hence the me asking you what it was" He picked up a broken animal cracker and began to play with it, moving it back and forth along the edge of the table the same way that a 5 year old would. Usually it didnt take this long for House to shake Wilson off, but something about him today made House uneasy.

Wilson came around, smiling, only to earn a broken animal cracker to the face.

"House" he warned swiping at the small pieces of cookie from his shirt.

House twiddled his thumbs whistling as if nothing were wrong, then looked at Wilson, mollifying up a bit. "What do you want Boy Wonder?"

Wilson went over to the TV and shut it off.

"Hey!" House cried, "I was watching that! All you could have said was 'Hey House I need to speak to you about something that you have absolutely no idea about"

Wilson frowned. "Cameron"

House tried to mask his visible stiffness by just eyeing Wilson cautiously. How did he know? He hadn't been around him, oh that sneaky bastard. He was watching...but from where? The-...a small smile twitched at the corners of House's lips. It all made perfect sense now. Cuddy had sent him over here! Of course!

"Come on...you could tell me, talk to me about it"

"Your right" he said slapping his knee and getting up. "It has been awhile since you last giggled and gossiped with the nurses. But! Cameron and I...it hasn't been long", House said in a serious tone, grabbing another cookie, throwing it into the air and catching it into his mouth.

Wilson just nodded confused. "Everything going fine?"

"Yea. See! We talked about! Now leave me alone"

Wilson sighed and crossed his arms knowing there was no way that House would open up anymore. He'd said that much and Wilson knew how much it took for House to open up about anything. Sure it was hell when he'd try to figure out what the hell was wrong with him, but at the same time felt a sense of joy knowing he was the only one that House would tell anything too.

"Oh by the way..."

Wilson glanced up at him from his bent head and crossed arms. "What?" he sighed.

House took this as another golden opportunity and just smiled. Ways to play with Wilson was the best, and at the moment, he was thoroughly enjoying himself, why, he had no idea. "You're not going to have a kid" he stated simply.

Wilson looked shocked. "What the, Cuddy? How, what?!" he stuttered.

"AH HA!" House pointed at him. "How long have you and Cuddy been screwing like a bunch of rabbits?" he asked narrowing his eyes at Wilson who had a deep blush make its way toward his face.

He sighed and gave a defeated look. "We haven't been 'screwing like a bunch of rabbits'...we've..."

"Been screwing like a bunch of rabbits" House chimed.

"At least I try to do something with my relationships! You just have fear!"

"Fear? Fear is just an acronym for Fuck Everything And Run; do you see me doing any of that?"

He was tempted to say something but snapped his mouth shut instead. "What do you mean I'm not going to have a kid?" Wilson piped up after a minute of silence.

"I'm talking about me silly! My pregnancy results came in, and I'm not pregnant" House said cheekily.

He laughed, "House...come on, talk to me about Cameron". Wilson was pushing it and he knew it. This type of talk was way too familiar and Wilson really didn't like the consequences. Damn it House! Why can't you just be fucking normal!!?

"This convo is o-vah" he said walking to the door, looked back with one final infamous 'House' glare and slammed it shut after him. Wilson just stood there in the middle of the room, hands on his hips and silently looked up at the ceiling as if some miracle where to descend from it.

"Anything?" Cuddy said from her place on her chair fixing some papers and placing them neatly into a pile. She knew that in the pit of her stomach, from the way that Wilson looked there was one of two options. One, House would have torn Wilson to shreds giving some hope into getting him to talk but at last moments notice turned him down. And two, House told Wilson something then proceeded to exit it with nothing more then a glare and slam of the door.

Wilson shoved his hands in his pockets for what seemed like the 100th time in less then an hour. "Nope, not really" He glanced out side. The sun was going down; people's small clatter of conversations could be heard outside. He wished he was one of them instead of being stuck in the hospital trying to secretly pry information from House.

"He got mad, didn't he?"

He dragged his gaze away from the window and proceeded to sit down on the chair. "Geez...how ever did you know..."

"Did he at least admit it?"

"Yea, but we only talked about it for an equivalent to me breathing"

Cuddy placed her hands on her hips and glared at Wilson. "Why do I have a feeling that that isn't all?"

Shit. She knew him way too well. Maybe his expression gave it off because the next moment Cuddy was eye to eye with Wilson making him feel like a child under their parents glare. A thin sheet of sweat appeared on his forehead and right then and there Cuddy knew something was up.

"Because it's true..."

She gently grabbed his jaw and tightened her grip slowly, "And what did you say Dr.Wilson? Hmm?" Dr. Wilson. She only used the 'Dr.Wilson' if she was pissed or annoyed.

"Nothing...tooo revealing..." he trailed off trying to wriggle out of her death like grasp.

She released her grip and headed to her chair where she sat down. "He knows doesn't he". It wasn't a question, more of a statement. He couldn't meet her gaze, as he knew that her glare could melt ice.


She let out a sigh between clentched teeth. "Damn it...no clinic duty for 1 week...I bet"

House came in with a wide style. He took in the scene before him. Wilson sat on the chair across from Cuddy with a hand holding his head while Cuddy sat there looking miserable, as always, when she didn't have plan.

"2 weeks" he said.

They both turned to look at him. "1 week" Cuddy reasoned.








"2 then!"

"Yes! I so win!"

Cuddy realized what she said and spluttered over her words jumping from her seat. "No, I meant 2 weeks! No, I meant 1!"

"Sorry". House reached into his pocket and took out a small tape recorder, pressed the rewind button for a couple of seconds and played it back with a triumphant smile.








"2 then!"

House smiled. "The evidence never lies"

Wilson looked at him in disbelief and just sat there eyeing House with the most curiosity. Cuddy just shook her head, and gave up.

"Fine...2 weeks then...but I want your ass in there as soon as the 2 weeks are over got that!?"

House mock saluted. "Yes Sir!"

Wilson stifled a smile with a soft quick snicker. Cuddy swatted her arm at him, glaring in such a way it was interpreted as 'Shut up'. He sank lower in his chair, sheepishly.

"Oh Jimmy my boy! Looks like someone is seriously whipped!" House said singy songy then smiled at both of them. "Well" he glanced down at his watch, "I must be leaving, i'll leave you two to um...bump and grind". House winked at Wilson and closed the door. Once he knew they thought he was gone he pressed his ear against it and heard the muffled voice of Cuddy demanding what the hell House had meant and what the hell had that wink meant as well. House laughed and went outside. It was cold, as always. He brought his bag down and looked for his beanie, found it, slipped it on and hitched his bag over his shoulder and began to walk towards his bike. He threw his leg over it, settled his cane neatly in its spot and revved the bike up. A smirk appeared as he glanced back at the hospital, memories flooding back to him from the day it self.

"Just you wait Cam"

He wanted to be stealthy, make her wonder where the hell did he come from. Slowly he opened the door, peeking his head in, making sure she wasn't in sight. He looked around, her purse casually slung over a chair, a trail of clothes leading to the bathroom as steam seeped beneath the door. House sighed and smiled, slowly starting to strip as well. He started with his shirt but when he looked around and saw that most of his wardrobe already appeared on half of his furniture, he decided to take it to the bedroom. The sound of water pounding against her and the tiles sounded through out the room.

"Just like this..."

House smirked and felt a familiar tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach at just the thought. "Were the hell is the hamper..." he muttered.

When he spotted it, he threw his shirt towards it but missed by a couple of inches. "If I remember correctly...I use that much force all the time...my Kobe skills are outta whack"

He placed his hand on it and bent down as much as possible grabbing the shirt and placed it in the hamper then examined a little further. There was a light spot and a darker one near it, Cameron had moved it. "I knew it..." He said smiling. House straightened up but softened as he felt 2 soft, warm and wet hands wrapping themselves around his waist. He glanced back to see Cameron wearing nothing more then a white fluffy towel and a smile.

"Hey" she said softly.

"Hey" he said with equal softness.

"Was it torture?" she asked innocently. He watched her dematerialize into the bathroom and come back with a tube of lotion in her hand. She sat at the edge and began to bathe her leg in it. "Hmmm? Was it?" she pressed.

House gulped the air suddenly becoming thick to him.

She watched as he disappeared out the door. There was heavy footsteps which stopped by the kitchen. The fridge opened and closed as the clinking of silver ware came next. The heavy foot steps appeared and so did House. He took his spot against the dresser, and began to eat the ice cream slowly staring at Cameron the whole time. There was some left on his spoon from the previous scoop so he lifted it looking like a sword in the light of the night, as he continued to keep eye contact with her and licked it clean.

Cameron couldn't take it anymore and with one swift motion, the pint of ice cream appeared on the night stand, bringing House down with her onto the bed.

"Fuck, I couldn't take it anymore..." she said frantically kissing him, her fingers stroking his chest lightly.

"And you think I could?" he said mockingly.

"Shut the fuck up and kiss me"

He obeyed as he felt her hands explore him, a buoyant expression crossing his features. Good thing for them that they were wearing virtually nothing as they could almost feel their release at first touch. Cameron reached between them brushing her fingers delicately over him through his jeans getting a, "oh your good" before he devoured her neck. Her hands found themselves into his hair, pulling heedlessly. She loved when they made love, not only for it being House but it was as if he knew all of her secret places. The right spot, how to touch it, it amazed her. He hit one of the spots and Cameron arched her back in response, feeling the tingling sensation go throughout her veins.

"1" he whispered into her ear, his scratchy husky voice digging it's self lower and lower into her.

She pulled impatiently on his pants, "Come on, Greg" she said licking the outer part of his ears sending a small shiver down his back, "take em' off"

He sat up and slipped off the bed, tugging the pants off and sending them flying toward the hamper.

"I don't appreciate the fact that you moved it..." he said climbing back into bed and hovering over her.



"Well..." she wrapped her arms around his neck, "whatcha gonna do bout it?"

House growled. "Oh...you'll see..."

He propped himself up on one hand, mimicking his motion the same way that she did moments earlier, earning him a "a your good" himself. His slender fingers unhooked the Velcro, the only barrier separating him from Cameron. She looked like a porcelain doll, but she wasn't fragile at all. At points it amazed House at how strong she could be and almost wanted to bask in envy at her independence. But she had him to depend on, more now then ever.

They continued to kiss, as they both stroked each other.

"Come on..." Cameron whispered in his ear.

House settled himself between her, ankles locking behind him. Slowly and gently, he pushed into her watching as Cameron arched her back in response. He started a slow pace watching as Cameron gently thrashed her head back and forth. Her nails raked along his back and House sucked in a breath at the stinging feeling.

"Oh God" he managed to breathe out.

"Now...you're...calling...me...god?" she said in between each thrust. He couldn't take it anymore as a tingling sensation settled it's self at the pit of his stomach. Cameron cried out and arched up, wrapping her hands around his neck as she looked up at the ceiling with bliss filled eyes. It took every ounce of self-power to not fill her at that moment. He wanted to bring her to the brink as many times as his body allowed it.

"2" he said, kissing her neck. His body felt weak but continued to thrust, her breathing coming out in short hot puffs.

"Come on Greg...do it"

House licked his lips as he felt it near. Grabbing her hips he pistoned into her making the bed shake violently against the wall. He cried out as he felt his orgasm rippled through him like lightening. Cameron wasn't far behind as her orgasm hit, her cry piercing his ears in pure ecstasy.

"Oh fuck" he breathed out.

Their chests began to rise and fall rapidly but later decreased as the minutes went by. Cameron didnt seem to mind his weight, as she just ruffled his hair unconsciously looking up at the patterns of the ceiling. No one spoke for the rest of the time until she heard soft snoring coming from House. She smiled and ducked her head.

Reflecting on a future night
Erotic thoughts appear
But until then I'll ride the wind
Sending whispers to your ear

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