Title: "Mirror Action"

Author: Wish Wielder

Fandom: Puchi Puri Yucie

Pairing / Character Focus: Beth

Challenge: 15 Minute Fic

Theme / Prompt: #29

Word Count: 380

Rating: K / PG

Summary: When they turned their back on her, she turned her back on the World - all five of them.

Notes: Set during ep25.

Disclaimer: "Puchi Puri Yucie" and all respective properties are © Takami Akai. Megan D. (Wish Wielder) does not, has never, nor will ever own "Puchi Puri Yucie".

"Mirror Action"

When they turned their back on her, she turned her back on the World - all five of them.

If her own people could not help her, then no one could. If they refused to save the land they called their home - the land and ruler they claimed to love so much - then who would agree to it? Who could possibly agree to help when the world's own citizens couldn't find reason to? They sealed the fate of the Fairy World the day they walked away from her.

She sealed her own fate the same day.

They walked away, and so did she. She walked into the Palace of Erlsel, where the Queen declared her a candidate for the title of Platina Princess. Where the Queen gave her the spark of hope she needed to save her world. She could get the Tiara; she could save her father. She could save her home.

Without them, because they had walked away, and so had she.

But then the others came into play, and everything changed. They refused to walk away, and she found - much as she wanted to - she couldn't, either. They forced their way into her life, with their kindness and indifference and sheer stupidity.

Kokoru cared.

Erumina understood.

Gurenda was insulted.

Yucie couldn't leave well enough alone.

Somehow, every single one of them worked their way past her defenses and settled themselves in her life and in her heart. When her own family had turned away, they had rushed in - and she had rushed right back. Was she really that lonely on her own?

Maybe, but it didn't matter now.

They had come to help her when no one else would, the four girls from different worlds that had no stake in the battle in the first place. They had led the fight, and they had saved her world. They showed her what friends could do, what friends could be - what friends could mean.

And now, staring at the torn girl seated on the broken pillar, she knew - just like the other three did - exactly what she had to do.

Because Yucie had, along with the other three, risked everything for her. And now she had to risk everything right back.

A.n.: ...I apologize for abandoning this fandom for so long. My muse was abducted by aliens. 'Nyway, word was "mimic". P.s.: I'm sorry if formatting is wonky - I'm currently locked out of all Word files until Mum can get me to Staples to pick up Office 2k7, so this is entirely in WordPad. I scorn its very existence. Dx