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The next day

That morning sharp rapping on his front door awoke Sirius with a jump at nine a.m., sharp. Looking out his window to see who it was he sighed as he quickly dressed himself and cursed his way down the stairs. By this time it sounded as though his door was being assaulted. He flung it open and caught Remus's hand in mid-knock.

"What is it, Moony? And it had better be pretty bloody important for you to be waking me up at this ungodly hour," Sirius growled.

"It's nine, Padfoot. Most people have been awake for hours," Remus muttered.

"Oh, shut it…prat…" Sirius snapped.

"Well, I was just coming over to explain about yesterday. May I come in?" Remus said quietly.

Sirius motioned for Remus to follow him and they walked into Sirius's kitchen, where he accio-ed them each a cup of coffee.

"So, which part of yesterday did you intend to plan?" Sirius questioned.

"Excuse me?" Remus asked, setting his mug back onto the table.

"The part where you passed out in my hedge or the part where you made my cousin fall head over heels, both literally and figuratively, for you?" Sirius asked, his eyes twinkling with silent laughter.

"I…er…well, the first one…as for the second…I hardly think that…I don't believe that…" Remus stuttered, almost spewing coffee out of his mouth.

Sirius laughed a great barking laugh at his friend, "Well, go on. Why'd you pass out in my hedge?"

"I just transformed night before last and I didn't get much sleep. I came over to visit you and I just fell over…I guess I was lucky Tonks came along or else I suppose I'd still be in your yard," Remus explained.

"I think you nearly scared her to death," Sirius grinned.

"Yes…well…how'd you think I felt when a woman I've never met before landed on top of me?" Remus stammered.

"I think you liked it," Sirius said accusatively.

"Sirius! I-I!" Remus spluttered.

"Oh, come off it, Moony! Just because you're an effing werewolf doesn't make you any more gallant than the rest of us!" Sirius shouted.

"Padfoot…this is your cousin you're talking about…I'll never understand how you can talk about your family the way you can…"Remus murmured.

"I didn't say anything about Tonks; although I'm quite sure she likes you more than some people she's literally bumped into Kingsley Shacklebolt, for instance…that was really quite the ordeal…But, anyways, I was talking about you, Moony. Despite the fact that we've known each other since we were eleven…that was, what, let's see…we're twenty-two, so twenty-two minus eleven-"

"Eleven years, Padfoot."

"Right, even though we've known each other for eleven years we're not exactly family, now, are we?"



"Padfoot…how old is your cousin?"
"Tonks? See, there you go again!"


"She's eighteen, just out of Hogwarts. She also broke the noble Black tradition…Hufflepuff, like her dad, my cousin Ted."

"She played quidditch?"

"Beater…she's tough, that one. All her years of falling and tripping, I think she's immune to pain," Sirius laughed.

"What's she training to be?"

"An auror…can you believe it? An auror from the Black family? Course, Cousin 'Dromeda, Tonks's mum isn't quite as bad as Bella or Cissy, but still, an auror from my family!" Sirius beamed.

"That's excellent, Padfoot, but will Tonks make a good auror? I mean…she's rather…er…noticeable, isn't she? With the way she dresses and her hair and all…" Remus's voice faltered at the end.

"Oh, no, she'll be fantastic. I mean…she's a metamorphmagus…she's excellent at camouflaging herself. Sometimes her own parents can't even recognize her," Sirius explained.

"Oh," Remus breathed as he withdrew into his own world.

Moments later loud knocking brought Remus back to earth.

"Bloody effing hell. Can't people visit at a decent hour?" Sirius cursed his way to the front door. Remus followed behind him and stood in the doorframe of the hallway as Sirius opened the door. Knocking on the door was none other than the subject of Remus's ruminations, Nymphadora Tonks.

"Ah, cousin, we were just talking about you, weren't we, Moony?" Sirius grinned.

"Er…"Remus blushed and Tonks laughed

"Morning, Sirius. Morning, Remus," she smiled.

Today her hair was a blinding shade of neon blue and her eyes matched.

"M-morning, T-Tonks," Remus stuttered.

"And what exactly were the two of you saying about me?" Tonks asked, eyeing Sirius suspiciously.

"Padfoot-er-Sirius was just telling me about how you're training to be an auror," Remus assured her as Sirius led them back to the kitchen.

"Oh…just that…"Tonks said with relief.

"At one time I, also, wanted to be an auror…but something…came up…" Remus whispered.

"Grades?" Tonks asked innocently.

"No, no, I got the grades…O in Defense Against the Dark Arts and-"

"You got an O in D.A.D.A.?! I only got an E! I had to beg them to let me take a secondary D.A.D.A. exam!" Tonks interrupted.

"Yeah, Remus was always great at that kind of stuff…Hey! I've got an idea! Remus, you could tutor Tonks in Defense Against the Dark Arts!-"

"But, Padfoot-"

"And in return Tonks could tutor Remus on flying! It's perfect!"


"What, Remus?" Sirius asked looking between Remus's worried face and Tonk's excited one.

"This won't work," Remus sighed.

"'Course it will! You're a genius at D.A.D.A., Moony! And Tonks was the ace flyer of the Hufflepuff quidditch squad! It's a match made in heaven!" Sirius proclaimed excitedly.

Remus was speechless.

"Fine! So it's settled. Tonks, me and you'll apperate to Remus's house at eight tomorrow morning," Sirius said decisively, "And this'll work out for me, too. Without you two effing idiots visiting at such awful hours, I'll be able to sleep until a decent hour."

"…Alright. Until tomorrow at eight I suppose, Tonks. Goodbye, Sirius," Remus waved as he left.

"Bye, Moony!"

"Goodbye, Remus!"

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